Lying down?


Can anyone suggest their favorite "lying down" pose set? I'm trying to find something for V4 (A4 actually) that's a lying down pose, but not something that looks like it belongs in a porn mag... yanno? It's for my daughter, and there'll be butterflies and flowers and fairy wings and all that; I'm pretty sure the poses I've found so far are kiiiinda inappropriate And I fail badly at search on Renderosity.

Anyone? Thanks in advance!

Faeini 14 years ago
AS has a set some of em are alittle meh but their alot of cute ones!
Laschae 14 years ago Some of these are cute but a few are a lil porny :P I think he might have other lying down poses....
Laschae 14 years ago
Also it's pretty easy to modify poses especially ones where the legs are kind of wide open so maybe you can find some you like and just mess with them. I think Aery Soul have some decent poses on their site as freebies as well you might look at.
Nianya 14 years ago
What kinda lying down pose you looking for? Something where she's laying on her tummy?

I know Damapro has some ones that could work - off the top of my head I know of these...
Theres one laying on the stomach with feet crossed in the air thats not pornish and kinda cute...
Theres one pose for laying on hip/side thats not too bad
Some nice ones..

I got poser rendering a picture right now, but when it's done, I'll go through my runtime and see if I can't find some non-pornish poses. If you were using A3.. I know of some really cute poses that would have worked.. Elf Dance & Enchanted but I can't seem to find them on RMP or Daz so I don't think it's being sold anymore.
Lessa 14 years ago
My favorite poses are usually AS or DM sets.. I think that set Fae posted looks good, I might stick that on my ever growing wishlist. ><
Darsa 14 years ago
Nianya... that Sisterhood set has exactly what I need, and I OWN IT! Yaaayyyy, thank you muchmuch!
Nianya 14 years ago
Welcome! I have the sisterhood poses myself, but I don't think I've ever used it. LOL I got it just cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE DM stuff and want everything from them. Its like pokemon..gotta have'em all. LOL