Corel Painter Q

Anyone use corel? I'm trying out the trial as we are an Adobe family and somehow somewhere I may have sorta clicked something to jack up the brush im using. =) It's drawing in a darker color than I've picked. Almost like it's burning the color.

things ive tried;
new color
restarting program
checking my layers for funny bussiness
trying different brushes
making new layers

I downloaded the trial to try and prove to the fiance that painter is an awesome program and i'm failing at that lol.

So any suggestions?

Lessa 13 years ago
Is there an option to return settings to default?
Dia 13 years ago
i tried returning the setting back to default just today and it didn't fix it, BUT it lead us on a new path that i think we've made a discovery....Perhaps i changed a brush setting! So i had to goto work so I will try again tomorrow!
Lillaanya 13 years ago
I've got painter, and I really like it for blending much better than PS. I know some of the brushes/medium you can use really do alter what you think the color should be tho.
Dia 13 years ago
turns out thats what it was. The Fi thought it was grand sweeping in and figuring out the solution to my "stupid corel" problem. I owe him a high five for being unable to convince him that Painter 11 can do things better than CS4.

we make bets, and we pay out in high fives =(