Split from voting post

This is the thread where you cast your vote to decide who will be lynched this evening. Votes are due by Midnight EST. Please only post the name of the person you are voting for in this thread, and use the mafia kill thread for discussion of votes and anything else you wish.

I'll be gone for a few hours today, but will be back soon enough to answer any questions you might have before the lynch.

Good luck everyone!

The note was given to Eurlich as a way to distract him. The killers knew that he would rather run and make sure his master was anywhere other than the dreaded bathroom. The killers were stealthy, and snuck into the bathroom and were long gone by the time Eurlich worked up the nerve to come anywhere near the bathroom. I'll try to focus on being more clear in future scenes. But yeah, you got the basic scene of him being in a tavern taking a bath, so imagine where it all went from there.

EDIT: you posted this in the vote only thread, so I made it its own topic - Mae