EQ Mafia Day 2: Word From Above

“I just can’t believe they went through with it. I’m stunned, I can’t believe…”

Verileah snapped her head up in annoyance at her fellow Guardian. “We are all shocked. This is indeed a horror beyond our imaginations. But we must move forward and stop these killings as quickly as possible. Now that both sides are getting their hands bloody, we have much less time to sort out who is a Dark Hero.”

The young monk stirred. “Aye, Verileah…but how can we judge who is guilty and who is innocent now? These days have become a blur of death, either through vicious murder or a frenzied mob, or even by accident it seems…”

Verileah frowned at this. “Accident? What accident?”

“Oh, didn’t you hear? Terrible, really. A dark elf, it was. Fell off the library balcony. Died instantly of course…Verileah? Verileah, where are you going?”


After a frustrating day of questioning witnesses at the scene, Verileah was certain of at least one thing; the death of Jade Devilwing was no accident. For one thing, the large dark elf-shaped imprint in the ground by the library was too far away from the building to have been caused by an accidental fall. She was clearly thrown over the side. Beyond that, reports were confused. Some witnesses claimed to have seen a dark figure ascending the steps. When Verileah asked them if the dark figure could have been Jade herself, the witnesses became flustered and stammered out things like “something just felt wrong, Guardian.” While Verileah did not consider “something just felt wrong” to be substantial enough evidence, in truth she also felt this sense of wrongness when looking at the scene before her, and this privately convinced her of foul play more than anything.

There was one thing every witness agreed to; no one heard a scream. Verileah could not fathom what that meant. Jade had a reputation for being fearless; perhaps she did not scream out of bravery. Perhaps she did not scream because she was already dead at the time she was thrown. Perhaps she –did- scream and due to some dark art she could not be heard. Verileah could see a hundred scenarios to explain what happened to Jade at the top of that balcony, all of them some form of cold blooded murder.


Naturally with all of the questioning, there was no way that Verileah could keep this incident quiet. Word of the murder of Jade Devilwing raced through the tavern and beyond, and mixed into the tale was another tale. A tale of vengeance.

Aramous 19 years ago
As Brujah enters the bar, noticing a very cold air surrounding him. He walks over to the bar tender and asks, " What is this news we hear of the DE that has been killed, Jade?". Bartender replies " From what I have heard she was thrown". Brujah replies "I know of this indiviual through my history. It would have to be someone of extreme power and strength to leave such an imprint on the ground. For when she gets angered there is no stopping her.

Brujah then asks the bartender, in a spiteful manor, " I notice two people of my kind have been deaded. Does the town of something against us?".
Not waiting for an answer, he walks over to an empty table in the dark corner and watches, closely, to the people in the tavern.

Brujah is now deep in thought as to why 2 DE's have been killed. He feels of some conspiracy against men of his kind.
Rikr 19 years ago
Exhausted from a long night of ridding the world of as many Gnolls as possible, Landau drags himself into town. He notices small cliques on almost every corner in distressful conversation. There's a certain coldness that he cannot quite figure out.

Landau stops a Half Elf walking across the road and asks "What has come over this town?" "Death, it seems, has found a new home here." Replied the Half Elf as he walks away.

Confused, Landau searches for more answers.
Larene_Stormfire 19 years ago
As taylina rose for the day she had a feelign it was going to be bad...

Another death? it had to be the work of a death squad, those that were trained in stealth and subversion...

I must investigate this
Rasberry 19 years ago
Ladina stormed into the library, furious. She immediately locked eyes with one of the library caretakers, who, despite a subtle effort to escape, was quickly overcome.

“How could this have happened!?” she demanded, grabbing the caretaker by her robe. “Here, of all
places! And where were the extra guards I had requested?”

The caretaker was visably shaken by the wizards sudden, if not unexpected, attack, and it took a moment for her to collect herself enough to answer.

“Th... the guards were dismissed late last night,” she responded hesitantly. “ Sometime before the... accident.”

“Dismissed by whom??”

“I... I don’t know!” the caretaker pleaded.

“Useless, all of you!” Ladina hissed as she shoved the woman into a nearby bookcase. The woman glared at Ladina, remembering why the library staff made great efforts to avoid her presence whenever possible, and then watched in horror as Ladina began to pace back and forth, whispering to herself like a madwoman.

“Think, think this through. It would have had to be someone of great stature. An ogre, or troll perhaps.” She frowned. “But there are no such creatures in town, and it would hardly go unnoticed if there were.”

Ladina turned to the caretaker to ask for a record of everyone who had entered the library the day before, but the woman had disappeared. This was getting out of hand.

“If not a troll or an ogre, then who could have performed such an act?” She paused for a moment, and then her eyes widened, “the Northmen!”

Swiftly, she rushed off into the depths of the library to research the strength and abilities of barbarians.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Hammerthynn quietly watched Ladina's fury from the 2nd floor. He itched at his leather tunic and studied her movements. The little wizard bouncing to and fro in her anger. 'My, my...' he murmued softly. He had been wrong about his decision on Brujah being the Dark One. She was tall for a high elf, pale skinned and just as haughty as the next.

Hammerthynn slowly began to rub his twisted scar.
James Fraser 19 years ago
I scratched my chin when my young servant informed me of the blow up with in the walls of the Library.

"Maybe this information can be of some use to me after all. Alright Fergus, you did your job. Go on now, but no more chasing the ponies!"

Ladina, my dear, my what a temper we have....
Larene_Stormfire 19 years ago
Taylina walked into the Library in New Tannan, as it was the best place to start looking for clues to the Death Squad, and the only place she felt she could get some peace.

The shreiking and noise were horrible, quickly scanning the people in the Library she noticed Ladina was out of shorts and walked quickly to her. She looked like she needed to be calmed down, it would do no good to act irrationally at this point. they needed to stay calm and find clues to stop whoever was doing this.

" Ladina CALM YOURSELF NOW!" Taylina all but shouted. " T'will do you no good at this point in time to go off half cocked, we must reason ourselves thru this. I know Jade was your friend, she was a friend to all when she wasn't in one of her dark moods. Now come help me decipher these writings, you know how bad my Dark speech is!"
immy 19 years ago
*After hearing of the latest murder, Immeni lit a candle for the recently deceased and let out a heavy sigh. Walking out of her home, she stopped to watch the sunset.*

To no one inpaticular, she says, "Tis a sorrowful day in this town. A sorrowful day indeed."

Walking through the town, the cleric tries to ease as many peoples' worries that she can. Her healing is one of physical wounds, not emotional.