Itouch apps

Ok so Mike got me an itouch for our 17th wedding anniversary (it was that or furniture - who writes those stupid anniversary gift lists?) and I was looking through the apps but didn't see what the whole hub bub was about.

Anyone know any good apps?

Vex 13 years ago
ALWAYS right click on your ipodtouch in itunes and TRANSFER PURCHASES before you sync

man its fun. and addicting, find a couple games and you will be hardpressed to part with your touch!

mike and I have a ritual, everynight when we first go to bed, we grab our iphones and play all our stupid little games for like half hour lol

(these are same links as above but flickr doesnt want us linking external images w/ linking back to flickr
ROzbeans 13 years ago
How do you edit/delete the icons, by the way?
Vex 13 years ago
touch an icon for a few seconds, everything will start wiggling, delete or drag them to other pages. click home button to turn off wiggling
Nianya 13 years ago
I have an iphone.. but same thing really. There's one app I LOVE and it get a kick out of it. Cricket app. Its a cheap paid app. Its a cricket chirping. You can set it to sound detection so when its quiet, it goes off, and if theres noise, it stops - like a real cricket. OMG its awesome to turn it on and watch people look around for the chirping cricket. ROFL
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Oh that sounds fun lol
Nianya 13 years ago
I just looked, its called "iCricket Trick" and it cost .99
Eve 13 years ago
I have a few paid games on mine, like Bejeweled and Booooly and Mahjong or however ya spell that one. I have another Steampunk kinda match game too that's neat. Other than that I keep my DA icon on there, IMDB for checking something quick while we're watching a movie and wanna figure someone out LoL Hubby will go thru apps for a while but I get bored before too long and just start playing my games.
Verity 13 years ago
I must be kinda lame. Don't have an Iphone, or ipad, but I've got an android phone. I love the craigsphone, & urbanspoon apps.

Dunno if there's an "I" version but I've got an app called Astrid, it's a tasklist, dayplanner type app that has seriously helped me stay on top of things with my ADD. I also love the CalorieCounter app by fatsecret (there's an "I" version, you can add foods via a barcode scanner ) Also for health & Fitness, I'm using the cardiotrainer app. It uses gps to track my walks/runs, calculating how far I go & what my mph is. (training for a 5k in August, the Orc Stomp at Gencon.. ROFL!)

I also like Causeworld, it's similar to foursquare, where you "check in" to different places, but when you check in, you get "karma's" that you can donate to different causes & money is then donated to those causes.

I'm going back to school Next month, so I grabbed a few apps that will hopefully help with that. Haven't played with them a whole lot, but we shall see. one is Class buddy & the other is my pocket prof. One that might be of use to you guys in the seattle area is One bus away it's an app that tracks the bus system up here, tells you where your bus is, & if it's on time & such.

The Keyring app is great, you scan in your "shopper rewards" cards, & then it saves them in your phone. you don't have to carry around all those anymore, just fire it up on your phone & they can scan it from there.

There's ton's of droid/iphone/pad apps that are fun/productive. Just gotta look around.
I also like playing around with the geolocation/messaging apps like glympse & spot message
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Isn't the droid like the #1 selling cell phone out there right now? Definitely giving apple a run for its money. I'm not a Mac fan, but I do love the Ipod and LOVE my itouch (which is basically a smaller ipad) but I refuse to pay 400+ for that, even though it is super cool looking. Heavier than I thought it would be though.