Free EQ EZ Server

I started playing on the EZ server for EQEMU and wondered if anybody else wanted to try it out with me. It is pretty easy to level, and you get planar gear (Stanos Wicked BP etc) from the level 40ish zones and start out being able to buy your epic 1.0 for free and stuff like that. Its pretty fun, I've got a rogue and cleric I've been boxing together, up to 70 and the rogue has 100ish AA, cleric has like 50 or so. The raiding takes like 6-10 people or so to do, so with a couple of us boxing we could do a little raiding. They have epic weapons made up to 3.0s, and have some custom rings and charms. It has content up LDON/GoD, with two custom raid zones.

Just throwing it out there, if nobody wants to, perhaps I'll start playing on p1999 where I have a better chance of finding people to play with.

Sebastionleo 13 years ago
Bah you guys are gay.
Vulash 13 years ago
I just don't have the time. I've screwed around some on Bristlebane with Kelefane, and that's more time than I can really devote
Adiene 13 years ago
I tried but I cant do it
I stick with EQ2 for now hehe.....waits for Star Wars ....
I missed it for awhile but some reason I just can't get back into it. To many changes tainting my old good memories maybe? Best wishes maybe some other old skool peeps will join ya tho