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Physical Description: (gender, etc)
Angel or Demon:

Keeping this simple - this event does follow the Mafia game scenario, but you do NOT have to sign up for both. Pick your side, create your person (story optional), and I'll pass out names on July 5th.

Any questions, please refer to the FAQ or contact me!


SnowDragon 13 years ago
Sorry going to have to pull out of this part. Just not going to have the time with work to do both Mafia and the art exchange. Definitely next time.
Vaia 13 years ago

Name: Orchid

Physical Description
: Tall (very tall) and thin (though shapely) woman with alabaster skin and jet black hair. Her eyes are a deep violet that fade to red when she is angered (or hungry). Her features are sharp and strikingly beautiful. She is a Succubus, able to change her shape in order to appear more human. In her native form, she has large bat-like wings (which she usually shifts to something smaller, as she finds them cumbersome), a barbed tail and a forked tongue. Her ears are pointed in any form, though the degree to which they are pointed varies.

Angel or Demon: Demon

You can find references << here >>

Eve 13 years ago
Gonna have to pull out of this one I think. With my trip being smack dab in the middle of it all, and having zero depth perception at the moment and for an undetermined amount of time, just can't make the commitment
Wystro 13 years ago
Name: Daniel

Description: White skin, pale green eyes, white hair (longish I guess). Various piercings, studded black leather collar, fitted leather jacket, pants and leather boots with studs, spikes and such -- use your imagination. He would never get through an airport security check. White feathery wings. Medium build.

Angel of Demon: Angel
Vex 13 years ago
ta da
LacyAnn 13 years ago
gotta back out of this one my hubby hurt his back so im way to busy caring for him! sorry guys!
Kilandra 13 years ago
Name: Myraan (miir ahn) Avers

Character description: 5'3" tall, slender, to some a little too thin, but not disgustingly so. Strongly colored black hair with vibrantly colored small braids of green and purple are pulled back in a sloppy pony tail. Vibrant green eyes with flecks of gold peer out nervously from behind fallen strands of her dark hair. Pale skin, the kind that makes you wonder if the girl has ever seen the light of day, with freckles that on the right person would be deemed 'cute'. She is covered up by a long black coat, hiding most of her physical features, and keeping nearly every inch of her covered. She had entered the bank with the hood up, but as people looked at her, making her feel more uneasy, she decided it was best to at least slip her hood down. She fidgets a great deal, her hands pulling from her pockets ocassionally, revealing even fingers that are tattooed, seeming like part of something much larger. (if there needs to be a description of what she is fully wearing and looks like, I can post that )

Angel/Demon: Unknown as of now
ShutUpSara 13 years ago
Name: Ella
Physical Description: (gender, etc) 5'9, 170 lbs - curvy like a Golden Age movie star (Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield,etc.) Golden blonde hair that tumbles in curls and waves past her shoulders. Big blue eyes, full pouty lips with a well defined cupid's bow. She seems to have a look that's more classic good looks than modern - like she belongs in the early to mid 20th century, not now. She prefers to wear era-period clothing, or at least clothes that look like they're over 50 years old. She wears little jewelry, except she always wears a ribbon choker with a small pentacle hanging from it.
Angel or Demon: You decide!
Laschae 13 years ago

Name: Macy
Physical Description: Female, but like other demons and angels she is capable of changing her appearance on whim. Wiry, small build, White hair usually worn above her shoulders, sometimes with black tips, clothing is usually creams, whites, greys. Intense golden eyes.
Angel or Demon: Demon -- more info here on her origins :
Darsa 13 years ago
Lavinia Sue (My mom's name was Susan Lavinia)

Physical Description:
Her friends call her Vinnie. She is a small, sweet girl and would easily be mistaken for a gangly 14 year old. She's actually been around for thousands of years; when you hear on the news reports of amazing, miraculous, wonderful things that happen... she's most likely responsible. You'll never see her showing up in any photographs or video, though; she makes sure of that.

Vinnie has a heart-shaped face, deep brown curls that might be pulled back one day, and the next day framing her face, when the sun is especially bright it appears to glow, almost like a halo. Her skin is peachy-pale with a scattering of freckles across her cheeks and nose. Her lips are usually unpainted, and are a sweet pinkish with a suggestion of the peach of her cheeks; her smile comes easily, and rivals the sun in brightness. Her eyes are her most arresting feature; wide, trusting child's eyes of a pale blue color that is almost like the sky at high noon in the middle of summer. Her gaze, when fixed on you, seems to see THROUGH your skin to your very soul. Some may swear to have seen a pale, opalescent pair of wings coming from her back, but never has this been verified.

She has a special love of cats; the myth regarding cats having nine lives is more readily explained by Vinnie's constant watch over them. She can't keep an eye on them all, but she tries her darnedest!

She has a protector, named Lucius Edwards; he is a strong, dark-skinned man with almost Native American features; he has dark dark hair and eyes; skin the color of well-tanned leather, and one hand is curled in upon itself due to a horrific injury in the far past. He wears a cowboy hat and a pistol slung at his hip at times, and tends to dress in Western-style clothing. (this is my dad, Edward Lucius)

Angel or Demon?:

Lavinia Sue is an Angel.

(Can you tell I still miss my mom? Now I need a tissue)

Ksagag 13 years ago
Name: Reagan

Physical Description: (gender, etc) Tall and athletic build with pale, smooth skin. Long flowing blond, almost silvery hair. It is here most noticeable feature. She has mysterious eyes that change color. Most of the time they are blue, unless she's angry or very emotional, then they are green. She also has full lips that usually are pulled down in a slight frown. She has large white, feathery wings in her natural state.

Angel or Demon: Angel
Dia 13 years ago
Name: Avangeline

Physical Description: (gender, etc) Female about 5'10 with long waist length wavey honey gold hair and brown eyes that have golden accents. She's got a slight narrowing of her facial bone structure and she's pretty dainty for her height. (Pretty specific I know!) Her skin is average caucasian, not too pale but not much coloring. She's a rocker through and through, total tshirts and jeans during the day, but she isn't afraid to sultry it up.

Angel or Demon: a little of both! Or your choice, I can't decide.
Tori B 13 years ago
Name: Cymbelline

Description: Cymbelline has wavy shoulder length jet black hair with a white streak on the right side. She has a wide eyed mischieveousness about her, a saucy smile always plays on her scarlet lips. Her skin is pale and smooth like porcelain. She is not overly curvy but on the thing side, her breasts are small. She wears no jewelery but wraps her arms in ribbons tied with a bow, the ties trailing. She likes short full (not tight) skirts and thigh high boots. Her horns and tail if seen are dark red. Her wings are up to you.

Demon or Angel: Demon
KaAnna 13 years ago
Name: Jayden

Description: "Sigh. Whatever. I'm skinny and short. Not much of a form whatsoever. Hey, no guys are gonna be bangin' down my door anytime soon, yanno? I gots me a piercing here and there. And everywhere. Tattoo's are the bomb, man. Everyone should have one. Or five! I ain't a goth, but I like black. But I LOVE COLOR more! My hair is a mess of braids, and just.. stuff! That good enough for ya? Cool."

Jayden is a 'teenage' angel. She is very much into the punk style, except much more colorful. Clashing colors, matching colors, complimentary colors. You name it, she wears it. She loves to wear striped socks and/or armlets. Wristbands, rings, bracelets are a plus as well as tattoo's. Her hair is very colorful and a bit crazy: dreadlocks, trinkets, braids, ribbon, whatever else you can think of. She has so many different streaks and colors in it, her base hair color is unknown.

Makeup is surprisingly pretty light: some dark eyeliner and brown to pinkish lipstick (nothing too obvious). The girl's eyes are mismatched with one eye a dark blue (her left) and the other a dark green (her right), barely noticeable unless someone were looking.

Demon or Angel: Angel
ROzbeans 13 years ago
PM's have been sent - TURN IN DATE IS AUGUST 16th!!!