True Blood (kinda nsfw - violent simulated sex)

So, I don't watch this show. At all. But I was reading cnn and there was an article about a recent sex scene this season - ep 3x03 in fact - between Lorena and Bill. It was...uh...weird.


Mileron 13 years ago
Sunday night's final few moments were pure win, and Denis O'Hare should be up for an Emmy just for that 2 minutes of airtime.
Eve 13 years ago
If that's Russell then yeah, he should get something for that. He's an asshole, but he's damn good at it LoL
Mileron 11 years ago
Season 5 debuted last night.

We thought it was too "busy." Too many storylines going on.
Eve 11 years ago
There's always a lot going on, and last season ended with quite a few lil cliffhangers to clean up. I thought it wrapped everything up pretty nice, and left me wanting next week to hurry the fuck up!