escort cards / lanyard

Instead of escort cards on a table, we are doing VIP backstage passes. Theres gonna be a guy at the door with a clipboard who checks your name and hands you your table number. Keep in mind we are having a rock n roll themed wedding.

How does it look? , they'll be presented in a lanyard and doubles as one of the favors guests get. We're thinking of also having lighters with the date so they can light them and stand around us for our first dance. Mayyyyybeeeee.

Here is the front:

and the back which obviously the numbers change

Laschae 13 years ago
Awesome! I like the lighter idea. What song are you going with for your first dance?
Eve 13 years ago
My only cc would be the way you did your D&W. I would make the & smaller and the actual initials larger, no real reason to emphasize the &. I'm guessing the green is part of your party colors, but I think I'd lose the gradient on it. I love the whole idea tho, and everything else looks great
Wystro 13 years ago
What an awesome idea for a wedding reception!
Dia 13 years ago
I was confused for a hot minute there, thats not a & thats our last name intial S. dSw kinda like that. =D We are doing a simular gradiet on the invitations so should i keep it to match or just lose it? Lemme make a straight black one and i'll post it soon for comparison.
This CD cover actually inspired the invitation/stationary look..don't laugh cuz it is more violent and crazy than our invitations will look like lol
Life Starts now cd - Three Days Grace

We haven't picked a first dance song yet =x I really like Pearl Jam's Just Breathe....but he's iffy. it makes me cry tho =)

thanks for the cc!
Eve 13 years ago
Ahh well yeah if that's your last initial and what you'll be sharing I guess having it big is understandable. I think that's just one of those fonts that's a bit on the really flourished side so sometimes can be harder to read. I'm sure everyone attending will recognize it since they know your last name As for the gradient, I'm just not sure how it will look in print I guess. Now if you could get that done in a foil, so that it was shiny, that would look really neat.
Dia 13 years ago
oooo thats true, I'll have the FI print it out and see. I wonder if he can do foils as well. He's a graphic artist so we're saving lots by him being able to get everything printed and made himself at work
Eve 13 years ago
Yeah I just think the shiny would be neat Been a while since I've worked in the printing industry at all, so not sure what kinda stuff is easily available anymore. Sometimes I miss playing with my gadgets in my copy centers LoL I can only imagine that if I was still working, I'd be printing off my stuff on the color copier all the time
Dia 13 years ago
i wont lie, its super nice never having to goto walgreens or cvs for a photo copy, or resize, or never having to buy bday invites. Super awesome