Huge artistic favor

I'm in need of a huge favor - I'm not sure its even possible. My little brother passed away last month, and we're having some issues finding the picture we want for the vase at his grave. There were a TON of pictures of him, but for one reason or another they all have something that just isn't quite right. We found one that is really good, but has other people in it. I'm curious if it's possible to photoshop the arm around his shoulder out so the picture is basically just him. My mom scanned and emailed me the picture and after looking at it - I'm not sure it's big enough/high res enough for this to work, but I'm not an expert. We would be looking for something that would look good at 4x6 or 5x7 - and considering the circumstances if it isn't going to look good it probably wouldn't get used. I don't know exactly what I'm asking - I guess I'm asking if it's possible first and foremost, and then second would be if anyone is willing to give it a shot.

I know this isn't exactly a happy and sunny question. We took it to a local place but they said it didn't turn out well at all - it was very poor quality. After she emailed me the picture I'm not sure if that was their fault or just a result of the image not scanning well.

Anyway here is the picture - my brother is on the right

Vex 13 years ago
sorry to hear about your brother ;(

if she's still got the original you can scan it in at a much higher DPI. If she doesn't know how - take it to kinkos, they should be able to help with that.
pharren 13 years ago

That took me about 7 minutes with my thumb trackball which isn't the greatest for precision work. Just demonstrating how easily what I think you're looking for is done.
Verileah 13 years ago
I'm sorry for your loss Vulash.

What you want can be done, but a higher resolution scan would be ideal. I'd be glad to help with whatever you decide to do.
Vulash 13 years ago
Ok I'll call her tomorrow, and I'm heading home next weekend so if nothing else I'll try to get a higher quality scan - thanks guys!
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Oh snap, Tim. I'm so sorry. Yeah the resolution is pretty low. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
Wystro 13 years ago
If you'd like a portrait of him, I'd be happy to do it.

If I can get multiple photo references I can do it in oils, acrylics, or digital. Here's a sample gallery of my work if you want to consider it => I have plenty of board, canvas, and paints just sitting here so it's no sacrifice on my part.

I'm so sorry about your brother. My thoughts go out to you and your family.
Wystro 13 years ago
EEP ! I just want to be perfectly clear that this is for free. I don't want anyone to have to guess at my intention
Verileah 13 years ago
That's really classy Wystro . What a beautiful, generous idea.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Group hug!
/squeezes Vulash!
Vulash 13 years ago
Thanks everyone!

My mom is going to try to find somewhere to get a higher quality scan. Wystro - you rock! PM incoming.
Dia 13 years ago
I offer our help as well, If you can get it higher dpi thats great, if not i'm sure we can work with it as well. We can also print it out and mail it to you using the work printers if you'd like.

our condolences go out to you and your family!
Vulash 13 years ago
Ok I managed to get the original and took it to a Kinko's/Fedex - this was the highest quality scan I could get. I believe it will be going on a 4x6 vase, but I'm sure resizing won't be an issue. She also found out the lady doing the vase/tombstone can edit and photoshop it as well - so that's also an option we weren't aware of. I know some of you are very good with photoshop though I don't know how good this girl will be.

Thanks again everyone.

Lillaanya 13 years ago
Sorry I hadn't seen this before cause I just sorta suck at logging in here. I actually do quite a bit of photo restoration work, and could work on this for you. Honestly tho, for a good quality print at the size you want, the resolution is still pretty low. Email or PM or whatever, if you can arrange to send me a hard copy of it, I have access to a pretty kickass scanner for about another week.

A few photos I have done