And then there were none. (MAFIA HIT and EPILOGUE)

So white
Wondering why
It's only After Dark

In her eyes

A distant fire light
burns bright
Wondering why
It's only After Dark

I find myself in her room

Feel the fever of my doom
Falling falling
Through the floor
I'm knocking on the Devil's door

For someone who stood out the most, he was able to blend in the best. It shocked him how easily they were led like cattle, how they only managed to lose one to natural death and the other to, well, her own stupidity. His estimation of her might have been a bit misogynistic, but he held everyone there in pretty low estimation. So, as the numbers dwindled, he watched and they killed. It was awesome.

He did not hesitate this time. Didn’t wait to isolate the stray from the herd. Didn’t sneak up to their next kill. Nope, he took the tactical knife that he stole off of Victor Wes, before they blew him to bits, and walked right up to Ella and grabbed her from behind, pressing his large, tall body against her and relishing in her immediate squirm of disgust and sweet warmth. He then slid the knife from one ear to the other, across her neck. To say that everyone was shocked was an understatement.

Ella reached up and dug her nails into his arm. She tried speaking but the slit throat hampered her attempts. That made him chuckle. She bled out quicker than he thought she would, and when she went limp, he dropped her to the ground like trash.

Joel Thomas stood in the middle of the lobby and wiped the blood off the knife on the short sleeve of his Affliction shirt. He fucking hated wearing it, but the blood smear cheered him up some.

‘Come on.’

It wasn’t an invitation to fight, but a command to the rest of his group. One by one, they stepped forward.

Ernest Freeman, old and portly, stepped forward first. Joel narrowed his eyes at the frail, old train conductor and considered slitting the old man’s throat along with the rest of the idiots. Ernest’s eyes were still loopy from the drugs Ella had given him, and it made him hesitate on more than one occasion; with the Jayden girl and with Victor. Joel wasn’t sure why Ernest spared Green, but it wouldn’t matter anyway. Ernest took his place next to Joel and could not look anyone in the eye.

Kris Weston stepped forward next. His dusty gray hair and eerie red eyes turned toward the crowd, refusing to leave his back unprotected. Tall, quiet, but built like a stone wall, he said nothing as he stood on the other side of Joel.

Sammy ‘Fink’ Clarke stepped forward last, the zookeeper. He thought for sure the clues that had been left would have gotten him killed in the early hours of the event, but he managed to stay just on the edge of suspicion, even voicing his opinion on Victor Wes last, securing his hiding place. He stood behind Ernest and smiled sheepishly with a shrug.

Spencer Fry stepped forward and pointed at Ernest. ‘But…I protected you. TWICE! How…?’

There was a slump and they turned to look at Reginald Fleischer, Mathematician for Gore Inc, who had sat down onto the floor, rubbing his balding head. Joel waited quietly, waiting for Reginald to put everything together.

‘You manipulated me.’ Reginald looked up at Joel, his face worn and exhausted. Slipping his glasses off, he rubbed his eyes and chuckled. ‘From the very beginning. I trusted you. I told you everything and you,’ Reginald lowered his head and squeezed his eyes shut. ‘You convinced me about Danielle…that…poor girl. You lied about the identities.’

This time Reginald looked at Ernest who could barely look in his direction. ‘You made up everything.’

‘I’m not…able to,’ Ernest said. ‘I don’t know who could.’ He looked around the room and no one said anything. ‘Bernie?’

Bernie Flump shrugged, ‘I’m just a simple man.’ Then he looked at Nichole who shook her head.

‘That’s because you all killed her first.’

The voice behind them boomed across the large lobby and they all turned toward it. Joel, Ernest, Kris, and Sammy instantly recognized him. His face came to them, whispering…encouraging. The man next to him, a tall blonde leaning against the teller cages glared at the crowd with dark, blue eyes. He spoke with venom in his voice.

‘You…IDIOTS.’ His voice shook the building right down to its foundation. The marble floor beneath them cracked. Shaking his head he straightened and took a step forward. The crowd felt it, an invisible wave of disgust that hit them like a brick wall, forcing them back, and some of them onto their knees.

‘You killed her first. Olivia? She could have helped you, could’ve prevented this stale mate.’ He turned his head and avoided Alex’s smile. His counterpart stepped forward and approached the group, easing the pain.

‘Unfortunately my friend here is correct. You fucked yourselves straight from the beginning. My angels played this game perfectly. Oh we lost one,’ the blond seemed to cheer up and chuckle, ‘and another to an unfortunate coma from undiagnosed diabetes, but my four remained strong and still managed to win the game.’

Reginald stood up and pushed forward, pointing a finger, ‘Game? Angels?’

The dark haired man looked at Reginald with a flick of his eyes and the mathematician stopped his approach and grunted. With balled up fists, he suddenly dropped to one knee and bent his head forward out of respect – forced, but still apparent. The dark haired man clucked his tongue at him.

‘I got tired of the bullshit, Mr. Fleischer. Just got tired of it. But do try to maintain a semblance of respect, if you please.’ Reginald’s only answer was a quivering plea of pain as the veins in his neck bulged with tension. ‘Be a…good boy.’

‘My lord?’ Joel's voice spoke up, meek and respectful.

‘You can call me Alex. Been working for me this entire time and I kinda like it.’ Alex pointed to his polar opposite and introduced him. ‘This, well he does have a name. This is Lucifer…your pretend savior.’

Lucifer looked at them, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. ‘There’s one thing we hadn’t planned on though.’

‘Oh right, right. That was clever,’ Alex chimed in.

‘Ruth, of all people, seemed to want to strike out on her own. So to speak. Unexpected bit of evolved karma. You were smart to eliminate her as quickly as you did.’

‘And lucky.’ Alex laughed and the sound of it pierced the crowd’s head like a savage migraine till he was thoughtful enough to stop before killing them.

Alex looked at Lucifer. ‘We done then?’

‘Wait,’ Nichole stepped forward and immediately dropped to a knee with her eyes on the ground. ‘What happens now? I don’t understand.’

‘My angels won,’ Alex said with a shrug. ‘I win.’

Joel looked perplexed at his Lord and then dropped to a knee, ‘Does that mean your chosen can leave?’

‘Oh no,’ Lucifer said quietly and reached out with his hand and scooped up the air in front of him. The remaining survivors were lifted off their knees and feet, hovering paralyzed and rod straight in the air. ‘No, you all come with me. All of you. Angels included.’

The Angels looked on horrified and Sammy Clarke spoke through gritted teeth. ‘But we did what you asked. We won.’

‘Yes,’ Alex replied, ‘and I’ll usher in the Apocalypse and tear this world asunder. I appreciate you doing that for me. But everyone here doesn’t get to come to my pearly gates and hear the Gabriel’s glorious trumpets as you enter. Don’t you get it?’

Lucifer held his fist in the air, keeping the survivors paralyzed and with the other hand he balled it into a fist and released it slowly, tearing away the walls of the bank revealing darkness and howls from millions of unseen demons. With a deep and menacing smile, Lucifer let the other shoe drop.

‘You may not be angels, but you all have killed. All have murdered. You put your lives in front of everyone else’s but you broke His rules and…you are all coming with me.’

Then with both hands he brought both his arms back, clapped them together loudly, then ripped them apart savagely, tearing the souls out of the condemned, ripping their bodies apart and disintegrating the flesh into nothing.

Lucifer looked at Alex whose face was void of any emotion. The taking of souls, any souls, still did not sit well with Him, but a deal was a deal.

‘Now we’re done,’ Lucifer said as Alex turned away into the nothingness to start his Apocalypse. ‘I’ll be waiting for the rest.’

Alex stopped in his tracks and considered replying. The whole point of the game was to let Man decide his fate, and he did, but he wondered if Lucifer hadn’t planned on losing to gain the rest of the souls waiting to enter his domain. Had Man failed Him…or did He fail Man?

The end.

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The path to salvation lies in lynching one's self!
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