EQ Mafia Day 3: Hope and Despair

Carlan rose from his morning meditations and watched as the world filled with the color of the sunrise. It would be an obscenely cheerful day, still and sunny and warm, in spite of the turmoil. A day like that seemed wrong somehow, but it gave Carlan hope. Perhaps it was a sign, a good omen.

A sudden stiff, chill breeze interrupted his thoughts. Carlan felt his skin break out in goose bumps at the sudden drop in temperature. His heart began to pound as he realized how very alone he was.


“Damn them! Damn them all! I wash my hands of them, Dark Heroes and the League alike! Let them all burn! I will have no part of this. No more!”

There was an edge of hysteria to Verileah’s voice, and her hands moved in great arcing sweeps as if throwing imaginary objects around the room. She seemed barely able to breathe, and the young monk wondered if it would be advisable to tell her to sit down. It seemed he would not have to, fortunately enough for him. After her rant, Verileah stormed out of the meeting hall and could be heard stomping up the stairs to her chambers.

The young monk waited what he thought was an appropriate amount of time before slipping out the door. As he left, he caught the old iksar’s eye and froze. After a long pause, the iksar nodded his head, and the monk continued on his way. Even if Verileah no longer wished to have any involvement, the young monk was determined to see justice done.


Many patrons of the tavern noticed something different about the main room that day. There seemed to be a soft music, even when the bards stopped playing their songs, like the soft hum of the gods themselves. Those who knew Carlan recognized the sound immediately, and were comforted after the terrible trauma of finding their friend’s beaten and bruised form that morning.

Larene_Stormfire 18 years ago
Taylina, frozen in shock didn't know what to do, she stared at the beaten and bloodied form of Carlan and rage filled her.

As to who would do such a thing she knew not, but she was going to find out,however her brother in arms and guild mate needed her now. Falling to her knee's she begain to hum an acient tune to her blessed lord Marr, a calm over took her, and she began to chant, praying as she did so it would heal Carlan and he would be well again
immy 18 years ago
Immeni heard the news of Carlans death after she entered the tavern. She hung her head in sorrow. Growing up around Paladins, she felt this death was closer to home than any of the others before.

A single tear rolls down her cheek as she mourns the loss of a great Paladin.
Aramous 18 years ago
Brujah, as he sits, talking with both Hammerthynn and Kiltheranos, suddenly cover his ears in pain. He looks at the two of them" The noise is that of a dog whistle to a dog, very annoying. What is it ?"

He then looks around and notices many new faces have entered the tavern. Some have faces of sorrow and look like the behind of a wild boar. "PALADINS! bah they live in a dream world where they think there is a god" he whispers to himself.

Brujah then mentions to his company "Can we move to another table please. Paladins make me want to take the insides of my stomach and tear them out just to swallow it again. I wish to move elsewhere and talk"
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Hammerthynn rose to the sound of music. He recognized it immediately and dressed. Climbing down the oak stairs and entering the bar he saw the frenzied and scared faces of the patrons. Words whispered as he entered but stopped a bar maid that passed him. 'Which paladin was it?'

She looked at him startled, 'How...?'

He sneered at the wench, 'The songs woman. That's the paladin hymn of mourning.' He dismissed the bar wench and was struck suddenly by a thought.

I whisper from the afterlife, "It was not me, beware of the ones near you." The mistake made is one that will ultimately bring you to your last breath. Heed my previous words and know that I gave you the information you needed and you chose to ignore it.

Was a grave mistake made by ignoring the words of the darkie mage?
Verileah 18 years ago
“I hear they hung his breastplate in the tavern for all to hear. It still hums its haunting tunes even now.”

Verileah looked darkly at the old iksar. “Was that supposed to be a comfort to me? There is death and treachery in the air itself, and you speak to me of honoring the dead?”

The old iksar frowned. “Verileah, you knew the risks when we decided to become involved. You cannot back out now, not when innocent people are in more danger than ever before. There is still hope. We must keep our eyes open, we must continue to be vigilant.”
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Hammerthynn approached the breastplate and touched it. He pulled his hand back quickly, his fingers tingly from the vibrations. He touched his scar. Hammer was wrong about the hymn.

Walking away from the breastplate Hammerthynn clearly spoke. 'Treachery is among us and it is close.'
Larene_Stormfire 18 years ago
Taylina looked at Hammerthynn, her face streaked from the tears she had shed .

In a choked voice she says quietly " Have you not heard of the Breastplate blessed by Marr himself? I wonder why you pulled your hand away so quickly, as if burned by his pureness."

Quickly she walked away, she needed to find solace and she wouldn't find it in a tavern this time, she needed to find someone and soon...she feared for her other guildmates, but not for herself.

Taylina wandered not paying attention to where she went. She accidently bumped into Verileah. Wish to offer what help she could, Taylina offered her any assistance she could and stood waiting patiently for an answer
Verileah 18 years ago
Verileah sniffed and looked Taylina in the eye.

"Every last one of you is guilty in my eyes, Dark Hero or no. You have no idea how much this conflict has cost the Guardians. Leave me be, or can you not see I am grieving?"
Rikr 18 years ago
Landau sits at a table in a corner of the tavern. He mumbles to himself, "What is going on in this place? Nobody is to be trusted anymore. What kind of world are we now living in?"

Landau summons a servent of the elements to stand by his side, as it is clearly not safe to be alone.

Overhearing what was said between Verileah and Taylina, Landau wonders where Taylina is going, and what she is mumbling as she clutches onto a strange looking amulet around her neck. Landau suspects something evil with the amulet.
Aziyade 18 years ago
With the aid of her warder, Muschi surrepticiously keeps an eye on Brujah.
Aramous 18 years ago
"This horendous music is making me ill." Brujah shouts in pain. He then leaves the town and meets with his 5 brethren, who are located where humans know, there is no return.

He sits with his brethren and talks to them of what he has seen in town. After about a few hours of discussion, he tells them of there instructions.

" In two days time, if I do not return, here is what you are to do........... "

He then heads back to town.

As Brujah comes back into town in walks into the first tavern he comes to. Looks around at the people in the area and laughs in disgust in how humans think. He approaches the bartender and says "Today is your lucky day my friend". They sit and talk for some time and the bartender seems scared of the likings of my kind. Brujah explains to the bartender who he is. Bartender becomes cautious and tries to keep his distance from him.

"Let us talk in private for 2 minutes" Brujah ask very calmly. They go into a back room and lock the door. He hands the bartender two letters." The one that is sealed with a piece of rotted corpse is not for your eyes", "This one is for you. When you are done reading it you are to discard the letter in the fireplace and watch it burn. If not, well then keep praying to what ever you people pray to."
Larene_Stormfire 18 years ago
As the sun sets and the day becomes night, Taylina dresses in her ceramonial armor, knowing that extra adornments are not needed she takes the amulet from around her neck and places on the table near her cot.

Taking up her sword she goes out infront of the guild hall and stands watch, praying this night does not being another death