EQ Mafia Day 3 Voting

You know what to do!

Larene_Stormfire 19 years ago
EAsily identifiable

immy 19 years ago
I'll have to agree. With the level of hate towards Paladins, I vote Brujah.
Aramous 19 years ago
My vote is Larene. Seems she votes in haste and first person that comes to her mind, being that which worships these so called gods, is that who worships something greater. Yet she is not accounted for in any of the previous deaths. Those who pitch accusations without facts fall victim to themselves. I am calling her out. Those who are quick to accuse, hide something deeper.

Mafia cannot question who they are ordered to kill .
Danq 19 years ago
Someone is a sneaky bitch!
Rikr 19 years ago
While I'm still suspicious of Brujah, something really wrong is going on with Taylina IMO. That amulet is making her do some crazy stuffz. My vote is for Taylina.
Aziyade 19 years ago
I have not been able to shake the feeling that Brujah is somehow involved, and this latest killing only increases my suspicions. Again, I cast my stone for Brujah.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Hammerthynn watched the night slowly decend on the city. There would be another death, he was sure of that. If it was his own, he did not know but he knew this. Someone is lying.

My vote is for the vah shir, Mushii.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Hammerthynn watched the night slowly decend on the city. There would be another death, he was sure of that. If it was his own, he did not know but he knew this. Someone is lying.

My vote is for the vah shir female, Muschi.
Verileah 19 years ago
It being the weekend and all, I'm going to keep this vote open until tomorrow afternoon to give the last few people a shot at voting.
Vulash 19 years ago
Well I'm not convinced, but our track record of "justice" proves we have to kill someone tonight to sleep better so I vote Taylina.
Verileah 19 years ago
Righto' closing this. I wanted to give everyone a chance to vote, but it looks unlikely that more voting will change the outcome.
Verileah 19 years ago
“After him! Don’t let him get away! Off with his head!”

The chase was on in New Taanan as Brujah fled the tavern. The necromancer’s feet seemed to barely touch the ground as he sped past the various merchants closing up for the night and bars just beginning to fill with customers. But the lynch mob was right on his heels; Brujah could not evade death forever. He could certainly tire out the lynch mob though; already several in their number were panting for breath as the strange train of people rounded the corner of the library. Somehow, though, the crafty necromancer had managed to give his pursuers the slip; the whole party slammed to a halt as they saw their victim vanish before their eyes. Scratching their heads and looking about, they saw no evidence of Brujah anywhere in sight.

“Shhh! Listen. Did you hear that?”

“It was his demon pet giggling in that evil way of his! He can’t be far, let’s get him!”

“It came from over there, behind that rock. Quietly now…we’ll sneak up on him.”

Slowly and carefully the lynch mob crept up to the rock and worked their way around it. Several people gasped at what they saw.

“He’s already dead! He must have collapsed from exhaustion.”

“May he be tormented in the depths of hell for his wrong-doings. Now let’s go get a drink, for surely the Dark Heroes will bother us no more!”

“He’s not dead at all. He’s faking in that demonic way of all necromancers.”

As the necromancer’s trickery was declared, Brujah leaped back into life and took off like a bolt once again. Again the lynch mob gave chase. Round and round the city they went, causing much disruption everywhere they went. Again and again Brujah avoided the lynch mob, sometimes using his pet to distract them, sometimes taking on other forms to fool them.

“This dark elf does not want to die it seems. But die he will! I have a plan, listen closely…”


Brujah leaned against the wall and peered carefully around the corner. Seeing no one following him for the moment, he took several gasping breaths and collected himself for his next move. In truth, though, he knew he was running out of options. He knew now that if the lynch mob wanted you dead, dead you would be, and that this running, this foolish chasing game, was only delaying the inevitable. Even so, Brujah could not bring himself to surrender. Not when he had done nothing except act as all self respecting necromancers must act. With one final heavy sigh, he cautiously peered around the corner again to ensure the way was still clear. When he saw no one, he decided to double back the way he came and try to throw off the mob that way.

This time, the lynch mob was one step ahead of him. Brujah was filled with arrows before he had walked four steps.