Audition Pieces

These are for a property called Far West - a fusion of Wild West, wuxia, and steampunk. They want us to do two to five audition piece to show that we can work with the combination. I'm not a fan of doing work without a guarantee for pay, but since Wizards of The Coast hasn't called me yet, I figured fuck it.

I used washes of color like in those spaghetti western posters. These subjects were from a list of subjects that the game maker sent the artists. I have ugly watermarks on these because there's a chance that these may be bought:

Lessa 13 years ago
I think you did a great job. I had to go look up spaghetti western posters to compare and the coloring is great. I love the face on the train too.. now drink your gin and sprite and quit worrying. :P
KaAnna 13 years ago
Frickin second one is phenomenal! And the first, absolutely love the pose and dragon! Good luck, sir!
Jetamio 13 years ago
I want that jacket Oh and if he looks as good from the front as he does from the back, I'll take the guy wearing it too
Kilandra 13 years ago
I agree, these are both great! I especially love all the detail you gave the front of the train. But, I love your style, and hopefully they will too! Good luck! My fingers are crossed for you
Dia 13 years ago
I think it protrays the feeling you were trying to create! They both look great and that train face is wicked
Wystro 13 years ago
They didn't want to use my stuff! But as a sales-manager friend said to me, "Each no brings you closer to the eventual yes!"
pharren 13 years ago
"I'm sorry, but we are looking for art that sucks, and your work doesn't fit that description. Better luck next time." <-- Is this what the conversation looked like?

It's good that you keep a positive attitude

I think Verileah had a good idea in another thread, about putting your work on t-shirts. I'm sure the website that handles the business end takes a majority of the profit, but some money (especially when it seems like "free" money if they handle the printing and the shipping and all) is better than no money, and it's another way of showing your work. Some of those shirts turn out to be very popular, and you never know who will see it. I forget the name of the site she uses most, but I'm sure you know the type that I'm talking about.
Wystro 13 years ago
I'll need to find out where the t-shirt sites are... I can certainly use the $$$$
pharren 13 years ago is the one she always mentions. Not sure how it works, but having people pay me to walk around advertising my art sounds like a swell deal
Verileah 13 years ago
I delight in Threadless Tees, but honestly I don't know if it's the greatest route for an artist trying to make some money. There are almost 500 designs to be scored right now and of those perhaps 6 will get printed, so it's pretty highly speculative. That said, you just say the word and we'll all vote/critique (or face my wrath). Sure there are a lot of submissions, but most of them, while nicely done, aren't fantastic tee shirt ideas. Also, I think the community would embrace your work. They sort of have a 'type' although it's pretty broad and hard to describe, but I think you'd fit in well.

Other options -,, - I don't know these as well, but they are sort of like threadless I think.

Also there are print on demand sites, or screenprinting your own (startup costs are kinda high though).
pharren 13 years ago
I registered at last night just in case.
Verileah 13 years ago
'Cause you don't want to face my wrath?

*waves fists in a wrathful sort of way*