Roleplay thread DAY 1

Sit back, relax, smoke your cigars, interact with other LARPers, and poke around the island here.

Vinnie 13 years ago
Vinnie woke early the next morning after a restless night of little sleep. He hadn't been this excited since Starcraft 2's release.

"Ok Vinnie, first impressions aren't everything. Today, you impress. Today is your day. You are the man. YOU ARE THE MAN!"

Vinnie crossed the room to his laptop, put on some ACDC, and flipped his hair. From a large, frayed, duffel bag Vinnie pulled out a large black trench coat, black combat boots, a pair of spike wrist guards, dark sunglasses, and a silver cross on a chain. After putting everything on but the glasses, he skillfully applied just a touch of makeup to lighten his complextion. Just before leaving his room he grabbed a plain leather scabbard leaning in a corner. He rubbed his hand over the hilt sticking out, then opened his door to face his destiny...
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alex opened the door of his room and ducked back in as he saw the "vampire" emerge in a hilarious getup. Very emo. Sort of. After regaining his composure, certain that Christian would be even more lavishly decked out, Alex went out into the hallway again. He was dressed like a human ranger... in khakis and a dark blue t-shirt with the phrase "WARNING: If zombies chase us I'm tripping you" printed on the front with an accompanying graphic. He carried no obvious accessories but in the pocket of his pants was a lighter and his Leatherman Charge TTi as well as a separate Benchmade folding knife. There was a leather thong around his neck with a heavy object hanging from it that was hidden underneath his shirt and he'd wrapped leather thongs around each wrist by way of rugged manly outdoorsy fashion. Who said gay boys couldn't do manly?
Mike 13 years ago
Thankfully after living in California for a while Christian had learned how to adapt his costumes to warmer more humid weather. So, he was able to wear his breeches, long sleeved shirt, leather jerkin and cloak, at least for now. If it got too hot, things were going to have to come off. He just hoped Alex was around when they did.

He even had the appropriate accessories, gauntlets with a small knife in each and a nice long sword and a very pretty dagger hanging off the belt on his hips, and at the last second, he decided he just couldn’t leave the quiver and bow behind. He wanted to make a good first impression after all.

Practicing his amazing elf like stealth he attempted to sneak up on Alexander, who was looking pretty, if slightly inappropriate.

“I may have to sneak into your room tonight. Redo your wardrobe.”

After a quick kiss on the cheek cheerfully bounced and half tugged his fiancé toward breakfast.

“What’s on the agenda for the day lover?”
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Momo cracked her neck to the side and looked at herself in the large oval mirror hanging over her dressing table. Her clothes were nondescript, comfortable, and not her style at all. They were Peter's style and, for the 100th time, Momo complained to her reflection in the mirror.

"And WHY did I decide on a male character to RP? A male character twice my size?" Picking up her brush, she angrily brushed out her hair before twisting it up into a low bun. "This would have worked so much better online."

Disappointed in herself, she decided not to let it ruin her fun on the Island. Momo picked up her long wizard's robe and threw it over her blue jeans and white button up shirt - all circa 21st century. Digging through the makeup scattered on her dressing table, she picked up her black pencil eyeliner and went to work on her face. Five minutes later she had a thin pencil beard with a shading of stubble. The snob in her rolled her eyes, but the nerd smiled, satisfied with her appearance. Throwing the eyeliner pencil back on the table, she moved off to her right, her robe billowing out behind her in her wake.

It was early and she wanted a cup of coffee. Heading out her door, she followed two other players and smiled at the frivolity of the one that called himself Christian. Momo was looking forward to talking with the other players.
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alex turned when he heard Christian bouncing up behind him with almost no stealth whatsoever. He raised his eyebrows, looking past Christian to the little Asian girl, what was her name again? Momo, that's right. He couldn't remember her character's name but apparently it involved a bathrobe and makeup... oh, that was a beard. She was a guy. Huh. Right, a wizard living in the future. He smiled at her... him? and returned Christian's surprisingly chaste kiss.

"You're welcome to redo my wardrobe anytime," he told Christian with a leer, "starting with what I currently have on."

Lechery aside, Alex answered the next question. "Coffee first, then we have this thing."

He tapped the scavenger hunt list, an idea far more appealing to him than dancing around playing elf-and-wizard. "This," he shook the list, "is WAY more ranger-y. We -have- to do it."
Mike 13 years ago
Oh, early morning leers. Screw this polite shit. Christian happily pinned Alexander up against the wall and laid one on him. He didn’t even worry about his ears coming loose, they’d stayed put through more than a kiss.

With a happy sigh, he released the other man and smoothed back his long blond hair.

“Why do we have separate rooms again?”

He purred before looking at the scavenger hunt thing-y that was being waved at him. Well it wasn’t quite his style but, if it would keep Alex happy and having a good time they could spend some time on it.

“We can do that… -after- coffee.”

Catching sight of some one else in the hall he blushed a little bit, just a little, not sure if they’d seen he and Alex. Well too late to worry.

“Greetings to you Peter. We were just headed to get something to eat. Or at least some coffee. Would you care to join us?”

It was early. Christian wasn’t quite in character but he at least made the effort and from the woman’s costume she was going to make at least a bit of an effort to be in character too so he used her character name. Well, that and he couldn’t remember her real name.
Wystro 13 years ago
"Nylon tattoo sleeves, check..."

"Three sports bras, check..."

"Aiden's watergun, check..."

"Zoot suit, check...Showtime!"

Chrystal took one last look at her Blackberry to see if there was any word from Aiden, Jayden, or Kyleigh to their absent mom. She was about to shed a tear at the thought of her kids, but she had to buck up -- Yakuza don't whimper because they miss their three little babies!

She shed her Juicy Couture track suit and other everyday garments and put on her three super-tight sports bras to set the girls in place and keep the line of her suit clean. The nylon tattoo sleeves she bought at Rite Aid were the next on: just enough flash so that the other players know Hirihito Suzuki is dangerous!

Chrystal then put on her baggy zoot suit and slipped her son's water gun "Uzi" into the inner pocket. She then took a handful of mouse and a comb and slicked her bottle-blonde hair, pinning it down tight in the back. A little cat eyeliner applied always finished the look for her making her feel more 'Japanese'.


The box that was supposed to have her husbands shiny dress loafers contained instead one of Kyleigh's macaroni sculptures. The Sketcher Shape Ups with the pink pinstripe were an ill match, but there was nothing else at this point.

Grabbing her hand-drawn map of the island, "Hirihito Suzuki" walked out of her hotel room with a confident swagger. Time to meet the people and shake them down!
Mai 13 years ago
Adila asked herself for the hundreth time what she had gotten herself into. She didn't LARP; the occasional table top game was as far into the RP world as she had gone in the past. In fact, most of the time she was an online gamer (Often playing on her laptop in the curio shop when she got bored) This was something outside her comfort zone and even without her full costume Adila was already feeling a little silly.

"Get a grip. I am sure it will be fun." She looked at her orange painted and powdered face in the room's vanity"...eventually."

Adila pulled out the little orange horns she had made and positioned them neatly on her head. The orange tail with the devil fork on the end came out next and she clipped it to her leather belt. Now for the big part, Adila inhaled a deep breath for some added courage and then pulled on the harness with the big orange pseudo suede wings. Putting her arms through the jacket that had been made with slits and put on before the harness was finished, Adila was ready to go. Or at least her costume was done.

Walking down the hall she reminded herself not to bash anyone in the head with an errant wing and to remember that she had an added foot worth of costume above her head.
First things first Caffeine made all things better.

((OOC: The rest of her costume looks rather modern. Blue jeans, white t-shirt, with the black heavy denim jacket cut to fit the wings.))
Vinnie 13 years ago
Huh, not a very auspicious start, Vinnie thought as he barely glimpsed someone coming out only to bolt back in again. The reasons for that odd display were soon clear, though; the guy (Alex, was it? And did he even -have- a character?) was intimidated by everyone coming out in full costume. Anyone would be - the costumes were pretty cool.

He got so caught up in checking out the totally awesome characters (and, before he could remember to look away, staring at the two guys making out HELLO) that he was nearly left behind the group going to hunt down some breakfast. Lucky for him, Antonio was the strong and silent type. Everyone probably thought his character was one BAD motherfucker, standing there with his arms crossed and evaluating everyone....

...except he was still standing there, which kind of made him feel like a tool.

Giving his hair a solid flip, he pulled off his sunglasses to go out of character and made his way to the lobby, where signs pointed everyone to a full self-serve continental breakfast. Vampires didn't eat fruitloops but Vinnies sure did! Most people were murmuring for coffee but Vinnie didn't need the stimulants - this was all just TOO COOL. He already couldn't sit still just from the pure awesomeness around him. He milled about, fruitloop bowl in hand, telling himself to be cool while at the same time blurting out whatever comments came to mind.


Smooth. But the next person was easy.

"Great makeup work," he declared with an appreciative nod. "Hope Demon wings aren't on the list for this scavenger hunt or you're in trouble!" He added with a wink.

He was a little more reserved with the two guys - would they think he was hitting on them if he said something about how they looked? The one guy didn't even really dress up...finally he settled for a manly nod and directed his question at the guy with the long name, though he thought his real name was Christian. "So you guys doing this scavenger hunt thing?" He noticed the wizard and the question as well, adding a "nice stubble, really works," to the query.
Kilandra 13 years ago
Liza was up much earlier than most, baker's hours are never fun, well... not to most people, but she thrived on the insanity. She was up for hours, yet still had not left her room. Instead, she just sat there, suddenly self concious about her costume. It'd been a while since she had worn it all, having to surrender that part of her to the business life. Cupcakes don't sell themselves, afterall!

After hearing others walk down the hallway, she finally smiled. "Good, people are awake, finally!" But, she still sat and waited for the quiet voices, muffled by the wall, to trail away. A few moments more, and finally Liza was ready to appear. Her costume still fit...

Just not as comfortably as she remembered!

She made her way down the hall, and found her way to the lobby, following the voices and the smell of bacon, eventually finding herself on the brink of entering the fray. One more deep breath, and a smile gracing her lips, and in she stepped. She doubted Kilandra ate anything other than healthy things, but she was hungry, and that food smelled delicious!

Up to the buffet lined table stepped the short pudgey woman, her hair no longer held in check by two braieded pigtails, it was now, as best as possible, flowing in slickened curls past her shoulders, a bit brighter than the darker red she sported the night before. Her costume, to some, might have seemed a bit 'steampunk-ish', consisting of what looked like a long skirt, but was actually cullotes. Buckled boots with a small heel, very 19th century in style were mostly hidden beneath the flowy pants of dark brown, with buttons going down the sides. A white blouse, slightly flowy, was buttoned to the neck, a broach center front of the lacey collar. A gorgeous brocaded corsett, barely holding in the petite woman's .. bossom, and actually seemed almost too tight to breathe comfortably in for her, was trimmed with gold fastenings, the chain of what could be assumed was a pocket watch slipping into one of the pockets on the left side, as well. On her back, perhaps the most out of place of the ensamble, were two swords, in a crossblade sheath, of a very peculiar style.

Liza smiled at the others as she placed some bacon, a muffin, and lots of fruit onto her plate, nibbling on some berries as she perused the buffet a little more, before taking a seat and finally looking the others over.

There was nothing to be embarassed about after all. All that apprehension for nothing. She wasn't the only nerd in the room!
Ksagag 13 years ago
Jaz took one more look in the mirror before leaving the room, thinking to herself that this was a big mistake and she was about to make a fool of herself. Shaking her head she reminded herself that she had never met these people before, nor will probably ever see them again outside of this island. Shrugging, she straighted her slinky, silky gown. It hugged her trim body and for about two seconds she thought it might even be a little scandalous. But, she was Fae after all. They are elegant, gorgeous, and not worried about showing a little skin. She just hoped she could keep herself in the thing during this scavenger hunt!

"Oh well, someone might find a little something-something they weren't looking for," she thought to herself with a laugh.

She applied more shimmery lotion to her dark skin and walked barefoot (regretting the fact that Lala does not wear shoes...she might have to change that fact later. But even then all she had were stilletos. Fun!) to her bag to grab the finishing touch. She put on the pointed ears that molded to her own and decided it was time to go grab some breakfast and mingle.

Hoping they had something low-fat at the breakfast table, she shut the door behind her and sauntered down the hall.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Momo smiled at the two men. "Sure, might as well make friends." Just then, Vinnie, the apparent vampire with skin issues and oily hair, came up and was thoroughly impressed by everything and everyone; he even remarked on Momo's makeup beard.

She smiled at him, squeezing her eyes shut dramatically.

"Coffee first, then scavenger hunt. Should be fun, right?"
Mai 13 years ago
Adila siddled through the breakfast line sideways so as to not knock anyone over. Perhaps the wings were a bad idea this early in the morning. She was randomly lost in this thought when another guest caught her attention. Smiling at Vinnie, Adila gave him a small little bow of thanks. Well, at least the effort was appreciated by someone.

Taking her plate and cup of jo to a nearby table, Adila looked around at the others. Really, while the wings made her costume perhaps the largest, it wasn't all that strange here. With a little sigh of relief, Adila smiled to herself. She had worried far too much about nothing. Nibbling on a piece of toast, Adila looked around at the others.

A nearby table held the couple and the wizard. Overhearing their plans for the day, Adila leaned closer and asked.

"Wait what scavenger hunt?"
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alex loaded up a plate full of protein and grabbed a cup of black coffee after acknowledging the vampire's nod with one of his own. Everyone seemed to be costumed to the nines; he congratulated himself for never having specified his character's point in time or genre. He did have an appropriately medieval-appearing outfit in stash thanks to Christian but he'd bust it out later. Today he was a modern-era ranger.

Carrying his breakfast to the table he joined Christian, Vinnie, Momo, and the demon-lady. Topaz. Was he supposed to call her Topaz? Were they actually in character right now?

He avoided that question by not using her name. "Nice wings."

Showing her the scavenger hunt list he'd picked up in his room he said, "This scavenger hunt. Can I have a fingernail, please? I'll trade you a white feather."

He figured she had to pass as a demon, right?

((ooc: I dragged scavenger hunt stuff into this thread cause I wasn't sure how to separate it all! I can always cut/paste/edit/delete/whatever if need be! Just say so. I didn't really know how else to do it.))
Mai 13 years ago
"Thanks" Adila smiled and then read the ranger's shirt. Chuckling she replied "Nice shirt and I will heed the warning."

Alex pulled out a piece of paper and tilted it so she could see it.

Adila blinked at the list in front of her and then at the person holding the list. Well damn, he had a point.

Shrugging, she agreed.

"Seems like a fair trade to me. After breakfast I suppose we can hunt down a pair of clippers."
Mike 13 years ago
Wow the vampire guy was even more enthusiastic than he was. That was hard to do. He gave Alexander a quick look basically asking 'am I that into things?' Before finding coffee, which he promptly threw lots of no calorie sweetener and cream into, and nodding happily.

“Absolutely. It sounds like fun don't you think? Some of the items are extremely freaky though, I think we're going to have to get creative.”

Christian wiggled his eyebrows at Alex and then nudged him with his elbow, trying to work out if they were playing together or competitively. He was OK with either but it seemed rude to ask for more than one fingernail if they were doing this as a team.

Scooting around next to Alexander he made sure there was room at the table and half waved people over. You couldn't play without getting to know each other. Besides some of the costumes were to die for and he wanted to know where they came from.
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alex returned Christian's "am I that into it" and raised him an "are you serious? You're ten times worse" expression. He hugged one arm around Christian's shoulders once he returned to the table and nodded to him in answer to his next silent question. There didn't seem to be any rules against teamwork for this scavenger hunt, so naturally they would work together.

Turning back to Topaz he said, "I have some in my room. The white feathers are there too." Alex had made the arrows in Christian's quiver and he had a matching set in his room along with his own bow. Naturally he had fletching to make repairs if needed. Alex wasn't completely uninterested in Christian's activities; he just naturally gravitated toward the hands-on stuff, so while Christian was busy costuming the universe and being social Alex had learned to handcraft useful items.
Ksagag 13 years ago
After grabbing what she needed for breakfast, Jaz decided to mingle. She looked around the room and spotted a group of people chatting and laughing at a table nearby. She also saw a woman with flaming red hair sitting by herself. She contemplated where to start introducing herself and decided to walk over to the woman.

"Hi Liza...uh er, Kilandra is it? My name's Jazmine... I mean Lala. Or um yea. Care if I join you?" Jaz laughed nervously. Damn this is going to get confusing...
Kilandra 13 years ago
Liza smiled up, mid pulling apart the muffin in apparent disgust. "Sure! Be my guest!" and motioned to a chair at the table as she sat the dismantled pastry on her plate with a sigh. "Just isn't the same... once you taste great, everything else pales in comparison!" She picked at the bacon, breaking it into little pieces and nibbling on it as she admired Lala's costume, nodding in approval. "This ought to be interesting, hm? Haven't done this in a long time myself. Was a bit nervous to step out of my hotel room this morning, I must say!" She giggled at herself, switching to a grape this time. "Are you excited?"
Dia 13 years ago
Miri waited until she heard most of the comotion die down and then slipped out of her room. Her villiage of the hidden leaf headband was secured around her head much like a scarf and tucked behind her ears. The log knee length drab blue jacket not only went to her knees but also obscured the the bottom half of her face. She was wearing knee length khaki shorts but you couldnt tell. Her cosplay made ninja sandals where the same blue as her coat. Slipping down the hall she watched the others gathering breakfast and mingling between each other. Too shy to force herself to go get food, Miri decided to wait until the others were done. Then she wouldn't have to feel that breif panic of where to sit and by whom. She wasn't that hungry anyways.