ROUND 1 Voting thread

Hours after the body was found, the helicopter effectively scattered the onlookers, though many hid behind the jagged rocks and observed as the crew remove the burnt cinders of what had once been Vinnie. They’d had to run back to retrieve his arm, which had fallen off in the rush to get the corpse bagged and tagged. Obviously an amateur crew, not used to this sort of work. They were probably assistants, secretaries, gophers who had to do whatever they were ordered to do.

Everyone knew what had happened. Isn’t this what they’d been warned of? And they knew what they had to do next.

It was time to bring Vinnie’s killer to justice. But just who had murdered the large, slightly ridiculous LARPing Vampire? They would have to decide together who the guilty party was.

And then what would they do?

/ooc Here is where you post your in character vote for who should get lynched. Only one post per player, please. Discussion should take place in the kill thread. If you change your mind about who to vote for, edit your post but do not remove any content - simply add on your change of heart. BOLD the name of the person you are voting for - if you change your mind, unbold the name you are no longer voting for and bold the new name. Voting will close at 9:00 PM EST.

ROzbeans 13 years ago
Momo considered what she knew, which was very little. Vinnie the vampire managed to get himself into a bruhaha, no pun intended, and wound up dead, sexing on the beach with a phallic shape dildo.

(strike one off her scavenger list)

How would Peter view the situation at hand, she wondered? Trapped playing a deadly game on a weird, Jurassic Park type island. Fog, animals, weird shit...the whole nine. Maybe Shakespeare had it right? 'The lady doth protest too much, methinks.' Although in this case, it might be the opposite.

Looking around, she made a mental note as to who was here...and talking. Oh!

My vote to lynch is: Trevor/Geeii
Verileah 13 years ago
In light of the fact that 1 person has voted and it's now 8:30, I'm going to extend the voting until 10 PM EST tonight. Then someone dies, the SKIDers SKID, and this game gets rolling.
Mike 13 years ago
Nothing like this had ever happened at any other LARP he'd been to. And certainly not in the SCA. In both environments you tended to feel safe. Geeks looked out for their own, it was a pack mentality, a law of nature! He couldn't believe any one would violate that.

Walking back to their rooms he noticed one person. He'd not said anything, he'd not even really been around. Christian got shivers up his spine. He had a feeling this guy was trouble. After all it was all ways the quiet ones. It was probably him.

Right now he just wanted to be some where safe, like Alex's room.

I vote for Trevor/Geeii

((OOC... stupid time zones. I just cannot master them!))
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alexander was concerned about the rumors flying around. Everyone was nervous. Some folks thought this was part of the game. Others, the more timid ones maybe, were afraid. Alex, for his part, trusted his eyes and nose. He thought a corpse was a corpse. And he wanted to get himself off this island along with Christian. They had a wedding to plan, what the hell were they doing here at the scene of a murder? Alex decided that wearing elf ears at his wedding was not such a big deal after all and it would be well worth busting out of this joint.

Still, the natives were growing restless and beginning to point fingers. Alex didn't want those fingers pointing at him. So when people turned their eyes to the one silent member of the group Alex didn't say anything. He just nodded and agreed.

I also vote for Trevor/Geeii

... except, in the back of his head, Alex really did love the whole dice-rolling game. So when another name began to surface he simply shrugged and acquiesced.

MoMo would do - either or both. It didn't matter. let them all play the odds.
pharren 13 years ago
Stanley's travels around the island brought him back to the so-called "murder scene", where the other roleplayers were still congregating around the spot where the charbroiled "corpse" had been. He arrived just in time to see two people pointing at Mike McGee, the gunslinger, apparently accusing him of being involved in the death of "Vinnie".

Perfect timing, I see...

"Fools!" Stanley's sharp voice cut through the night air. Heads turned, and on those heads were more than one unfriendly face. Good! Some of them are recovering.

"Do you truly believe that this man," here, he gestured vaguely in the direction of Mike McGee, "would be unprofessional enough to make this much of a mess of such a simple kill? Death is his trade. He is a virtuoso. His primitive projectile weapon would be more than sufficient to end the life of that foppish blood-drinker. You waste your own time and energy with these foolish accusations. What purpose do they serve? Does it matter that there is one less competitor among us? It does! It does. It matters. It means victory is that much closer at hand."

At the opposite end of the congregation, Stanley heard someone muttering, and caught the word "crazy" more than once.

"Fine! If you wish to congratulate somebody on making your life easier, at least give credit where credit is due. The only person here with the ability to instantly incinerate another being without the use of cumbersome incendiary device, besides myself, is Peter Baarz, the wizard."

Wystro 13 years ago
Chrystal scratched her head.

"If Vinnie didn't struggle or run away, then he was killed by someone that he recognized, someone that he interacted with."

She instinctively felt for the watergun Uzi in her jacket for reassurance.

"Well, he met me, and obviously I didn't kill him! He talked with Momo, Christian, Alexander, and Topaz. There's a fake phallic symbol at the scene of the crime which applies to both Momo and me...."

"Hell, I'm not guilty -- it's MOMO!"

Ksagag 13 years ago
After using the restroom to rinse the taste of vomit out of her mouth, Jaz sat on the toilet to think. Ok, so there is someone here that is apparently capable of murder... but who?

She hadn't talked to many people yet and the charred body kind of threw off the cheerful 'happy-to-meet-you' vibe. Puking in front of a bunch of people doesn't help either, but that is beside the point. She thought about who she had encountered and all the bits and pieces of what she had heard and decided to make a decision. Finally, convinced of her decision, Jaz stood up, glanced in the mirror and noticed a bit of the returning breakfast on her dress. Shit...

I am also voting for Trevor/Geeii