Breaking Dawn

Spoilers likely!

Ok yeah, I could see her, with alot of special effects.. as renesemee... Wait what? 17 years? I already know Im gonna hate this movie.

Faeini 13 years ago they ruined the movie before it even had a chance lol, well at least for me.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
I really hope they don't plan on aging her until the very very end when her and Jacob are suppose to hook up (after the story ends). Hopefully it's just that.
Faeini 13 years ago
i still might wait for it to go in the red box.
ROzbeans 12 years ago

Lessa 12 years ago
the split on these is gonna really suck.. especially if the movie is good.
ROzbeans 12 years ago
Wonder where they will split it though - before or after she pops...literally.
Lessa 12 years ago
Probably where the story splits, would be my guess, from Jacob's to Bella's
Dia 12 years ago
When i see this trailer I just think UGH.
I don't know how this will be any good the concept is crazy weird to begin with and then to translate it to movie?
I still havent seen the 3rd movie, the first 2 were pretty disapointing. I think im too critical on the movies!
ROzbeans 12 years ago
ROzbeans 12 years ago
Verileah 12 years ago
Everyone burst out laughing when they showed the Breaking Dawn trailer at the Harry Potter movie. It was the part where Jacob is on screen all of half a second before "Off! With my shirt! Abs! Broody exit!" that really did us in.
pharren 12 years ago
Hmm, they didn't show that trailer when I went to see Harry Potter. Actually the only trailer I remember seeing was for the new Sherlock Holmes, which, btw, OMGGGGGGOMGOMGOMGOMG SHERLOCK HOLMES but anyways. Yeah. Maybe because I went in the daytime, or... who knows. I consider it the movie theater extending me a courtesy.
ROzbeans 12 years ago

Apparently tickets are going on sale Oct 1, but the movie doesn't come out until November 18th. Seriously? This movie just needs to come out already. I'm steadily losing interest because it looks like some serious cheese going on there. =/
Mileron 12 years ago
I'm as sub-meh about the trailer, as I was for movies 2 and 3.
Mileron 12 years ago
Saw this last night with m'Lady.

We were two of about a dozen people in the theatre.

We were both sub-meh about the movie; we agreed that only about 40% of the movie was enjoyable. It was very slow and there were a lot of strange (needless) facial closeups, which for expressionless actors like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is like watching paint dry.
Nianya 12 years ago
I admit my daughter (16) and I were one of the many people who stood in like for 3hrs to see the midnight show. Bought the tickets the day they went on sale over a month ago.

Where the hell were the eggs?! There were no eggs!! And her pre-vampire car... wrong color dress... little things but still! Details people.. details!! LOL
ROzbeans 12 years ago
I'm hoping there's more blood shed at the end of the final one, but I'm sure they'll stick to the book and make that all vanilla happy ending with no awesome blood bath battle, too. So disappointing.
Nianya 12 years ago
I'm sure you'll see about as much blood (or less) in pt 2 than was in pt 1. Stupid PG13 rating. Did you know they had to cover up Edwards butt crack during the sex to keep it PG13? LOL Too funny. They can't show butt crack but they can show people sucking serious face and a headboard breaking???

Atleast I got to see Jacob shirtless within the first 5 minutes of the movie.
Gongaa 12 years ago
They can't show butt crack but they can show people sucking serious face and a headboard breaking???

There, there... We wouldn't want a bunch of 13 - 17 year old kids running around with the knowledge that vampires have butt cracks before the instant they turn 18 and are suddenly capable of coping with such information.
ROzbeans 12 years ago
Zach and Miri make a porno got a rated R but butt crack isn't pg13? I don't understand the rating system.