Wet Work- TURN IN- Now Open!

Let's see how bloody things got shall we?!

Beli 13 years ago
I had Janet PD!

This piece is based on her character, Muuaji Wawatu -- an alien/human hybrid that is exceptionally skilled in the art of voodoo.

Kels 13 years ago
I had Ewokzombie/Kain Drago - And had so much fun with this, pushing my boundaries in so many ways. The background is the photography of my love - Nimja (Nimja.com) of his trip to Ireland and used with permission. More thanks to Nimja for working with me on the postwork and getting the lighting right. And encouraging me when I got frustrated.

I hope you enjoy!

Laschae 13 years ago
I had Beli. Sorry this is so uninspired I have had nothing but computer problems on end for the last month ><


Kilandra 13 years ago
I had Quiarrah / Shahara . I have to say, this was a challenge! And I loved it. I probably drove my husband nuts with constant "What about this? Does this look right" things, but I am actually kind of really happy with the end results.

Unfortunately, she didn't know her screen resolution, so I made them a 1280x960 size. It's smaller than my size, but I added big borders to get them to that size since all she said was 'medium'. I want her to know that I can resize them in whatever manner she wishes, and two of them I like better without the borders, anyway. So.. yeah. I don't know lol I hope they fit, or aren't too huge or anything, but if they are, let me know!

Here you go!

Mai 13 years ago
Mine didn't get very bloody at all. O_o

I had Osirusblue/Micajah Threadcraft


Eve 13 years ago
These are for Kilandra. Jet ran into some Poser crashing issues and not enough hours in the day with what they've been working her, so until her days off this week, you get stuck with me

Lessa 13 years ago
For Kels!

watercolor from Eire D'Orakaa.

Eve 13 years ago
Full size of the shot I did the sig from, so you can really see her freckles The skin is FRAD's Pepper, morph is their Aubrey, and the eyes are from VAMP's Kaico. I almost always use those for green eyes cuz they are so pretty and has a few shades to choose from

Osirusblue 13 years ago
I was given Vaia and her very cool character Imari. I had a couple of images in mind right away. Not overly bloody but just a bit. I made so many versions, I really don't know which ones to pick. And sorry Fonts and I don't get along so Vaia I'm sorry for the choice I thought it suited.

Standard Desktop

Avatars (couple of 'em)


Alt Desktop

Faeini 13 years ago
i had Eire D'Orakaa/ Ejhin D'Vanth!!

for the desktop you can download it off DA since photobucket wont let me upload something that big.

wetworks - Ejhin D'Vanth by ~Faeini on deviantART
EireDOrakaa 13 years ago
Sorry had trouble uploading, so I asked Lessa to do so for me. I had the charming Lillya Alviel. Unfortunately the metalic inks do not scan well, so you can't see them properly. Lillya, I mistakenly gave your character blue eyes instead of fawn (I can change that on the original water colour easily), apologies. This is my first TAC, so wasn't entirely sure what I am supposed to create ie: Sig, desktop etc. Well for the next I'll know.
Lillya - if you would like the orignal painting, please contact me.
Janet PD 13 years ago

I had Faeini's character, the fallen angel turned vampire with wings on her ears. I really liked the idea of the ear wings. The way I think of this character is that she gets a big smile on just before she kills you.

Ewokzombie (MrE1967) 13 years ago
My picture for The Angry Crayon’s Wetworks Exchange.

Well I got Rozbeans character Brian “Brig” Jameson.

Here he is in his human form in his hotel room in the outskirts of the Crossroads with a guest. The question is who is hunting who here or perhaps she may end up being wife number five?
I hope she likes my version of her character. I’m not that great with signatures, in fact I think this is my first one.
Tech stuff:
I had another image in mind but that didn’t go as well and since I don’t have a good werewolf I was more or less stuck with showing him in his human form. I did manage to keep two things in the image from his fears (water in the background and the knife) and his hobbies (violin and the computer) as planned. Well three things actually if you count the woman. I had hoped I could have found a tattoo of a snake to put on V4 Sakura’s leg but that didn’t get done. Sorry for the zebra pattern on the bed, I couldn’t get a decent one to work.

I hope I did this correctly for submitting images, my first dozen attempts didnt work.

This was posted at my Deviant Art page if you want to see the full version. This one is half size since I didn’t know what the size limits where here since this is my first picture posting.

Image on DA:


Signature on DA:


Vaia 13 years ago
I had Laschae! and you have no idea how hard it was talking to her every day and not saying something, LOL!

Given the scenario for this one, the first pic I did was, well...less than fortunate for LAZ I figured as part of the plot, we were supposed to bump them off *shrug*, so I did...

But, in keeping with the normal routine, I went ahead and did portraits that were a little more flattering, lol.

Wasn't sure what size your desktop was, so let me know if you need it changed

KaAnna 13 years ago
I had the oh-so-lovely Wystro.

I don't think I've ever had such a hard time with a project before. The Daz part of it (the scene setup) took longer than most projects. Could be because it was a guy and as many of you know, I don't do guys very often (read: never on my own lol). Or because it was a complicated scene. Or because I really wanted to make sure this was special for Wystro.

I took some artistic liberties, and I hope you don't mind! And I couldn't find a place for his hat lol

Anyway! Here is Wystro Riverstone. Didn't know your desktop size so you got 1440x900. Also a few avatars and signatures which you are not obligated to use!

Lessa 13 years ago

Quirrah had you, and wasn't sure she would be able to post today I do not have individual links , so I will give you the same link she gave me, and you can see if she can get you the originals when she is around.

Lillyanna-Windmane 13 years ago
I had Jetamio / Kalsari

Okay sorry about that, here you go

This was the first piece I've done in months, I was so rusty! I need to play more so I am not feeling like I'm starting from scratch.
Ksagag 13 years ago
I had Lillyanna-Windmane!

Here is the wallpaper and the siggy. There is a full-sized too, but my fiance is trying to rush me out of the house so I will get it posted when I get back home.

WetWork TAC 2010 Exchange by *ksagag on deviantART

Full-size portrait:

WetWork TAC 2010 FullSize by *ksagag on deviantART

Wystro 13 years ago
I had KaAnna's fascinating character The Executioner! I'm going to crank out a sig and avatar, but I wanted to get the main image up before KaAnna felt forgotten! I've also added the character study that I made before I started the main image:



DESKTOP! 1440 x 900, so be sure to expand the image to its real size.

CHARACTER STUDY! 1280 x 1024