I've actually been a fan of many of you on dA for quite a while and finally made my way over here.

So ... Hi! I'm Kassie

Live in Houston, TX with husband and two dogs.

Kassandra Thrace Art - For all of my fun work, including Fantasy Me commissions, nudes, pin-ups, and book covers for Changeling Press -

Angelique Art Studios - For all the fluffy fantasy crap that I hope may sell one day *gag!* -

I've been working in Poser since 2004. Currently have Poser 8 and use DAZ Studio Advanced once in a while (when I get bored at work). Attempting to get better at postwork in Photoshop. Just bought Vue 8, so I'm learning how to use that too.

5 Things You Should Know About Me:

  • I am a content addict. My runtime folder has a restraining order.

  • I collect font and Poser hair models.

  • Favorite color is green.

  • Angry music makes me happy.

  • I don't watch scary movies. Uber wuss!

I look forward to interacting with y'all more.

ROzbeans 13 years ago
Just checked out your galleries. Your art is lovely! Thanks for coming by and hanging out. We're all looking forward to getting to know you =)
Eve 13 years ago
Welcome welcome! Glad to have ya in our neck of the woods
Lessa 13 years ago
Welcome! Its always good to see new faces around here
Gongaa 13 years ago
Welcome to the Angry Crayon, where angry crayons, zebras, and graphic, text-based violence are the stuffs dreams are made of!
Kelefane 13 years ago
i love zebras. they are such mystical creatures.

i had an out of body experience earlier and I swore that I took on the shape of a zebra.
Laschae 13 years ago
Faeini 13 years ago