Battle: LA


Gongaa 13 years ago




Kelefane was driving one of those spaceships.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Looks pretty cool though. Michelle Rodriquez always does female soldier all bad ass.
Gongaa 13 years ago
It does look neat. Aliens + loads of money always seems like a good excuse to make a movie with groovy special effects.

She's good at playing that role, but it kinda seems like she's painted herself into a corner with it. Are there any movies where she's not the tough talking angry person on the outside that's hurting on the inside?
Gongaa 13 years ago
I know I've already commented once concerning the special effects, but this looks like it's going to be incredible as far as that stuff goes. I'm looking forward to watching this.
Vulash 13 years ago
Why are there meteors?

Anyway - the chick on the train that looks like she may have a major roll is the girl that was Bret's GF in season 1 of FOTC.

Here is a clip because I'm that awesome. It's worth watching

Gongaa 13 years ago
Why are there meteors?

I think those are just space missiles. There's a shot where there's stuff streaking through the atmosphere where stuff is blowing up with some sort of shockwave orthogonal to its trajectory with something else streaking out of that and exploding on the ground. I figured the first mini explosion was some sort of casing being cast off that keeps the payload underneath from burning up on its entry into the atmosphere.

Fun fact: The impact speed of an ICBM is over 2.5 miles per second.
pharren 12 years ago
Just finished watching this. Awesome movie.

Usually, with these war-type movies, I'm never really very impressed with the soldiers (or whatever you call a Marine, picky bastards... I'm a civilian, and a person in the armed forces is a soldier) and don't really identify with them, except as individuals, like in that one sniper movie from WWII. Even the "new" classics like Saving Private Ryan, or Thin Red Line, I never connect with them on an emotional level. This movie made me feel damn near patriotic. I almost cried at one point during a speech, no lie. I think they did a really good job of portraying the Marines not just as a bunch of killers with guns, and not just as everyday men and women doing a job, but... as Marines. I guess. I think the last time I actually thought of soldiers in a movie as soldiers and still gave a shit about them was that scene in The Rock where all the SEALs get slaughtered.

Anyways... I was just expecting a sci-fi/action flick, but this was way better than that. Highly recommended.
Vebran 12 years ago
Good for a suspension of belief science action movie. But I groaned for the portrayal of military, particularly Michelle Rodriguez as the token Air Force person. And the normal Marines, I swear the media has such a hard-on for them. Fags.
pharren 12 years ago
Yeah, why did they bother making her character like that? It puzzled me. Just because she was calling in the air strike? She acted just like every other character she's ever done... nothing distinguished her from the other soldiers except the Staff Sgt. asking her all the questions a 5-year-old could answer. "Where would you put a command and control center if you wanted to protect it?" Gimme a break, lol.
Vebran 12 years ago
Well, I forget exactly what she said her job was, but I know that only a few jobs in the Air Force know how to call in airstrikes, and those are male only jobs. I know that I should take the whole "Hollywood" illusion and leave it at that, but it is hard sometimes.

But I think it was just Michelle Rodriguez acting in a Michelle Rodriguez role. I would proclaim her the best actress in the world if she could, just once, be in a movie that didn't play up the feminine lesbian.
pharren 12 years ago
Her job was tech-something. Tech Officer or some generic shit.

But I still stand by my statement that this was the first portrayal of military personnel that I could identify with on any level, as a whole instead of individuals. Interesting that you didn't like them. Maybe that says something about my feelings towards the military in general :X . I like that they didn't exploit the discontent. When I saw at the beginning that they didn't like/trust the main character, I almost groaned. I thought they would abuse the angsty rebellion thing. I'm glad they just stfu and followed orders without so much as a snide remark for the most part.
Kelefane 12 years ago
This was pretty good. Worth seeing and actually had a good story and character development.
ROzbeans 12 years ago
Knockoff movie trailer.

My father watched this on netflix streaming thinking it was Battle: LA, the blockbuster. When I asked him if he saw it while updating his netflix queue (he never does it, he waits for me to come home to do it for him) and he said it was horrible. I was like, are you sure you saw this one? We came across the knock off suggestion and I busted a gut realizing he watched the wrong movie.
Kelefane 12 years ago
Lessa 12 years ago
Haha, yeah my son asked if he could watch it thinking the same thing.. I have the real one in queue waiting for it to be sent out.

Veb, my grandad was a Lt. Col in the Air Force ( retired when they promoted him to a desk job) and he couldn't watch most military movies for that same reason.. they always pissed him off. lol I don't know if my brother is the same way, but I wouldn't be surprised.