WoW....What server are you on?

I play Horde on Moon Guard, but I'm not totally in love with it. After being away for five months, my guild is smaller and more intensely grindy. I feel like looking around to see what's out there!

Kelefane 11 years ago
Verileah 11 years ago
I play Alliance on Dalaran. Maybe one day I'll even get serious and make, like, level 12 or something :X.
Eve 11 years ago
Azuremyst with one lil goblin and the rest of my screen full of Alliance. Made a new Worgen on Silverhand to try to play with Lessa, but haven't made it past the creation screen there yet.
ROzbeans 11 years ago
Fucking hate alliance. >< But I have 2 alliance on Cenarion Circle and Horde on Echo Isles. I'm on Echo 99% of the time.
Kilandra 11 years ago
I played when it first came out. I got roped back into playing again before we moved this summer. I have not gone back. But, I miss playing an mmo really bad I just can't get myself back to EQ2 after all the changes they made to it. (I quit that in April after being a solid EQ player since 1999). If I want to play WoW, I'll play the actual game, not someone trying ot mimic them.
Anyway, the point of my rambling post... if I had people to play with I'd probably play again. DK's ruined the game for my hubby and I... DK tanks suck, and all we were getting was DK groups, and being punished for leaving terrible groups got old
pharren 11 years ago
Dalaran here! Also from this forum (though they hardly post anymore): Keriath, Grimknot (off and on and off and on and off and on), Slipnish (see Grimknot), Greywood, and Vulash but he stopped playing when SC2 came out and he's just generally busy with school and having a life and stuff anyways. Also Spirtis (Kal Mando from the Angels and Demons Mafia game) but he's doing the school thing too. Might be forgetting someone.

EDIT: I also have some characters Horde side on Maiev, but meh, PvP is not for me.
KaAnna 11 years ago
Backwoods server Sisters of Elune lol Alliance. (I prefer Horde, but, alas, friends)
Kelefane 11 years ago
You hookers EQ > WoW
pharren 11 years ago
If you log on EQ you will see 5 people, and they're all Kelefane, talking to himself. It's scary.
Kilandra 11 years ago
lol I love EQ, EQ2 was my game, but after bad divorce and my so called friends having been part of it all, I really lost my desire to play. I stuck around a bit longer, but the expansion earlier this year just was... bleh. level more. raid more, people sucking more... Need a good solid group of awesome individuals again. That's what makes games fun to begin with, anyway.
Gongaa 11 years ago
If you log on EQ you will see 5 people, and they're all Kelefane, talking to himself. It's scary.

He's just making sure he can pass the Turing test.
Mileron 11 years ago
Argent Dawn (Alliance) is my primary server
I have a couple alts on Silver Hand (Alliance) and Hyjal (Horde) to chat with friends.
I don't think I'll play the Hordie much though. The goblin starter zone was nice but I hate Orgrimmar with a passion, and TB, oh yeah and Undercity too.
pharren 11 years ago
Every Horde city is bad, but nothing compares to The Exodar. Whoever designed that needs to die a horrible death.

At least you can fly in Org now, but I think the weird multi-layers will always confuse me. It's like navigating an MC Escher painting.
Eve 11 years ago
I love my gobbie, but I hate Orgimmar, too LoL It makes me miss the glowing trails in EQ2 that take you right to somewhere when you ask a guard for directions. The flag on the map is good, until you realize you can't find what you're looking for because it's actually a level above or below you.
Kelefane 11 years ago
but after bad divorce and my so called friends having been part of it all

Go on.

Do tell.