Where have I been?

I dropped off the face of the earth for awhile just staying with a couple of places rather than fifteen or more. Just needed to close in for awhile. Well, I'm branching out again a bit, and have joined another doll forum and another rp (other than the two I help run) and thought ... why am I looking for other places again when I know of one here. I'm waaay out of the loop but hope to get back into things a bit more rather than being the hermit.

Love the new look here. waving to everyone


ROzbeans 13 years ago
Welcome back VW! It has been a while. Hey what are the other RP forums you run? I'd love to seem them =D
vwinsect 13 years ago
I am co-admin of two. One is loosely based on Harry Potter (so loosely based as to be a stretch to call it HPverse in fact lol). We don't use any story references to HP just use the terminology. It is called London Eyes. The other one is a vamp/werewolf type with our own variation of the rules for each kind of species. Its called Sanguine Tails. I'm glad to be back. I hope to stay out and about. I just had too much on me there for awhile and had to pull back and regroup both online and in real life. But am better now. Even dolling again a bit.
Lessa 13 years ago
welcome back!
vwinsect 13 years ago
Wystro 13 years ago
Please have fun and enjoy looking at the new stuff. Why, I think that's a ladybug on the hand of your avatar!
vwinsect 13 years ago
Why yes it is. Hehehe Iove them and when I was active here before we had a fairy exchange and I got this av/sig set as a gift. I loooooove them.