And end of an era

So solusek ro is being combined and dissovled into Bristlbane. I am very disturbed by this. Solro's one of the original servers, how could they do that? =x



Server Merges
On March 22, 2005, we will begin the process of merging some of the EverQuest servers. As we have seen from the recent success of the Zek merger, combining some of the EQ worlds is beneficial for players’ experience. In fact, we have been pleasantly surprised to find that the new Zek server now has a higher population than the four combined servers had prior to that merger. We hope that by merging some of our lower population servers with a higher population server, we will continue to enhance your gameplay experience

Merging Servers

On March 22nd, Antonius Bayle will merge with Kane Bayle and will retain the name Antonius Bayle.

On March 23rd, Bristlebane will merge with Solusek Ro and will retain the name Bristlebane

We understand that server identity is important to our customers and we will be integrating server titles into the title system to allow you to display your server of origin, should you desire to do so.

Unutilized Character Purge

Immediately preceding the merger, all characters below level 10 that have not been logged in for over six months will be deleted from each of the merging servers and will not be available after the server merge. If you have a character on any of the servers being merged that is below level 10 and has not been logged in for more than six months, you will need to log that character in prior to the scheduled merge date for the relevant server.

Shared Banks on Merging Servers

If you have characters on two servers which are being merged together, you will need to clean out the shared bank on one of those servers. After the merge, only one shared bank will be available on each merged server.

Character Limitations

If you have more than eight characters in total on two servers being merged together, only the first eight characters (in alphabetical order) will be displayed after the merge. Characters other than the eight displayed characters will not be available for selection until currently displayed characters are deleted. All characters from both servers will remain on your account provided that the character was not below level 10 and had not been logged in within the last six months.


Prior to the scheduled merge date for your server(s), please be sure that you clear any unclaimed character corpses from the world. Character corpses will not be transferred to the newly-merged server. Once the merger is complete, all corpses on the servers affected by a merge will have been purged.

Duplicate Character Names

It is possible that characters on servers affected by the merge will have duplicate names. In the event that characters on the new, combined server do share a name, the character with the most played time will be entitled to keep the name. All other characters will have the letter X appended to their name and will be eligible for a name change. Characters can use the in-game /changename command to request a new name. The new name is subject to the conditions set forth in our naming policy which can be found here: Naming Policy.

LDoN Leader Boards

After each merge is completed, as characters log into their newly-combined server, the leader board will be re-populated with standings. Although your points will be unaffected by the transfer, your standing may have changed based on the new, combined population totals.

Complimentary Character Move

Shortly after each merger is complete, we will allow all customers affected by a merge a one-time, complimentary character move to the server of their choice. For each customer with an account on a newly-merged server who request such a move, all characters associated with that customer’s account will be transferred to the selected server. All characters will bring their items with them in the transfer.

Gilae 19 years ago
It's bullshit! I haven't played much recently but I'd like to think my babies are still where they belong!!!

Bristlebane my ass. That's a stupid name for a server. How're they can split us all up like that!? We'll lose contact with peeps
Verileah 19 years ago
There goes the nail in Verileah's coffin.

Wonder how the different guilds will handle the situation. I imagine Time rotations could be a real mess.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
There's an interesting thread already on the solrochat board about it. BB isn't going to merge with solro guilds, i can tell you that. Should be interesting but expect solro guilds to be absorbed. Already anguish guilds on BB and one called Club Fu that are 'salty whores' i've heard
Larene_Stormfire 19 years ago
Everythign is gonna be a royal mess! I am not happy about this at all!!!

Tried logging into BB last night to see ifd my name would stay the same and i was like OMG NOOOOOOOOOO it wouldnt take it.

Damn SoE
Danq 19 years ago
I'm considering reactivating my account because of this, especially because of the option for a free /movelog after the merger. Does anybody have experience with reativating accounts and can tell me what to do if I want to do that?
Danq 19 years ago
There's an interesting thread already on the solrochat board about it. BB isn't going to merge with solro guilds, i can tell you that. Should be interesting but expect solro guilds to be absorbed. Already anguish guilds on BB and one called Club Fu that are 'salty whores' i've heard

Club Fu is one of the top guilds serverwide - I took a look at their website and I didn't necessarily see anything that indicates that they are assholes. I guess something like that can only be learned from first-hand experience.

Its an interesting situation. I imagine that alot of guild consolidation is going to happen, but even after that there are still going to be more American guilds competing for the same mobs than there ever was on Solusek Ro.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
That's just what I heard, not passing judgement. 'Circle of Friends' have so far not flamed anyone from solro on their boards, which was weird. I would imagine they'll announce the /move log and its specifics before hand, Danq. Never done it befer personally, but its part of the same page where you split toons to a new acocunt and its thru that page and then via email. Pretty easy.
drizzi 19 years ago
Everythign is gonna be a royal mess! I am not happy about this at all!!!

Tried logging into BB last night to see ifd my name would stay the same and i was like OMG NOOOOOOOOOO it wouldnt take it.

Damn SoE

in case of double names, the character with the highest playtime will keep it.
Laney 19 years ago
Dude, I'm just gonna end up selling my enchanter. SOE is so fucking stupid. That statement about the "Zek merge being a success..." is complete bullshit. The only reason why it has the highest population is because they combined the PvP servers..hello. The lag and server issues are HORRENDOUS! Unless you have a high-end gaming system, you're going to be once again wasting your life away.

Do you know how many fuckin guilds putting in for /movelogs because of SOE's retardness. Once again, SOE is retarded.

God I'm so glad I moved onto WoW. I've been holding off on selling my toon for the longest time because it's my online identity and I thought I'd come back to the game...but fuck that noise.
Danq 19 years ago
Thats my problem. I'm not sure if I want to restart my account and commit when nothing fundamental (at least to the extent that x, y and z things made me leave the game) about the game has changed. I wonder if WoW is a better option since the time constraint isn't as severe.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
I took a break from EQ because I was sick and just couldnt stay up to raid or deal with the stress and I let my account expire =x I think Veb wants to sell but I'm not sure I will. This whole combine thing just really ruins the whole thing for me.
Danq 19 years ago
I kind of see it as an opportunity - it wasn't like compared to other servers Sol Ro was great or anything. Paradigm is the most interesting part of the server history, but they've been dead for a long time now.

For me, maybe I should play a different class in order to get fun out of the game. Who knows. I had a hell of a lot of fun messing around on WoW during open beta with my pwn-ass paladin.
Rikr 19 years ago
I'd reactivate and sell, but my acct isn't worth a pot of beans.

Sucks to hear about the merger.
blazyn 19 years ago
if i lose the name blazyn during the merge i swear im going to kill front of their own mother
Danq 19 years ago
Yo whats up Blazynx! /stuuurrrrrggghhh

Don't let the man hold you down
blazyn 19 years ago
im leaving blazyn logged on 24/7 till merger happens to boost my playtime
Identikit 19 years ago
well now that the merge is happening im gonna move veldehar( my new main) back to zeb.
Mileron 19 years ago
The interesting part about /played time is, at least from January to Augustish 2004, I never saw it increment on any of my multiple characters, even the level 1 bazaar mule monk I had sitting in the bazaar for nearly 24/7. (He had over 390 days /played in the bazaar... *sniff*)
Cobert 19 years ago
I think this will benefit both servers. BB guilds are all recruiting, and as far as I know, so are all Solro guilds. Some guilds may die, however, it will also strengthen many guilds, and revitilize the servers.

Of course this is just my opinion and prediction, since I don't play, nor have any intention on returning.
Katonis 19 years ago
Im hoping this combination will in the end help both servers once we get past the initial merger stages.

To answer the questions about Club Fu, they are a good bunch. They are also the only current Anguish level guild on the server. Another is getting semi close but still a ways off. There are also a couple of other higher end raid guilds.

The flat end of it is there is nothing we can do to stop the merger. The best thing we can is try to make lemonade out of the lemons and hope we dont use BBs hardware. =P

If you have any questions about BB though I would be happy to try to answer them. =)


PS You have some really nice artwork around here Mae. You have a new fan! lol