A Game of Thrones

Just watched episode one, the second is tonight. Anyone else watching?

Eve 11 years ago
Thanks! I'll probably go ahead and start picking them up soon then. I'm usually a big proponent of reading the books first, but so many times the shows or movies never come close to living up to my expectations. I just don't want the show to be one of those that starts making me pissed because they've twisted something around. Skirting it, or just not going into detail I can handle, but out and out making something completely -not- what happened in the books irritates me no end LoL
Vulash 11 years ago
I can only think of one thing that was outright changed, and it was a minor point that allowed them to bypass a lot of stuff - and not a bad change
Eve 11 years ago
Hubby told me I'm not allowed to read the books until after the series. Something about not wanting to hear me rant during the show while he's trying to enjoy it *snickers*
Lessa 11 years ago
Ive read them.. I haven't watched the series but I cannot see how they could possibly fit everything in.