MIX IT UP! Turn Ins Now OPEN!!

Have at it ya'll!

SnowDragon 12 years ago
I had Lillyanna. I hope you like it. This is what she had...
Character type 1: Elf
Character type 2: Vamp
Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here): Long dark Auburn hair, violet eyes, small pointed elfsie ears, she's a petite little thing. Gone are the days living in the woods, now nothing but dark city life.

KittenPoetrix 12 years ago
I had Quiarrah!
Her Character was Pirate+Mermaid.

EireDOrakaa 12 years ago

ToriB - Leprechaun/Ghost

Sig for ToriB - sorry could only do so much with GIMP. Still haven't got my photoshop back up
Lunna 12 years ago
I had Kilandra!

1st - So sorry for the late turn in! I hate not being ready for these things the day before, but this one didn't turn out that way.

I did a photomanipulation - mostly because I haven't done one in a while and partly because I didn't have the time to do a full blown painting this month.

Fae / Mermaid -- the Fae elements are less prominent than the mermaid ones but hopefully the green hair and pointy ears will suffice!

Desktop Wallpaper

Andriod cell phone wallpaper - 960 x 800


templarlover 12 years ago
I had Brandyshea's Gaelic Warrior/Angel. I hope you like her.

Lessa 12 years ago


I am sorry it took so long, really sorry! I am also sorry it's not better than it is. I hope you like it hun.

I would have had these too you sooner, well a different version of these, but my computer happily decided to pretend to save my poser and image files and then not after an unforgivable number of hours of rendering.... so yeah

Kilandra 12 years ago
I realized that I put in this effort to make a render for the sig and av, but didn't show it, so... here's a bonus lol for LeiSha
Wystro 12 years ago
This is for Eire!

I love the background story, and I did a desktop-sized image of Eire encased in ice just at the moment that she starts to wake up:

EireDOrakaa 12 years ago
OMG Wystro - thank you. I don't think that there are quite words to describe how amazed and honored I am, by your work. You have a delicate yet clean linear line style, that speaks eloquently. I find your image beautiful and I don't think that I can say thank you enough. The honor is all mine.