Maddisen WIP

One picture that I'm working on is of Maddisen. She had in the previous year had nursed her partner during his bout with cancer. A little over a year after his passing, I wanted to work on a portrait of a woman on the cusp of beginning a new chapter. After a year of mourning, she went back to college and completed her degree in Chinese medicine.

I originally wanted statues at either side of her applying herbs to her head and heart, but after working on Maddisen's figure (she kindly posed for me) I'm deciding to not have the figures touch her -- I feel like the painting has an important element of my friend, and I don't want the more imaginative elements to interfere.

There will be trees in the background roughly in a "V" shape behind the figures. I think that the side statues will be more like silhouettes:

Lessa 12 years ago
I think its really beautiful John, I know she will love it when its finished.
Wystro 12 years ago
I've changed my idea for this. I'm not going to have the figures on the side...stay tuned for more changes =)

ROzbeans 12 years ago
Did you finish this one? Her face looks pained and peaceful at the same time. Amazing.
EireDOrakaa 12 years ago
It's a beautiful painting and I like the composition of your second rendition. Don't distract from the most important element, your friend's stunning face. I can not wait to see the final canvas John.