"Rubber Duckie!" -- Sketch Topic for 2/12-2/18

Who dares take on the challenge of rendering the mighty Rubber Duckie?

Wystro 11 years ago

Gongaa 11 years ago
I <3 this ^^^^
pharren 11 years ago
Who sang the rubber duckie song on Sesame Street? Ernie? I have it stuck in my head... with Dave from 2001 "Oh my God; it's full of stars" playing simultaneously, because, dudes, the rubber duckie is made of light!! I think I need to lie down for a while.
Wystro 11 years ago
I think maybe you do, Pharren!

Thank you for the liking, Gongaa =)
Verileah 11 years ago
Rubber duckie has a secret O_O.