Batman meets Robin Hood meets a steaming pile of mule shit.

ROzbeans 11 years ago
I watched the trailer and threw up a little in my mouth. The CW can't make a good show. Period.
Eve 11 years ago
Actually it's based on Green Arrow ala Justice League etc from DC Comics. He's the other rich guy with no super powers who is in the League, yet still holds his own. It's been interesting seeing lil bits from the toons come to life. Course if it's not your thing, it's not your thing
Gongaa 11 years ago
I don't have a problem with the premise of the show - it could be very entertaining if done right. What's not my thing, though, is the unholy union of terrible writing and even worse acting going on.
Lessa 11 years ago
I watch it on hulu with the hubby when its a night when none of our favorite shows are on, its not terrible, but definitely not a fave, if we miss one its no big deal.
Gongaa 11 years ago
From the last episode:

I know it's probably not easy for you to see Tommy and I together.

you see Tommy and I

you see I

I've been hearing this shit in all kinds of shows now - not just this one. It's like people think "Tommy and me" can never be right, and that's just fucking stupid. In fact, I think it's worse when someone makes the mistake above than when someone uses "Soandso and me" in the nominative case.

To quote the great Pouty: *ukes*.
Eve 11 years ago
LoL Yeah that would bug me if I'd actually caught it. I can admit some of the acting ain't the greatest, but it's the whole spotting something I recognize from the lil bit I was paying attention to while hubby and kiddo watched the whole Justice League series they have on dvd. Wow, that was a run on sentence huh? As for the great Pouty, you mean Club Fu Pouty? He never could type for shit LoL
pharren 11 years ago
I break that rule all the time. For whatever reason, it's not one that expresses itself naturally with me. Maybe because of the way I was taught to speak; sometimes it just sounds "wrong". So I'll break it out of ignorance and out of prejudice. Sort of like "dammit". I think it looks stupid, so I don't spell it that way. BUT DON'T YOU DARE MISUSE AN APOSTROPHE AROUND ME! Yay for hypocrisy!

Club Fu Pouty? He never could type for shit

I still think he was some sort of super-genius. Maybe a failed military science experiment, like a brain floating in a jar or something. Maybe a hyper-intelligent monkey, like the ones in "Project X" (the Matthew Broderick one), except instead of piloting fighter jets, he organized MMORPG raids. Or maybe he did both; who knows.
Eve 11 years ago
Think what I remember most about Pouty was the downtime, cuz I never raided with them. I'd be in the bank up in the Bazaar, and he'd be running laps around the whole thing. Think that must have been a monk thing cuz I can remember a few others who would do the same thing. Round and round they'd go, then the occasional FD and they'd lay there for a bit, probably afk at the time LoL
Lessa 11 years ago
I was too much of a newb to know anyone from ClubFu while I played BB.. I just remember they had a rilvary with another raid guild.. and I can't recall if it was FU or the other guild that always wore pink...
pharren 11 years ago
Circle of Legends (I think? I remember some people getting real uppity about it, and explaining to them that it wasn't *technically* required; sounds like CoL material to me) had their recruits in all pink, if that's what you mean. Maybe there was some other pink thing going on, but it must have been before the Sol Ro/BB merger. Unless it was Veeshan's Fury.
Lessa 11 years ago
It was probably CoL. I did know someone in that guild but didn't really get to be friends til I left the server ( so I wouldnt recall if he wore pink or not), and I think I left not long after the merge. Wirehog.. he was a nice kid, and I think he was in both Fu and CoL, though I don't know which guild he was in first.
Eve 11 years ago
Hmmm the only thing that comes to mind that -might- have worn pink would have been Hugs or Hugz whatever it was. Not sure I'd have really put them in with the raid guilds tho. Top 3 in my time anyway was Fu, RoV, and AO. Don't recall any of them in pink
Gongaa 10 years ago
Heard on the latest episode:

I'm working on it, but there's at least a teraFLOP of data to go through.

This makes no sense. There is no such thing as a teraFLOP. It has been used as an adjective to describe a processor's speed combined with the efficiency of its instruction set and architecture, but the actual word is teraFLOPS and it means

tera = 10¹²
FL = floating point
O = operations
P = per
S = second

This kind of thing drives me nuts, man. Surely there must have been someone working on this show who knew that that was nonsense. Right?? Why, then, misuse a word like that in a bad attempt to... what exactly, sound intelligent? Misusing words has just the opposite effect.

tl;dr: If you're on TV or in a movie, it apparently makes sense to say that there's at least a trillion-floating-point-operations-per of data to go through.

On a more positive note, aside from the occasionally careless and lazy writing, this show has improved over the course of the season. Either that or I've just gotten used to it.