Hooray! You are a person on the same planet at the same time as the rest of us! We celebrate this! Happy Birthday!

Gongaa 10 years ago
Yay, happy birthday, Veri! I'm having a gin and tonic to celebrate.

I hope it's a great day filled with Harley Davidsons and music featuring the trombone (an ancestor of the sackbut).
ROzbeans 10 years ago
le !!!!!!!!!
Verileah 10 years ago
Thank you! I had a very nice birthday. Fozzik made me my favorite (chicken marsala) and aside from an allergic reaction to I don't know what yet (the marsala? the white wine? the mushrooms? the strawberries for dessert?), everything was really wonderful. I got a second monitor, some money and gift cards, books, and a membership to a beer club (which will suck if I'm allergic to beer, but I'm willing to take that chance).