I got this little message that there might be something interesting going on over here... so being the nosey little druid, I stopped by.. you know, curiosity gets you exp debt and all that.

*waves to everyone*

The real reason is just to mess Maelarya up with another Mae on the board. Heeeheee!

DriftingEvil 19 years ago
/LFG on.... I've been on these boards a good 2 hours, "welcome" we can be newbies together
Mai 19 years ago
Woot! A group!

/ooc Group of two LFM!

Greetings and its nice to meet you
tamaelia 19 years ago
Hi Maewyn! Glad you found us over here LOL

What camp are we taking anyways?

/shout All your spiderling silks are belong to me!
Mai 19 years ago
Well we're newbs... its probably something l33t like....rats!

Rat sandwiches are the bomb!
tamaelia 19 years ago
Lets get some uber buffs and take orc 2 while its free!
Mai 19 years ago
Its a plan! We can fill backpacks full of orc belts, ROXXORS!

((We're sick people who've played this game entirely too much ))
Guest 19 years ago
hahaha Hiya, geeky...errr...I mean, Maewyn!
Mai 19 years ago
Yeah, yeah but we know where you hang out also.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
/jumps on another Mae! =D Maeya is here too, but as Annelise. We should make her go back to Mae and we can be Mae3! Thanks for coming, hey I'll bring a woodie ranger boy for us to taunt and play with while we camp the rats! Ok he'd just be for me. /snort!

Mai 19 years ago
Awwww, you're not going to share? *pouts* But I want a cute little woodelf ranger too!

Yep, she needs to change her name.. We could definitely be Mae to the 3rd power. Though Mae cubed does sound somehow...wrong.
Masoyama 19 years ago
we could just call you Maew and her Mael?
tamaelia 19 years ago
LOL you girls! I had to go sleep some.

Half elves are > woodies /nodnod
ROzbeans 19 years ago
we could just call you Maew and her Mael?

OMFG do not call me Mael. Maso...>< So mean.
Mai 19 years ago
Yeah not fond of Maew either. We're both Mae on NS and do fine.

Hmmm half elves.. I wouldn't complain about one of those either.
Jardan 19 years ago
I want toplay too !!!

Welcome aboard
Mai 19 years ago
Sure we'll save you a spot. phat l3wtz at Orc 2!