Huhu to everyone!

Hello from Germany! I see some names that I recognize here and there! Big hi to Cait and Vebran! It's been a long time since I've seen either of you around Norrath. It's been a long time since Scarlet Horizon at any rate.

For there rest of you, I've been an EQ addict since '99 and I'm still going strong. I play a ranger on Solusek Ro where most if not all of you are from. Little RL information about me, I'm 28, single and in the US Air Force. I've been in the service for 10 years now and have been stationed in Oklahoma, Korea and now Germany. I'm getting ready for a new assignment in New Mexico that will start in June. I'm lookign forward to coming back to the States but I will miss Europe very much. Not much else to say really. That's about it for me.

Masoyama 19 years ago
Welcome back to the US sorry its in New Mexico.
Guest 19 years ago
LOL that's pretty much the same reaction I get from everyone...I just sort of laugh but I do wonder if it's really "that" bad.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Are you going to Cannon in Clovis? Yes, its that bad. Actually Veb and I wouldnt mind going back to NM now, but that was our first duty station when we were 20 and 19. We were miserable, but its cheap to live there though and there's a 4 year right there in town.

Good seeing you again, Lan. =) Oh I got your email about your sig, thanks for being patient on that too. /hug