Cup o' Mafia Character Thread

Post 'em here. Characters are due September 7th, 2005 at midnight est. For this game you will be a patron at a local shopping mall. The format for characters is as follows:

Drink of choice:
Quirks or nervous habits:
Favorite Store:
Purchases or things you have with you:
What brings you to the mall?:

Thank you very much .

Jinheim 18 years ago
Name: Dudley, but prefers the name 'Baal, the Bringer of Pestilence'
Age: 15
Gender: Male (for now)
Appearance: Baal, the Bringer of Pestilence is about 5'7" and weighs in around 120 lbs. He has white powder caked on his face to make him look like a corpse that has been rolled in flour, and also wears black eyeshadow and lipstick. On days when he is feeling especially depressed, he draws in black tears falling from his eyes.
Occupation: Angst-Ridden high school student
Drink of choice: Chocolate Mocha Frappucino with lots of whipped cream and sprinkles
Quirks or nervous habits: Often goes for hours at a time by speaking only in Marilyn Manson lyrics.
Favorite Store: Hot Topic
Purchases or things you have with you: A new shirt that reads "You laugh because I am different, I laugh because you are all the same" and the new Marilyn Manson greatest hits CD "Lest We Forget".
What brings you to the mall?: All the cool goth kids hang out at the mall.
Eve 18 years ago
Name: Kelly Parker
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearance: Bout 5'9", slender build, black hair that goes about to mid back when down, but is currently up in a high ponytail for work, bright blue eyes... very little make up... blue jeans, t-shirt with pet store's logo on the back, small apron with pockets, tennis shoes.
Occupation: College Student/Sale Clerk at mall's small pet store
Drink of choice: Chai Latte, hot or frozen doesn't matter!
Quirks or nervous habits: Plays with her hair, twirling it around her finger when she's nervous or scared
Favorite Store: Book store
Purchases or things you have with you: Carrying the keys to the pet store, couple bucks and some change in her pocket since she was on her way to the coffee shop when all hell broke loose.
What brings you to the mall?: I work there
Merreck 18 years ago
Name: Tiffany Armstrong (friends call her Tiff)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'2", 115 pounds, shoulder length chuncky layered light brown hair with blond highlighs worn down, green eyes, hint of freckles across the birdge of her nose, tan (but not too tan), nicely blended make up although could be considered a little much for her age, low rise boot cut jeans, blue pink and heather grey striped mini polo shirt, black flip flops, french manicure and pedicure.
Occupation: High School Senior
Drink of choice: Ice blended mocha
Quirks or nervous habbits: Flips hair constantly, more so when frustrated, says "like" after just about everything, Rolls eyes and sighs when she is told something she doesn't want to hear.
Favorite store: Doesn't have a particular favorite, but favorites would include: American Eagle, Pac Sun, Forever 21, Express...anywhere with trendy clothes.
Purchases or things you have with you: Multiple shoppings bags filled with clothes from the store listed above, a tote style purse with matching wallet, car keys
What brings you to the mall?: So like daddy finally gave in and just let me use his credit card to go shopping. He said I could only spend like $200, but like what does he know about shopping?! Anyways, I've already like went over my limit and I'm not even done yet! I'm going to stop and get like a coffee and call my girl, Megan, to see if she's still like grounded. Maybe he parents will like let her come shopping with me.
Nastirith 18 years ago
Name: Tom Waits
Age: 57 years
Gender: Male

Occupation: Actor / Singer / Songwriter
Drink of choice: Straight black...
Quirks or nervous habits: Has a voice like gravel. Smokes like a train.
Favorite Store: Tries to not go out in public...but, the coffee calls. This had better be a smoking coffee shop...*lights one up, puts the other one out*...Eh, who cares?
Purchases or things you have with you: Guitar in hard case, worn satchel with lyrics, songs. Two packs of cigarettes, the semi-cheap ones, a book of matches...and currently a nasty cough.
What brings you to the mall?: The only thing that Well, and supposed to meet another singer/songwriter...some girl named Phoebe. Apparently she's pretty hip, and writes songs from the soul, right where they should come from...
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Name: Carol Hedley
Age: 24
Gender: decidedly female
Appearance: Honey dew blonde hair, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 115 lbs, petite figure, prefers pastel colored slip dresses
Occupation: Executive Secretary for an underground (literally) secret society
Drink of choice: Vanilla Chai latte, skim milk
Quirks or nervous habits: Propensity to curse loudly when annoyed, blunt, prone to violence, rapier wit
Favorite Store: The Gap
Purchases or things you have with you: 2 Gap bags, 1 palm pilot, 1 cell phone, 1 purse containing: a makeup kit, spare thong, super glue, collaspable asp
What brings you to the mall?: The Gap spring sale and a fucking decent vanilla chai latte
Rasberry 18 years ago
Name: Thor
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male

Occupation: God of Thunder
Drink of choice: A mug of warm ale, while sitting on his throne in the great hall Bilskirnir.
Quirks or nervous habits: Warring with the Midgard Serpent
Favorite Store: He doesn’t particularly enjoy shopping, and sees it as an effeminate activity.
Purchases or things you have with you: The mighty war hammer Mjollnir, the belt Megingjard, his armor, and the Winged Helm of the Aesir.
What brings you to the mall?: Returning a sweater.
Geeii 18 years ago
Name: Ryan Dean
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Prolly the hottest guy you have ever seen. Actually, no. Short, bout 5'7" think build, bout 135 lbs. Looks about 18. Brown puma shoes, tan cargo pants and a bright yellow and green zip up long sleeve shirt. Looks like 80's style hip-hop gear.
Occupation: Computer salesman/repair/service tech. Sometime student. Fulltime stud.
Drink of choice: Really? Irish Carbombs. Here? Coffee, with a little sugar.
Quirks or nervous habits: Is scared of women and yet is really flirtatious.
Favorite Store: He Hates the fucking mall. He worked at Gamestop for 3 years, but he hates the town more cause there is nothing to do. He was checking ou the bookstore.
Purchases or things you have with you: Cell Phone, Car Keys, Wallet with about $30 in it. Pack of Camel Turkish Silvers and a lighter.
What brings you to the mall?: I'm bored and wanted to check out the book store. Buncha my friends still work here, was going to say hello to them to pass some time.

Vulash 18 years ago
Calimaryn 18 years ago
Name: Prudence Schultz (Miz Pru to those that know her in the coffee shop)

Age: 82

Gender: Female

Appearance: Miz Pru is a spry older woman with a helmet of stark white curls that she gets set every Thursdays at Besty Marlone's shop at the other end of the mall. Her wrinkled face is sweet and still somewhat pretty, like everyone's favorite grandmother. She wears soft polyester velour work out suit with a printed T-shirt underneith the zip up jacket. Its in a very flattering light blue color that matches her eyes. Her nike walking shoes are squeaky clean but begining to show some wear. Still has on a faded and thin plain gold band on her wedding finger, even though Mr. Schultz has been dead the past 18 years.

Occupation: Miz Pru was a secretary at the local bank for 31 years until she retired. Since then she has been quite active in the senior center.

Drink of choice: Senior Coffee, two milks, no sugar, we get free refills ya know!

Quirks or nervous habits: Miz Pru does not like most young folks. Thinks they are disrespectfull to their elders. She generally snaps at those she sees as the worst offenders. However she is quite happy to have the world come so far. She likes to read while knitting and sipping her coffee as she sits in the stained green cloth loveseat. No one usually joins her.

Favorite Store: Not much good about the blasted thing except she can walk through like its a racetrack. She misses the old days where the corner store was good for everything. And malt shops, boy does she miss those! But Barney's at least has cheap ($0.60) coffee with free refills so she is here every day after her walk.

Purchases or things you have with you: Her large tapestry bag holds her bifocals, arthritis pills, blood pressure pills, 3 small catologues, 2 hardcover murder mystery books, 5 knitting needles and 3 large skeins of yarn, small scissors with swan shaped handles, wallet sized picture album of her family and her wallet with $321.98.

What brings you to the mall?: Walking! Six miles around the interior of the mall every day. Why else would I be here, I buy all my things through catologues!

(oh my! My first character in a mafia thread! 2 )
Mai 18 years ago
I wondered if someone would do a mallwalker
Spudgepants 18 years ago
Name: Phoebe Buffay (Pheebs)

Age: mid 30's

Gender: female


Occupation: singer, song-writer, left-handed masseuse, a surrogate mother to three, and a borderline psychic with a bad memory.

Drink of choice: whatever is in my cup

Quirks or nervous habits: writing songs about everything, cleansing peoples' auras', also... I will not eat anything that had a face.

Favorite Store: Barney's, of coarse! But only after I was removed from my old hangout, the Central Perk, after writing and performing a song about the owner... which went a little something like this:

"Terry's a jerk!
And he won't let me work!
And I hate Central Perk!
And you're all invited to bite me!"

Purchases or things you have with you: my guitar, and my car (a taxi)...

What brings you to the mall?: I'm here to hang with the regulars, perform my latest hit on my guitar, and meet this older stud with stinky breath and a bad cough. I think he is picking up what I'm laying down, if you know what I mean.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Name: Yumei Himake
Age: 26
Gender: Female, usually.
Appearance: Short, slender Japanese woman with long hair and striking features. Her eyes are light caramel-brown and her lips hint at a bit of artificial enhancement, but not much. She looks somewhat athletic, and is currently dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl. Her long hair, for the moment, is dyed a shocking shade of bright purple.
Occupation: Well-known anime voice-actress, currently in the US for an anime festival.
Drink of choice: Half-caff latte with a shot of hazelnut.
Quirks or nervous habits: Although she doesn't necessarily enjoy it, is often paid to dress up like the characters she does voices for; ie: skimpy little skirts and tight little tops. She wears them well, but is appropriately modest about her appearance and manages to always blush at just the right shade while seen in public. Likes propriety, tradition, and organization.
Favorite Store: the Disney Store
Purchases or things you have with you: Disney Store bag with two DVDs, large purse/makeup bag with brightly-colored makeup for tonight's photo shoot, obnoxiously tiny backpack shaped like an obnoxiously cute stuffed kitty.
What brings you to the mall?: What better place to see what Americans do than to hang out at the mall before tonight's appearance?
wiggytwig 18 years ago
Name: Cali
Age: 30 (4th 30th birthday coming in November)
Gender: Female (formerly male)
Appearance: 6', medium but entirely sculpted build, long flowing red hair, emerald green left eye, diamond white right eye, full, pouty lips painted midnight purple...beautiful in a black leather skirt and white mock turtleneck sleeveless number with white knee-high boots. she carries only a small black leather handbag with a small crest of the ancient roman ruler Gaius (Caligula) emblazened on its surface.
Occupation: Transsexual Dominatrix
Drink of choice: Blood and Absolute Citron
Quirks or nervous habits: Biting of the lip, slight brushing against her nipples with the tips of her fingernails in moments of violence
Favorite Store: Fascinations Adult Novelties
Purchases or things you have with you: Lipstick, pocket mirror, Blackberry, new leather crotchless gear, and butterfly knife, 17 counterfit $100 bills,syringe,bottle of Vicodin under her assistant's name, handbag
What brings you to the mall?: Purchase new crotchless number for new client, bathroom tryst with innocent 18 year old boy met online
Integral_Prime 18 years ago
Name: Lionel Eliott
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'11" with sunken, probing hazel eyes. Brown/red hair, 165 pounds and the build of a runner.
Occupation: Recently graduated from med school and going through residency, happens to "accidentally" underdose patient's painkillers quite often. Hardly ever needs to sleep, and frequently performs dangerous chemistry experiments in his basement.
Drink of choice: English tea, strengthened with a dash of Jack Daniels from a flask kept in left inside jacket pocket.
Quirks or nervous habits: Quiet unless talked to, but if addressed, can become quite engaged in nearly any topic, from politics to religion. When nervous becomes even quieter, and tends to frequently scan the room, whistling the theme song from Harry Potter movies.
Favorite Store: Has been 10 years since he's been in a mall to shop, barely knows his way around this one even though he's been coming to it for 3 years.
Purchases or things you have with you: 1 liter bottle of 198 proof ethyl alcohol bought for basement chem lab, research, half full 16 oz. flask of Jack Daniels
What brings you to the mall?: Works best in a crowded atmosphere, so brings research to mall to study, sits in coffee shops and open areas in mall, gets so engrossed in work he took forever to notice that mall-life was being disrupted.
Tor 18 years ago
Name: Clean Willie
Age: 16
Gender: Male (against Gramma's wishes)
Appearance: Willie is 6'4", 135lb growing boy that is entirely skin and bones. He has spiky, unkempt platinum blonde hair and nearly invisible eyebrows. He wears thin silver rimmed glasses in front of his light pink eyes. They lend a distinguished aire to his constant look of befuddlement, as well as really accentuating his high cheekbones and shapely collarbone. "It is such a shame he was born a lad," his Gramma always said. His lips are usually in an "oh" of surprise, even when he is standing alone in the washroom. Willie stands with a perpetual bend (making him look somewhat like a sagging skeleton), which is even more pronounced when he is at his sink..."That boy'll be a durned hunchback when he gits to be our age," his Grampa always says to his Gramma's urn. He wears his white, spotless dishwasher's apron over his white short sleeved button up shirt and white denim pants. At the end of his gangly legs are two white socks, covered by his all white pumas. They stay pristine even with all of the coffeespills that happen all around him...maybe that's why he always looks so surprised.
Occupation: Dishwasher
Drink of choice: Steamed milk
Quirks or nervous habits: Clean Willie can only go about 11 minutes without washing something...whether the day's dishes, the counters, the tables or his hands if nothing else is available. "That boy is a cleanin' FREAK" as his Uncle Gus always would tell anyone within earshot.
Favorite Store: Bath and Bodyworks
Purchases or things you have with you: Three mini-cakes of scented soap in three separate mini-containers, a wallet embroidered with a likeness of Louis Pasteur, dental floss, a superball, a keychain with a picture of a kitten, a molar, his "Got Milk" mug.
What brings you to the mall?: *surprised look* I wash here.
Crikett 18 years ago
Name: Angie James
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'6" slender build, black naturally curly hair, green eyes, nose ring, very little make up just a bit of mascara, white tank top with blue jean shorts, medium length acrylic fingernails with french manicure with matching pedicured toenails showing though her sandals.
Occupation: part-time bartender
Drink of choice: coffe black
Quirks or nervous habits: bites inner index finger between top and 2nd knuckles
Favorite Store: Yankee Candle Shop
Purchases or things you have with you: small black purse with a square mirror, wallet containing $186.97, keys with a picture of her daughter on the only keychain on them, 2 bags 1 from the candle shop containing 2 mulberry scented candles the other containing a black silk robe.
What brings you to the mall?: here to meet her lover for lunch while her husband is at work, finished at the nail shop early so she grabbed a cup of coffee
Mirabela 18 years ago
Name: Frances Buckhalter (Franky Buck: as his boss likes to call him, Frances hates it)
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Appearance: short, stout, round face, one huge double chin, massively chubby hands, full wavy brown hair, dresses very nicely- slacks and a button shirt, hazel green eyes, and a winning smile, small gold rim glasses he always has to push up
Occupation: insurance processor
Drink of choice: coffee black
Quirks or nervous habits: tends to stutter around any kind of woman, consumes large amounts of coffee, it makes him feel he has things undercontrol (he hates coffee), quirkish, and clumsy, but the best friend to those who know him, day dreams a lot
Favorite Store: Walden Books
Purchases or things you have with you: briefcase, cup of coffee, overcoat draped over arm, book on the history of WWII
What brings you to the mall?: Sitting on the bench drinking a cup of coffee hoping that perfect woman would notice his good heart despite all his fumbles and his life would be complete
Etric 18 years ago
Name: Raul
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'10, 110lbs. Dirty, unkempt hair. Smells like the dumpster out back, wears a trenchcoat
Occupation: Vagabond
Drink of choice: Whatever half finished drinks he can find lying around
Quirks or nervous habits: When he is nervous Raul starts to mumble gibberish and his hands shake
Favorite Store: The one with the least attentive staff; Raul likes to "help himself"
Purchases or things you have with you: Half filled black coffee, two smokes, a pack of matches,
What brings you to the mall?: It's nice inside and the food court is a smorgasbord of deliciousness
Mai 18 years ago
Character thread closed. Veri's sending PM's