Mafia Round 4 Voting

Alrighty, cast your votes here. A reminder on the voting rules...

*Voting will close at Midnight EST each night.

*Please bold the name of the person you are voting for

*You -must- vote to stay in the game. Missing more than two consecutive votes will result in your death by natural causes

*Post once and only once in this thread. Discussion on votes can take place in the /ooc discussion thread. If you change your mind on your vote, you may edit your post do not remove any content from your post. Instead, simply let us know that you are changing your vote, state who you are changing it to, and bold that name.

kk thx!

Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Sorry Carol, seeya in the big coffeeshop in the sky!!
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Carol leaned back in her chair, arm over the back and glared at Yumei. 'No sweetie, I think those little bumps are confusing your purply little head.' She rolled her eyes. 'Personally, I'm going for




hard guitar case as mafia. Oh and his penis since I know for damn sure I dont think she's cute...I'm sure he would.'
Jinheim 17 years ago
I am voting for Carol because she has been repeatedly whacking a cute Japanese girl with a stick.
Rasberry 17 years ago
Carol, the gods have spoken your doom.
Etric 17 years ago
Raul heard whispered grumblings about the behavior of


amongst his fellow hostages. He started to check out her Gap bags, wondering what was inside. He'd never gotten anything from the Gap; the salespeople were far too "helpful" to ever give him an opportunity... but that was all going to change now. He just hoped that she'd have something in his size.
Crikett 17 years ago
Slamming her keys on the table wishing she had begged to be released when this all started she thought long and hard. After all this people are still dieing, Carol it just had to be her. That attitude the constant mutterings under her breath and her damn sarcastic attitude. If anyone deserved to go next it was her.
Eve 17 years ago
Sorry, Carol, but I guess next time you should put a lil muscle in it when you start swinging that asp around....
Nastirith 17 years ago
Looking around through a cloud of cigarette smoke, Tom took a moment to realize that Carol had pointed her spiteful little finger at him, and not some other Tom. "Wha? What the hell are you talking about, woman?" He erupted into a coughing fit, doubling over and pouring smoke from his lungs. Regaining his composure, he wiped water from his eyes. "You're crazy woman." Seeing everyone else looking suspiciously at Carol, he couldn't help but second the motion to send her packing...hopefully, if she could get out of this place, no one else would wind up finding themselves dead.

Lyrics began to swim in his mind again, and he wondered if it'd be rude to get another cuppa jo.
Spudgepants 17 years ago
"Carol"... "This one is for you!" Phoebe said as she stood up on her chair, almost falling off and into the wall next to her.

"And they found their bodies the very next day
They found their bodies the very next day..."
Tor 17 years ago
Startled at his own reaction to the oncoming bloodlust, Willie looks over to one of their captors. "Um...if you don't let Carol out that front door, and quick, it looks like we'll have another beaning incident..."

Shaking his head, Willie gets the broom ready, since it looks like this one might be even messier than the espresso overdose.
Merreck 17 years ago
Tiffany nodded in agreement with the rest of the hostages. 'It was just like too bad,' Tiffany though, 'Carol was like the coolest one here.'
Verileah 17 years ago
Voting is closed