Mafia Round 5 Voting

Alrighty, cast your votes here. A reminder on the voting rules...

*Voting will close at Midnight EST each night.

*Please bold the name of the person you are voting for

*You -must- vote to stay in the game. Missing more than two consecutive votes will result in your death by natural causes

*Post once and only once in this thread. Discussion on votes can take place in the /ooc discussion thread. If you change your mind on your vote, you may edit your post do not remove any content from your post. Instead, simply let us know that you are changing your vote, state who you are changing it to, and bold that name.

kk thx!

Jinheim 17 years ago
Nastirith 17 years ago
Going with Raul unless otherwise swayed.

EDIT: Ooo hoo hoo! Sneaky Bringer of Pestilence! Switching over to vote for Dudley. Nice catch Yumei.
Etric 17 years ago
Raul was in shock at the accusations of


Raul was no murderer. He was just a scavenger. Waste not, want not. This little goth punk looked like he'd rejoice in killing. Probably has some goofy goth name he likes to be called like "The Bringer of Pestilence" or something...
Eve 17 years ago
Pathetic lil goth kid or pathetic stinky homeless thief.... *holds hands out palm up weighing her options* Gonna go with stinky homless guy (Raul) simply because I wanna see if Yumei cracks Dudly Doright with her fan again, or perhaps something with a lil more kapow next time

EDIT: Gonna have to change my vote to Dudley... Yumei made a very interesting argument there.
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Ok, well, change your votes.

Google "You never ever believed in me."

Marilyn Manson. Lyrics: Tourniquet.

"Quirks or nervous habits: Often goes for hours at a time by speaking only in Marilyn Manson lyrics."

In addition Dudley was informed that there was no way the Dr would skid himself/herself twice and would probably skid someone else the second night.

Surprise, a second hit on the same person... and a second save.

I'm sorry, but I see no evidence that points to Raul at this time.

My vote is for Dudley.

PS: sorry for the late post, I had archery practice.
Merreck 17 years ago
I'm sorry Dudley, but I suspect you as mafia also.
Spudgepants 17 years ago

I choose you!!!
Jinheim 17 years ago
screw you guys
Crikett 17 years ago
Dudley, although I am confused by your make-up I still suspect you!
Tor 17 years ago

The Dudmeister...

El Dudlerino...

Verileah 17 years ago
Voting is now closed *nods*