OMG Its Me!

Hey everybody! Wow still lots of people I remember from playing EQ. Makes me wanna play EQ again. Who still plays EQ anyways? I have a friend who's been playing my account, and i also have a WoW account. Although for a few more weeks I wont be able to play either of them, until i get my new computer.

So how's everybody been? The only person I've talked to was Mae since i joined the boards last night.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
=D /hug Sebas!
Anulien 17 years ago
Hi Seabass! Been a while friend.
Guest 17 years ago
I'm still around once and awhile.Account is still active on Bristlebane/Solusek Ro. I ended up playing on the Durotan server/Alliance side. Rogue FTW

Was wondering if alot of people bolted from the server or still around hiding

Sergon 17 years ago
Been gone from EQ for over a year here. I dont have the time to play any games actually. In fact I dont really care too.