I just got my first moving violation in YEARS!!!!
57 in a 40 MPH zone.

Jinheim 18 years ago
Did you cry? That usually works for me.
Den 18 years ago
*sniff* no...I've tried all the tricks my friends say work, except crying...I can't cry when I'm that angry :S
Adiene 18 years ago
this is like a monthly thing at my house , they have the cameras here in the UK so the cops dont have to work .. i mean patrol and sit in cars taggin people ,
I hate the ones that say 43 in a 40 .... WTF .... teh bastards
Onimi 18 years ago
omg thats lame =( *comfort
Prosecution 18 years ago
Plead guilty, catch some PBJ for 6 months... the end. I caught an 80 in a 50 a few years back, got $157 fine and no points. Not too bad for a violation that said $450 on the ticket and 5 pts.
Mirabela 18 years ago
I talked my way out of a ticket once.

My friend and I were speeding to a concert and I got pulled over ( I was driving because my friend had gotten pulled over 30 mins before for going 103 in a 75 so she was a little shaky and mad because of the huge ticket) anyway it was my turn after telling me how fast I was going and bring out his ticket book thingy, the cop said,

" Where are you headed? "

"ummm... Rock the Desert"

"Lot's of people headed that way, what is it ?" As he is writing the ticket

"A Christian rock concert."

"Ah" Still writing the ticket

"Which I shouldn't be speeding to I guess, not very Christiany" Then gave my cheesiest smile I could.

He crosses out the ticket obviously tickled and said, " Lol, go ahead ma'm."

Yup he said LoL leased
StarrBeth 18 years ago
Never cried to get out of a ticket, but only gotten one out of being pulled over like 6 times. Don't ask me how I've managed that I do not know. The funniest one though was I got pulled over while on my way to get my nails done for my wedding and was on the phone fighting with my then fiance. So I'm bawling when the cop gets to the window and I kid you not I start going into this long slightly hysterical explanation that I'm not crying to get out of the ticket but was fighting with my fiance. Not sure if the guy let me go cause he felt sorry for me or was scared I'd totally freak. He did make me sit there for a minute til I calmed down though...hehe.

Sorry to hear about the ticket lady.
Blackrabbit 18 years ago
Sorry Shay! That sucks. I've never had a ticket myself... I did get out of one, having some kind of 'cute' factor a few years ago...

I was pulled over cause i hit an intersection in a small town at about 45, which was the speed limit about 10 feet before the cop caught me. I'd been talking and hadn't realized we were in town. We were rehearsing a play out in the sticks. Apparently the cop couldn't ticket a cute little thing coming home from the library for play rehearsal.

I wish I still had that whole 'cute' deal going on. :P
Vex 18 years ago
my first ticket was a 58 in a 40, 2nd was running a *yellow* light, 3rd was a 72 in a 60, 4th was a 101 in a 75 :O 5th was a 80 in a 50 ( this was LAME, its 1am - and i got nailed in a "work zone" )

i had a warrant for #3, thankfully it was across the country , i tried not to pay #5 because the fine was doubled... mom helped me out on that...

been clean for 5 years. but holy fuck i HATE COPS. you'd think i busted out of prison the way i check over my shoulder every time i see a cop ><
Sergon 18 years ago
I have'nt had a moving violation in 17 years. I do drive like a grandfather though. After racking 7 tickets in 2 years as a kid I stopped tempting fate.

Lillaanya 18 years ago
I've gotten out of a crapload of tickets. Only one I couldn't talk my way out of the cop was cute...immune to my charm hehe.
Den 18 years ago
but holy fuck i HATE COPS. you'd think i busted out of prison the way i check over my shoulder every time i see a cop ><

LOL! I know...what is it that makes us feel like that? Bastards!

Very first ticket I ever got was for tailgating, but I was changing lanes and hadn't had time to let the other car get farther ahead. That time I'd seen the cop in my rearview mirror, sweeping the lanes behind me...but I was stupid and naive, and didn't realize he was just looking for 'anyone' to pull over...this was only my third speeding ticket...but that's spread out over a LOT of years. I've been lucky...yea, I know. *sigh* There's just no reason why such a huge, long stretch of street has such a low speed! Baka.
zaura 18 years ago
I got a ticket last week, for not having parked a whole 15 feet away from the curb. Goddamn it, I work in an area by all the college housing, and the bars where everyone needs to park to go out partying on the weekends. There was no free spot for like a 3 block radius and I parked right in front of my work, and was like 14 and a half feet from the fucking curb, and the only important thing for the Eau Claire cops that night was making sure that debbie gets a fucking ticket while she is working her 8 hour overnight shift, so she can spend the entire 8 hours' worth of pay on that fucking ticket. Yeah, I am with you on the hate cops thing right now.
Dia 18 years ago
aww did you feel like a teenager again? i bet if you told them you were really wynnoa judd they would have let you go!
Den 18 years ago
LMAO! It was very early Sunday morning...I was making a run between Home Depots...I was looking a lot like her mug shot...they may have bought it, but then I probably would have been given a breathalizer as well :P

And holy crap! You're already 16 weeks??? OMG I think I've lost part of the last couple months!
FyreGarnett 18 years ago
oh man, shay, that bites!
Dia 18 years ago
heck yes! isnt that scarey! i dont look it tho!

goin between the home depots? did something break and you had to fix it on top of getting a ticket?!
Den 18 years ago
Nah...we just bought this house last year and I was getting all new electrical elements for our stove top...looks brand new now problem was, one HD didn't have all the right sizes, etc. :P
ROzbeans 18 years ago
I just had 2 tickets and a car wreck drop off. Amazing how much cheaper our auto insurance is =D Only 3 more tickets and another car wreck to go!
Den 18 years ago
I'm not even going to waste the money or time on traffic school here...cause the one ticket is only one point and won't effect my insurance at all - phew!