I popped!!

My water broke sunday night at midnight and i had him at 1:47pm on monday by C-section.
Dont worry tho, i got to have a lovely 2.5 hours of pushing hardcore so i got to experience that too! /cringes
i've got to say that i did love love my epidural which i got at 4:30am till about 10am then it was useless =D

He ended up being upside down and the cord was wrapped around his throat. He's peaches N cream now tho!

I did not end up looking quite as hot as Mayso's woman did in her birth pictures, my ass was beat!

Presenting Joseph Samuel Quinn 7lbs 12oz and 21inches born on July 24th 2006

Joey & me

Joey on my uncles lap, Layin like his momma would, contorted everywhere ^_^

Joey and his dad, aka identical twins

The group picture

and i was just about to sign for the mafia on sunday too rofl, reverse pysch worked

Den 17 years ago
AWWWWWWW!!! Sweetie!! He's adorable, and what awesome pics!!! Thank goodness you made it through And you still look pretty good hun
Congrats to you all!
Temprah 17 years ago
he's adorable! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
Mileron 17 years ago
Pic #2's caption: I'm beat, I feel like I got the shit kicked out of me, but I'm happier than you can imagine because he's out and he's MINE!
Calimaryn 17 years ago
Many congratulations! And you do too look beautiful, beat or not! Precious boy too.
Eve 17 years ago
Gorgeous baby boy hon! And yer still a hot mama so hush
Rikr 17 years ago
WOOT! Congrats to you and your family!
Xandare 17 years ago
Onimi 17 years ago
awe, congrats
ROzbeans 17 years ago
AWWWWWWWWW. I'm glad y'all are doing well. Good to see the proud pappa there. Hope that goes well too =D

/hug le
Viriu 17 years ago
Congratulations!! Ya'll posting these pics are starting to make me more nervous and anticipatory....9 weeks left!

Gilae 17 years ago
Congrats!! See, it wasn't all THAT bad Worth every second of pain! What a pretty boy! And he's almost exactly 6 months yonger than David and the EXACT same size!

Viriu, I found the giving birth less of a chore than the being pregnant. More painful, but it's like a bandaid. A lot of pain and then done.
Sabby 17 years ago
WOW, yay! Congrats!!
Mirabela 17 years ago
YAY!!! Congrats!

How's the BF going ? Let me know if you need help!
Dia 17 years ago
Thanks everyone!

BF is goin well mira, only one angry night of him wildly swinging his head around ontop instead of latching, but otherwise its gotten much better!

gilae- i thought pregnancy was a pita but i dunno about the labor part, atm im thinking hey, one kid will be great =D but im sure in a few years ill forget about what happened and want more!

the pushing part i barely spoke or made a sound(tho i did give thumbs up or flipped people off), my family was like "this is where you can cuss and scream ya know" it was my tom cruise scientology delivery lol.

Roz- suprizingly, he never left the hospital and waited on me the whole time and has spent the last two nights ive been home here to help. everyone has their wtf faces on. It would also figure the kid looks identical to him! he has my chin and my hand said the doctor (some palm line like a simian?!)
Masoyama 17 years ago
congrats ... I hope you actually get some sleep in.
Aramous 17 years ago
Adiene 17 years ago
Awe so cute! Grats hun I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well!
Sarah 17 years ago
Congratulations hon! He's a cutie.

Sorry for the delay!