So is Vanguard gonna be all that?

Ive heard both good and bad reports about this game...Seems to be more bad then good reports.

Wasidun 17 years ago
I know SoE doing their marketing has scared *ALOT* of people that were interested in the game, regardless of whether their fears are valid or not.
Kelefane 17 years ago
I dont see Vanguard making as big a splash as WoW did.
Vebran 17 years ago
The key description of this game, that utlimatly decided if i even tried it, was along the lines of "even more MMORPG". Seriously if I wanted to raid or have to group with people to level/get loot I would have stayed with EQ.
Vex 17 years ago
its not all that yet.

but they dont want to be like wow, even if their UI is a direct ripoff.

in beta atm... not overly impressed but i haven't made it very far.
Laney 17 years ago
I was approved for Beta as well but never got around to getting in it.
Adiene 17 years ago
In Beta here as well. But I don't have anyone to play with yet, .. that and my ISP hasn't been up to par to actually play. I have a few low lvl characters ATM.

The enviorment is really nicely done, still waiting for home stuff and getting my crafting up so I can make things which is still confusing s bit for me lol .. one thing the is totaly bleh and probably anal is the avatars.. they are fucking DOG UGLY!! I wanted a nice hawt dark elf but good god they are ugly as sin! There are a ton of options in creating your character but none help them look good IMHO! lol to many options for ugly models I have a human an hobbit , they where th ebest looking so far =/ .. Sorry but I dont want to play ugly characters LOL I'm weird I know .. other then they the quests are getting better as they patch .. I just need to lvl and get out there and play more! lol
Mileron 17 years ago
Someone on another board I frequent posted his opinions here

Some highlights:


1. It is technologically bad: It's reallllly not running fast. It works fine on my best machine. It is passable on a good machine I have but on a typical Dell with a middle of the road old 256 meg video card, it is useless. This is just not going to fly. It has to be passable on pretty much your standard desktop and they don't seem to be able to get there.

5. Lore, what is it good for? This game has almost no stories or lore. Even the quests are mostly stupid. WoW taught "bite sized adventures full of purpose" Vanguard was not listening.
Mai 17 years ago
Hmmm well it -is- in beta. Granted they should have most of their content down already but the frills are the last thing that are added. I was in Horizons beta and Echoes of Faydwer beta.. they changed a lot while we were playing and added surprises that even the beta testers didn't see.

Is it in open beta? Are these people supposed to be even talking about it?
Adiene 17 years ago
They set the date officialy the other day. Jan 30th ...
I am not even going to bother. Maybe later on I will give it a try again but yeah for the most part I am dissappointed =(
Darsa 17 years ago
Hubby's been beta testing for some time now, and he said it's an awful lot like EQ2; I watched him play, and as a person who plays characters for their looks /grin I gotta say I'm not terribly impressed. Darsa did NOT turn out to be pretty, that's fer sher! The game, graphically, LOOKS good... funny tho, when hubby loads only parts of him load at a time.
Adiene 17 years ago
oh gods yes, the character/avatars are aweful IMHO. True they have allot of options but man to many if you ask me. Its like SWG character creations only worse =/
I can see its like EQ2 in allot of ways with some Wow effects thrown in too but I would perfer to play EQ2 anydays before Vg.
Been in Beta since it opened the 2nd time round but it never really interested me enough to actually play".. I would log in for a little bit but then log right out.
Graphics are nice, but the lag pwns me. I have to turn everything down to play and I still get hella lag, Why? Why would I want to play it when I can play EQ2 and wow on mid to max settings without near as much lag. bah I hope they fix allot of things, the game has some potential :/
Kelefane 17 years ago
Reposting from a VG thread on another board.

Sigil has two main problems with Vanguard. 1) They were caught off guard by the relative ease of WoW's gameplay and how popular it was and the subsequent pressure, both internally and externally (publisher) to mimic that. 2) Sigil repeatedly failed to design fun and balanced core game concepts, and now they still trying to fine tune those which is hindering them from adding the needed polish for a AAA title. The changes they've been making and testing in the past 6 months are things that should have been implemented years ago, allowing them to build the game around them.

The above doesn't take into account the other problems they are having right now, such as generally poor performance, inconsistent art direction and zone design, and the controversial unibody decision (which could work out if they can deliver on the promises for a large variation in armor types).

One of the biggest negatives from WoW's immense success is a change in the perception that a 500k-1M sub game isn't a success. I think it's fair to say Brad/SGO was looking to make Vanguard into the spiritual successor to EQ; an EQ1.5 that improves on what worked and changes those core problems that EQ cannot fix at this stage. WoW's huge subscriber numbers, Brad's public statements that he'd consider 500k subs a success, and the general lack of progress I'm sure all contributed to Microsoft dropping Sigil. It's a shame because I don't think anybody can really compete with WoW at this point - it's just too hard to outdo Blizzard at their own game when they have the money, developers, and time to do it right.

Their release timeframe is unfortunate too, being so close to the WoW expansion, but Brad McQuaid has all but said they are out of funds. Vanguard's best hope is to do what EQ2 did - hang on long enough to make the necessary changes to turn it into a fun game...unfortunately, it's hard to overcome an unsuccessful launch as EQ2, AO, and others have seen. Even if you can fix the problems, the launch stigma will always linger and limit your potential for growth.
Addi 17 years ago
Anyone playing/planning on playing it? Joey and I are probably going to give it a try...WoW was just to easy and boring for us.
Mylec 17 years ago
The other issue with the Sigil/Microsoft split was that Microsoft wanted it to be the first "Vista only" title in an attempt to push their new OS while Sigil wanted it to be XP and Vista.
Verileah 17 years ago
I'm going to be trying it with Fozz on...Shidreth (I think that's correct).
Vebran 17 years ago
I'm going to be trying it with Fozz on...Shidreth (I think that's correct).


I won't be trying it. The BC has me by the jugular and isn't going to let me go anytime soon, especially since I have to level Roz's priest at the same time.
Verileah 17 years ago
Fozzik is my husband .
Darsa 17 years ago
Hubby bought me a copy last night and informed me that I was going to try it. Sooo, I guess tonight I'll be on the Thunderaxe server; all I can say is Darsa better be available!
Vebran 17 years ago
Oh, it is released now? I thought it was still a few weeks away.
Darsa 17 years ago
Servers went live for non-betas like me today at 10, or whenever they were able to get it started