What do you need?

My wife had a weird post on one of her website. Everyone googles ... *insert name here* needs ...

ex. Joey needs

Joey needs to quit his job. and travel around the world giving the gifts of interior design sense to geeks

what are your results?

Masoyama 17 years ago
my son Jake

Jake Needs Money For a Hooker

man, he is only 4 !!
Sarah 17 years ago
Sarah needs to get her life back & establish herself as a person in charge! Woo yeh ! ...

Sarah needs to be hooked up to a respirator in order to survive ... *cries*
Calimaryn 17 years ago
Kerry Needs the Courage to Walk Away from Iraq
What Kerry needs is a winning personality

Cali needs a new home

Ok, I dont like this game much.
Mileron 17 years ago
Mike Needs a date
Mike Needs a date
Mike needs help
Mike needs a van
Mike needs good thoughts
ROzbeans 17 years ago
The McGill Daily

Roz needs to start thinking about strikes and tuition increases, because as a part of SSMU, she has a vote on its policies. ...
Den 17 years ago
...I can't think of a damn thing I 'NEED'.
I could fill a page full of 'WANT' though.
Mai 17 years ago
Mai needs crack

...I have been accused of smoking crack before but I do think this is the first time I've been told I need to.
Eve 17 years ago
Eve needs it more than EQ2 needed /pizza.
*snicker* Not sure what "it" is, but damn I need it bad.

Therefore, Eve needs Adam to balance her inward-directed thoughts with thoughts and guidance from Heaven just as Adam needs Eve to balance his outward-directed...
Yeah, never have found Adam... well there was that one guy online but never did even meet him lol.

Eve Needs A Man!
hubby might have a prob with that... then again *ponders*

In order to compute D, Eve needs to know what Z is, and, to do that, she needs to know what P and Q are. That is, Eve needs to be able to factor N (remember ...

Man that makes my head hurt *nod*

Eve needs to be simplified and improved in terms of usability before ...

Eve needs some help

Eve needs to be their first priority, by a fair margin.

Apparently I have lots of needs I wasn't even aware of lol
Mai 17 years ago
Vex 17 years ago
Kat needs a hug .
Kat needs 'to be here more'.
I want to 'fuck' Kat
Kat needs a place to live, (like, now) ...
Kat needs your help finding homes
Kat needs money.

Rikr 17 years ago
Don needs our help... Giving up the INTERNET?

Mileron 17 years ago
Eve needs it more than EQ2 needed /pizza.
*snicker* Not sure what "it" is, but damn I need it bad

I think in this instance "Eve" refers to EVE-Online, the space-based MMO by CCP. Though I don't know what 'it' is that EVE needs...
blazyn 17 years ago
Meg Ryan needs a bra. Bad.
Ryan needs his little ass kicked (hard).
Den 17 years ago

Shay needs to be spanked,
Shay needs to talk to Mike @ Buds.
Shay needs to be the Star of the Show.

Denise needs to view Crunch Fat Burning
Denise needs a firm footing or she'll topple forward
Denise - needs musicians

Decided to go both ways. Little did I know Shay was a dog :P
Temprah 17 years ago
wow... wow.. I honestly wasn't sure if anyone else had their name spelled like me so it was kind of cool to see!!!

Tawnya really needs therapy and coaching to deal with these events in her life.
Tawnya needs to fix her toilet.
Tawnya needs old photos (electronic format) of Crime Prevention activities.
Tawnya needs people BAD!
Tawnya needs it, and once she calms down, I'll be fine too.
Tawnya needs to start a support group for this thing... it's an addiction.
Eve 17 years ago
I think in this instance "Eve" refers to EVE-Online, the space-based MMO by CCP. Though I don't know what 'it' is that EVE needs...

Yeah I know Mil, a couple of mine at least were for EVE online ;p
barce 17 years ago
Kirk needs a Mr. Spock and a Dr. McKoy
Kirk needs his "evil" side to be a good starship captain
Kirk needs to go back to whatever planet he came from
Kirk needs this time to say good-bye
Kirk needs to defy hyper physics to arrive
Kirk needs to show that his programmatic sketch is capable of being tightened up in appropriate ways,
Kirk needs a win streak against confidence building opponents and to stay more active
Kirk needs the cloaking device to be activated

And yep I am a Treky so i like them
Verileah 17 years ago
Okay well Billie needs to do the same... ... My point is that Billie has a right to be hurt but she has no right to continue to hurt others. ...

Billie needs to stop being pathetic, get some pride, and leave Bo alone.

Billie Needs a Home!

Billie needs to get out and take Chelsea with her.

Billie needs someone a little more "on the edge"

Billie needs therapy and you are not a therapist.

Billie needs to fuck me dude!!!

Billie needs her OWN romance and storyline.

Billie needs to get her head out of her BUTT!!

Billie needs to put a stop to that

Billie needs “testimonials” from those who have benefited from their OTTTF

Billie needs to find a man who isn't married.

Billie needs to go away.

Billie is cool but she needs to hurry up and find her sister.

Billie needs a ton of hairspray or a haircut or something

Billie needs some excitement with a psuedo bad boy.

...ouch, lol! Apparently I am a hussy who goes after married men who are no good for me!