Representing the Baby Boomer Generation :P

This one was the only pic I had on my computer for a long time:

Then a few months ago, my daughter yelled, "Hey Mom!" while I was getting out of my car, and snapped this one:

Neither pic really does me justice, but I really do not have any others. Guess I will have to wait till my daughter yells, "Hey Mom!" again sometime and hope the picture turns out looking more like me and less like Randy Quaid. Well, I really don't think I look like Randy Quaid but some jackass says I do, so trying to take that insult in stride. :/

ROzbeans 19 years ago
You dont look like randy quaid. That was just dumb of those booger heads to say. /hug!
ssoulz 19 years ago
Randy Quaid rofl.

I'm sorry that joke cut you so deeply. Truly.
zaura 19 years ago
Thank you for that, Ssoulz, and I take back the comment about your being a jackass. I guess I misjudged you, and I am sorry.
Guest 19 years ago
Your a cute person Zaura, and you dont look like Randy Quaid no more than I look like I have Downs. Some people just take something stupid and go with it cause they know it annoys you. /shrug I wouldnt care Only matters what you think any way. And me
Zindicatt 19 years ago
I have no idea who Randy Quard is, but you totally look sweet. I bet you can easily look like a star if you are more prepared for the shots. But oftentimes I love natural shots that people simply are appearing like their own true self.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Randy Quaid the actor.
Zindicatt 19 years ago
bah what? you don't look like him at all!
Andrina 19 years ago
/hugs Zaura! You best know that you are from Randy Quaid. I don't care what any of them say! Zaura has always been one of my favorite people and one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!
zaura 18 years ago
Nothing to see here, just playing with my new blinkie.