TAC Exchanges - what do YOU want to see?

So I've been wracking my brains trying to come up with another exchange to do after we do the Mafia (what's that, - /shameful plug off).

Lately we've been changing the dynamics of our exchanges so they'll be a little more unique than SMMO which is where a lot of us came from. I've been incorporating RP'ing along with our art - usually providing a premise for people to base their characters off of instead of a particular say... seasonal theme.

So I'd really like to here what everyone likes seeing, wants to see, thinks is cool about our exchanges. Whatever you what to see more of or what you enjoyed doing in the past. Please feel free to post your thoughts, comments, suggestions... Also there's a poll cuz it's neat. =D

Temprah 17 years ago
I say more RP, for sure.. not that I put up much this last time (but I wanted to!) and I do think TAC exchanges are unique!! While I do like Sci-Fi and don't get a chance to do it very often.. I am also a hige fantasy fan, so I didn't put in a vote for that. Something kind of like how Daz does their monthly themed challenged could be very fun. Like OK this month TAC wants to see art with XYZ theme. I know that's not an exchange but it could be incorporated!
ROzbeans 17 years ago
We can do a monthly gallery, that would be kinda neat actually. We could set up a separate gallery to feature all of it. Hmm, thanks Temp!
Verity 17 years ago
Gotta Agree with what Temprah said. TAC exchanges are very unique... I was about 6 posts off from being able to do the recent SMMO exchange, and could have easilly gotten them, so I could do it, but it didn't really hold my interest. (prolly cause my very first was the very fun CYOA exchange here ) I really enjoyed creating a story & background for my character. I'm a huge fantasy fan, sci fi is ok, and would be a good challenge for me, as it would take me out of my comfort zone.

I also love Temprah's Idea about doing a themed thing every month (or even every other month).
I also gotta say that I really like this community! SMO is fun & all, but it's got so many people, & it's so huge. I really like the smaller/more close knit part of TAC
LacyAnn 17 years ago
well i love art exchanges and trades. i never get asked for trades so i rely on exchanges lol. id like to challenge myself so any theme is great for me. one thing i cant seem to get into is the role playing stuff but like making up descriptions for pieces i can do lol. here are a couple theme ideas i thought of
sci-fi babes for the DA group scifichicks cuase i think most peeps here are at DA too
warcraft themed (i dont play everquest but i here its similar so i guess that with this one lol
oh and inner-child basically making a piece od the persons inner child or what we think it could be like?
Mai 17 years ago
I like the themes and mixing it up with other things. Having a contest from time to time instead of an exchange or having a community project that all fits together at the end of it would be great as well. I am obviously pro roleplay in just about anything; if it gets too taxing on people then perhaps we can mix it up with something else. Being able to do a different character is nice. I really got tired of seeing and doing my same Everquest character over and over again. (No offense to poor Maewyn who was a wonderful character) Even changing up the theme there didn't help if the character used was always the same. ( of course some people don't mind drawing one character over and over again.)

All I ask for is plenty of time to do the exchange. If life is truly hectic then I know I will only be able to scrounge an hour or so each night or maybe even only a few nights a week to do some artwork. Doing vector takes me while...even drawing or painting will take me some time.

All in all though I think the exchanges here have been quite unique and fun to do.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Ahh good point, Mai. Typically I try for at least 4 weeks to do something, but I really like have 6 weeks. So thoughts on keeping with 6 weeks to turn in something?
Eve 17 years ago
The exchanges are cool the way we've been doing them I think. I also like it when we get to dress up our own chars in a certain theme, too. I know some folks do so much for other people in the way of commissions, having an excuse...er reason! to do one for yourself might be fun now and then, too, without feeling like you're slacking. I think six weeks is a very reasonable timeframe. If you did a two week sign up period, which gives -everyone- plenty of time to decide whether they want to sign up or not, then run the exchange for 6 weeks, you've got a good two month spread.
tamaelia 17 years ago
I heart TAC exchanges. I especially loved the first one I did, where I had Mai's character and did my second 3D effort... which I am still probably most proud of out of all my stuffs. I personally don't have the time to do literary exchanges/collabs like Mafia. I would like to have time but I just don't. Its all I can do to scrape together time to make stuff for one exchange/commission and not have my family hate me.

That said, I like 6 weeks for a time frame. I like having to write a small backstory for my character. I have no issues adapting my gaming characters to fit, or making up new ones. I love exchange themes with a twist. Reincarnation, other worldly, other eras, even regular 'if my mmorg was alive today in 2007 she would look like this...' would be fun. More than anything I like the excitement of turn in day, and seeing how everyone did their 'take' on someone else's character.
Den 17 years ago
I like the exchanges, and since is the only art forum of this type I belong to, I've always found them unique. I don't participate a lot though, for a couple reasons...

#1) I came to TAC via SA, a RP board, not an art board, like the majority of you all did.

#2) while I do like to draw, paint, etc., I don't consider myself to be anywhere near as talented as the rest of you guys who participate. Consequently, it takes a lot for me to drum up the inspiration, and enthusiasm to do artistic things for other people. I hate the thought that what I submit will be ordinary, and boring.

#3) time. Unless I'm struck with some incredibly inspiring idea, it takes me half the length of time to just come up with an idea, and then nearly the other half of the time to figure out how to put the idea into something artistic.

So there are my thoughts, and I will try to participate more, but I really have no suggestions on what to do differently. So far the time allotted has always seemed sufficient to me...
Verileah 17 years ago
I like putting my characters into new situations for the exchanges *grins*. Hmm, ideas for what I'd like to see...maybe something with a public servants theme - cops and firefighters, that sort of thing. Super heroes might be fun. Mmm...I have another idea but I need to look into it a bit more.
Laney 17 years ago
I like the exchanges and feel they're very unique to TAC. I think I've only participated in one exchange and that was when the forum was first created. I tend to stay away from the RP exchanges just because I'm not a writer and writing a biography on my characters is a bit intimidating.
rixster 17 years ago
CYOA was the first exchange I have entered - and have to say I loved it!!! Nice to do something a little different as a challenge. I'm happy with any of the themes suggested above - sci-fi, fantasy, sci-fi, warcraft (remember some are not gamers), sci-fi, monthly theme gallery... all good - heh heh.

I did enjoy creating a story & background for my character, but would not want it to go too much further than that and 6 weeks for a time frame seems like a good length too.
Lessa 17 years ago
Fairy exchange ftw!!

If you were a fairy what type would you be? Nymph? Dryad? Elemental? Would you have a favorite flower? What shade of pink would you be?

see all kinds of possibilities!

( Just teasing, *hugs Roz* )

Maybe I get brave enough for the next exchange hehe
Jetamio 17 years ago
I am quite new to this whole scene, was actually Lessa saw a pic I put on FV server forums and she sent me a PM directing me to SMMO...from there I found here too hehe. Maybe 3 months ago max. (I have no concept of time).

I have done one exchange, the last one here, but aim to try more. And all that 3D stuff? til I saw SMMO I thought they were done in photoshop by some crazy people who have time to make such detailed drawings lol. Had never realised there was actually programs for it. So that is my next goal, to learn 3D stuff. Until then I freehand.

I like to RP too, and I LOVE fantasy. I like to watch SciFi but I've never roleplayed it, and hadn't really considered it. I guess its a new challenge

And I like Lessa's fairy idea, fairies rock
Lessa 17 years ago
Oh! Had another idea, and not really one intended for the torture of Roz this time.. borrowed from a couple of other recent threads here..

What about a rp exchange based on the zombie plan thing? Or the Heaven thing maybe.. de
ROzbeans 17 years ago
We're definitely planning some sort of fairy exchange later. I'm not so against them, just the cheesy, sugary ones. =x
Verity 17 years ago
We're definitely planning some sort of fairy exchange later. I'm not so against them, just the cheesy, sugary ones. =x

ya mean like this one?

ROzbeans 17 years ago
No that one I like, but there are some out there that give me seizures =x
Four Winds 17 years ago
I know the TAC's focus primarily on the Art Exchanges from what I've gathered, but I'd like to see in equal measuer an emphasis on the Writing Aspect as well. While receiving a great picture is certainly uplifting I'd like to see how well we can wax lyrical with prose.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
We could do a literature contest, but TAC is art based so it's hard to stray from our original inception. I like having a storyline with our exchanges, it seems to really make people use their imaginations and come up with some incredibly creative and graphic characters. We'll probably always leave the RP'ing up as volunteer only, but I liked your dedication regarding your exchange be the best of both worlds, Four =D