Too many wow accounts being cancelled

I tried to cancel mine.. and got this page

FyreGarnett 17 years ago

For Everquest 2: Im not finding a all in one. But if you go to the everquest2 website, theres a 10 day trial for EQ2 - and you can play a Fae!

if you buy the disk version of echoes of faydwer, it includes kingdom of sky and desert of flames. if you buy it online as a download, you have to buy each expansion seperatly. BUT!!! the disk version of EoF is DVD, something to keep in mind if you don't have a DVD-Rom on your puter!
Vebran 17 years ago
Cancelled WoW. Really stopped playing around the middle of March and once I bought the epic flying mount I quit the next day.

As for original EQ, there is no going back home with that thing. The wonders of our first online game hold too many good memories to try and go back.
Beli 17 years ago
Heh. We'd all pay big money for a game that'd makes us feel like (MMO) virgins again!
Vex 17 years ago
EQ2's store-bought "echoes of faydwer" has the entire game included, the digital download does not.

EQ1 and EQ2 are completely different, the only thing they have in common is some lore/history/artifacts/geography, but playstyle is totally different.

EQ2 has solo capability, EQ1 doesn't unless you're a necro/bard/wizard/druid or very well-equipped other class.

EQ1 has like 15 expansions
EQ2 has 3 majors and a few $10 ones - Neriak is coming back with evil fae (arasai)

eq2 has free content updates, last i heard, EQ1 doesn't.

EQ2 has houses, eq1 doesn't.


Vex 17 years ago
me and bf spent 3 solid hours reflecting on the total noob moments in eq1.

he was the first werewolf ( boon of the garou ) i ever saw. in freeport. scared the fucking shit out of me.
Onimi 17 years ago
tamaelia 17 years ago
I just could not get into EQ2.. I hated the combat system, all that opening crap and orange triangles and mobs being linked and stuff. I did kinda like the tradeskill side but not enough to keep me playing.

EQ1 still has more than enough to keep me interested and challenged. I have a great guild with lots of people I consider as online friends. I still only ever play my rogue, my only other toon that is over level 10 is a kitty shaman, who is 18 I think. I just like my dark elf rogue
Mai 17 years ago

Yeah nothing quite matches the old days of EverQuest 1 in all its glory.

Running high on the wall in Kithicor at night hoping against all hope that you can make it through before something killed you.

The massive amounts of auctions going on in the EC tunnel interspersed with such lively intelligent debates on who was the best class ever. (Most of which ended in, STFU newb, Rangers Suxx!!1!)

Getting a bard or necro to come locate your corpse after you'd run around for an hour trying to find it (once relocated you realize that it was somehow wedged in a tree)

Medding for 34 levels with a spell book as your only graphic imput while frantically listening for the sounds of approaching mobs just waiting to take you down in a moment of depleted mana. (And for those really old schoolers out there... having to remember to hit the meditate button. There was just nothing quite like sitting for 10 mins waiting to recharge only to find you'd never started meditating in the first place!)

Being able to throw a sword on the ground and use it as a compass.

Riding a boat for the first time and thinking it was the coolest thing ever!

Riding a boat for the 40 millionth time and hating every second of it.

Fishing while waiting on the afore mentioned boats and feeling that someone should really speak to the Freeport City Authority about cleaning up the water after you'd gotten your 100th old boot, scummy sandal or rusty dagger.

Seeing a floating bard dance by at the speed of light in shiny blue lambent and wishing you could go that fast or be that cool.

Cursing the bard in the group for their lag inducing song graphics or whining pitifully when they and the rest of the group ran off and left you in the middle of an unfamiliar zone filled with monsters capable of killing you with a single look.

Seeing your first massive train of mobs following some hapless soul desperately running and jumping in the vain hope of staying alive. (You know one of those trains that make everyone pause and stare at the sheer awesome power of being that royally fucked.)

Getting so drunk that your screen was impossible to read.

Coming up with more clever corpse recovery tactics than you did for the initial battle that got you killed in the first place. (Live and learn!...or in this case, die and hope to get it right the second time)

Wishing you could find the polka band in Rivervale and have them summarily executed by firing squad.

Running around Ak'Anon and thinking that anything, including the Rivervale polka music, would be better than that DAMNED TICKING!

Dieing as a newbie barbarian in Blackburrow and being so night blind that you can't manage to run through the tunnel to get back into the dungeon.

Having a kind hearted higher level come by and buff you with enough spells to make you think you were a 6th level god!!

Ah, the list could go on...

Beli 17 years ago
My first biggest WTF!! moment was in the Commonlands where those giants roamed. I honest to god thought they wouldn't see me inside an inn where I was buying/selling my stuff, but one of them pounded me on the spot. I couldn't understand why I got aggro when logically they shouldn't have been able to see me at all!

I do remember crying in frustration when I couldn't see my way through blackburrow to get to my corpse. I was so night blind that I was running against walls for fifteen minutes. Another barbarian gave me a fire beetle eye and I thought he was the greatest ever. I would have given him all my money for that gesture. From that point on, I always killed fire beetles to get extra eyes to store in my bank and to hand out to anyone that I thought might need one.

See ... this is why I hestitate to recommend EQ1 to players who have only had WoW as their first MMO. Sure, some people can argue that WoW handholds players through game mechanics, but the ease of playing WoW has got to be such a stark contrast to EQ. I'm probably just colored by memories of how hard everything was five or six years ago and I've heard they've improved things since then to be friendlier for newer players.
Still, it's hard for me to recommend an older game!
Laschae 17 years ago
So true Mai. I remember the first time some one trained me and I was like OH THATS A TRAIN!!! It was damn exciting! Or casting LoH on random orc pawns cuz I didn't know wtf LoH did!

Ahh *sigh* the good old days.
Rikr 17 years ago
So true Mai. I remember the first time some one trained me and I was like OH THATS A TRAIN!!! It was damn exciting! Or casting LoH on random orc pawns cuz I didn't know wtf LoH did!

Ahh *sigh* the good old days.

LOL LoH on orc pawns. hehehe....I remember not understanding why people would shout CHOOOO CHOOOOO! CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOOO CHOOOO! I always thought, whats wrong with these people. I finally realized what a train was.
Starry 17 years ago
Aw, I do truly miss that amazing feeling of amazment.

Its an 'arguement' Ive gotten into a few times with loved ones, how most of the problems with MMOs now isnt really the game, its us. As players, we expect it to be easier and faster and we never just look around and enjoy.

Thats part of the problem I have with World of Warcraft, it was just all rushrushrushrush and nownownownow -- I mean the game really is already generally speaking so easy, why rush through the pretty parts? ^-^
Laschae 17 years ago
I liked exploring WoW. I don't like I got the same tingly feeling like in EQ but I always enjoy that part of MMOs. I really did love exploring Vanguard and when they opened up the wood elves and I did some strong "oooh aaah" feelings again.

I don't think anyone can get that virgin newbie feeling again, maybe someday when we're all old and the newest generation of games are mind blowing. But I still enjoy the exploration part of a new game very much.

I got some stories too about old EQ! LoHing an orc pawn is the least of em. How about suggesting (demanding) that your friends venture to Acrylia Caverns (none of us really knew where the hell it was) with promises of phat loots only to find out as you entered there was a level 60 mob standing there who killed you instantly. We all died one by one, try to get our corpses and get killed again. Have our entire guild (of maybe 15 people total) come to help with the CR....they all die. Call in a friendly guild we knew to come help us.....they all die.

And the whole time I was the only one that could rez (level 40 pally!).

Boy am I trouble sometimes. When I talk to those guys who I led to their repeated deaths its always, "you remember that time you killed us all in that one place?!?! Thanks Las...thanks alot!"
Beli 17 years ago
Oh, my god, I remember not being able to get corpses in raid zones. It was humiliating to ask a raiding guild to help your own little family guild with getting corpses back in Plane of Hate or Fear or wtfever. If someone fell asleep in a raid zone, god help them because we'd grumble about the fact that we'd all have to go back in just to rescue this character or all the gear that he worked on for months was lost FOREVER. Whew.

Starry, my husband and I got mocked by some people for being slow to level up in Burning Crusade. People rushed to level 70 and were bored so they taunted us for taking our time. We actually avoided camping out in inns so we wouldn't get any rested experience and just get to 70 slower so we could appreciate every zone and take our time with quests. It was a lot of fun, but we did get bored at 69 and start to burn our way just to get the flying mount already.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
One night mike loaded up our buddy vlantash, stripped him naked, bagged all his gear, got him stinking drunk and then left him naked in some dorf city. Vlantash woke up the next day, logged on and in guild chat was like, 'uh...hmm. Why am i drunk and naked?'

In the time it took to take a boat from greater fay to antonica, I could give Catherine (who was about a month old) a bath, dress her, feed her and then sit back down again.

I remember being all kick ass, storming the orc hill in greater fay - and then dying unmercifully - oh and killing everyone on it too =D I met my very first eq friend, Geneva there.

I remember becoming an officer in my first real guild, Union, and standing at a raid thinking, 'what the fuck am I doing?'

I remember leaving that guild. Boy that pissed me off.

Or killing 10 million caimens, fucking caimens.

Wait - we're suppose to be remember good times, right?
Vex 17 years ago
k, you mentioned kithicor.

i was there when rivervale was raided by dark elves.

oh my god the slaughter.

we were all hiding in the bank and if you got caught outside you'd die like 10 times in a row.

there were SO MANY CORPSES you couldn't see the ground texture.

it was fucking amazing. i was a level 7 high elf lol.

you could loot peoples' corpses if they /consented you.
Masoyama 17 years ago
I remembered a friend told me about the game. I asked his what the hardest class was to play.

He said SK Troll. Man did that suck as a choice. I did like the scratch the butt graphic. But where ever I went I was chased. I could not buy things untill I gained faction. Everything was higher price. I remember finally making it to the commons and I had to beg people to buy food for me.

Yeah a troll SK all I got was a lousy bash with my shoulder.

But at least I found a guild for a out let for my sarcasm.
Adiene 17 years ago
ROFL buttscratch was great, My friend was all pissed when the expansion came out and they had taken it away
I remember trying to learn how to quad kite shit the first time lol talk about funny

I miss camp checks =/
The funny train annoucments people would come up with.
CoH. .. omg RODS~! (the un-nerfed ones rofl!) My friend Deke would eat the hell out of them till he had 3 hps or kill himself ROFL!
AE Groups ~!
i can think of more but I out of time lol

If only EQ1 had houses.

I am getting the EQ1 Ann. pack just waiting for it to get here. hehe
and then the EQ2 expansion ... I'm torn! lol
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
ya know - hate to say it guys, but i think somewhere in this thread ya'll stopped talking english!!!
Kelefane 17 years ago
I find the "unwilling to move on" thing odd.

Basically there are two groups (as far as I can see) of 'normal' mmo players.

There are those that play each new game as it comes out or older ones when a new expansion is released. They enjoy things for a bit, then get bored and move on.

And then there are those that have one game they especially enjoy and stick with that.

The ones I see as odd (maybe that's unfair) are the "getting ready for vanguard" crowd for example. They seem to be seeing mmos as some kind of promised land over on the horizon. Are they ever actually having any fun?