Too many wow accounts being cancelled

I tried to cancel mine.. and got this page

Vex 17 years ago
well you read reviews, see screenshots, hear different things that seem exciting about a game, you start to look forward to it.

The way i saw vanguard was, hey, the original EQ team made it, its gonna be pretty cool.

talk about DEAD wRONG eh..

i refuse to get hyped up about a mmo now.

until world of starcraft is announced then i'll bounce around like a happy retard on a sugar high.
Beli 17 years ago
Remember when we could buy unlimited shark meat in that dwarf town somewhere in Velious and go back to Faydark and turn them in non-stop to a quest NPC and basically powerleveled that way? (Equivalent of turning in crushbone belts at low level.) Heh, that got seriously nerfed when a crapload of people did nothing for days, but turn in shark meat instead of grinding.
Mai 17 years ago
Yeah totally missed out on that over sight. =/ Also didn't get to go to the raid on Rivervale. I remember it happening but was no where nearby

I remember being greatly annoyed when they took away the ability to /consent to let someone loot your corpse. Hell, it was a decision and if you couldn't trust the person then don't consent. But no, instead someone had to drag your poor dead body through untold dangers thumping it on the head with each step.

Fyre, the whole thread has made sense but I agree half of it wasn't in English. The rods Adi was talking about were called modulation rods and they were essentially the same as a splinter from a conjurer in EQ2. At one time you could have more than one of them in your bags, each one had three charges. You clicked it and it took some of your health and converted it to mana. You could rapid click all three charges, drop it, pick up another from your bag and do it again.

Some people got overly click happy with the mod rods and died. Always fun to watch.
FyreGarnett 17 years ago
rofl - i'm not sure the explanation was in english either, mai!!! why do i get the feeling i missed out on something?
Kindal 17 years ago
Mana stones.. mmmhmmm..
Lower guk trains....
"Need help with hand in ass!"--man I loved guk...
Being on the frenzied ghoul list... for 9 hours....
people falling into those holes in vox's room and getting wtfpwnt by the spiders and crap, then having to spend 3 hours extra clearing all that shit and getting their bodies...
Field of bone being the greatest n00b zone ever...
Multi questing epic 1.0's on to level 5's and wtfpwning everything in sight..
running around Trakanon's Teeth with rangers trying to get your seb key...
Exploring Veeshan's peak for the first time.
Lake of Ill Omen Sarnak trains... shit those rocked...
The first AoW kills... god he was a beast back then..
Exploring Temple of Veeshan..
Killing the dain, didnt we just hate the double hammer dain? good lord..
Training Vindi onto Eternal Flames while they preped for Tormax and wiping them out with 90% of the arena chasing me.
Paludal Caverns... the new field of bone...
running around in the grey for the first time ever and not realizing you had an air bar.. haha
wondering how the hell Mons Letalis could have air, but suddenly, you're in a vaccum....
Making massive trains in the grey and zoning into ssraeshza temple to prevent other people from zoning in.
Cursed races...
Emp keys...
VT.. that was gay...
The day that Harmtouch was broken and was an instant cooldown.. that was fucking bomb as hell..
All the Planar progression for PoP..
Time raids woowoo.

Man.. I miss those days..
Calimaryn 17 years ago
LB and I did not give up on UO when EQ1 first came out. So we started several months after release and missed quite a bit. We were in our late 30's early 40's when Kunark came out. That was when I realized playing a warrior sucked for me and switched to cleric. From then on, I basically leveled in Kunark after 15 in Faydwer. I recall the walls in most major dungeons/raid areas but not the names. I recall camping for my goddamned sprinkler in the dungeon, then outside for the spawn and getting it snatched by an asshole who could mobilize his guild faster. Finally I got the blasted thing when they changed it AGAIN to a collect and turn in. Complete heal chains, walls, floors, chewing Mod Rods and begging for twitch.

Raiding ToV and listening to Furor yell at the whole FoH guild about how to do something in another wing. Man that guy was irate. haha I liked killing Stumpy in Time. Anything more than click 7 and count was good.

Honestly? The most memorable thing was when EQClerics had a thread about being on strike and vacation. That thread rocked. I kept RP'ing cooking the wildlife. haha
Darsa 17 years ago
What?? VT didn't suck, it was awesome! Granted, the trash in between the good mobs was BORING... but the loot was so good (then) that it took FOREVER to do the distribution, and my husband and I... well, we found things to do while people were bidding...

... those were good times. REALLY good times
ROzbeans 17 years ago
HA, I used to make sigs during raids. /snort
Vebran 17 years ago
Ah, my favorite memory of EQ was faction charming in Western Wastes. I even managed to get Klandicar to kill the roaming red dragon, that was a feat. Never could get Sontalak killed though, shamefully I didn't know the secret. I didn't use MQ until the very end, when running to the tables in POF for the thousandth time was just no fun. (Managed to make about 1.5-2k bucks by selling the plat from all the dragonhide, spells and other gear from those dragons, that was just a byproduct fo the farming, I just loved being the only person in the zone and taking down all the dragons that I could.)