June 2007 - TAC Presents Exalted Crayon ---> Rikr!!!

This month, we would like to take a moment to salute Rikr, who has been with us since the early days of TAC and is highly deserving of recognition!

Rikr is more than a mere member of TAC – he is one of the creative forces that make this community what it is. From his hilarious but insightful commentary in open chat to his eye catching avatars and witty sigs, you can’t help but be drawn to Rikr’s unique charm. And let’s not forget his artistic talent, combined with a sense of adventure that serves as a fine example to all of the artists here. TAC simply wouldn’t be the same without Rikr’s delightful presence.

Rikr is one of our most well rounded contributors. He was an original brownie club member, proudly displaying his special brown crayon for all to see. He stuck his neck out and played in the first ever mafia game. He is a supporter, an artist, a gamer, and an all around great guy. Of course, let’s not forget that he’s also ‘sofa king sexy’. And now his name will go down in TAC history as June’s Exalted Crayon!

-- Verileah

Portrait rendered by Rozbeans, Postwork by Vex.

ROzbeans 15 years ago

Congratulations, our Brownie King! /hug!!!!!
Wystro 15 years ago
Woooohoooooo! Rikr! All hail the king!

*hails king*
Den 15 years ago
Gratz Rikr!!!
Merreck 15 years ago
Laschae 15 years ago
Rae 15 years ago
Congrats Rikr!
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
woohoo!!! congrats!!
Eve 15 years ago
Gratz Rikr!
Temprah 15 years ago
Congrats Rikr!!!
Rikr 15 years ago
Hoofah!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!! I am speechless.............

Thank you all very very much! You know when I first came to TAC it was back in EQ! (which by the way I started a new acct in EQ....I know, I know, but it helps pass some down time. Noob land bringing back some memories. ) I wandered onto the hate board, and noticed some awsome sig's of some of the posters. I saw "www.theangrycrayon.com" on a couple of the sigs, and thought to myself, I wish I could do something like that for me. I decided to stop by TAC and check it out. Humbled, I asked Roz if she minded if I emulate some of her work. She of course said she said she didnt mind. Maybe it's because how much I gushed over her sigs.....maybe she was too scared to say no. LOL

With her advice as well as all of the other contributors here, I started making sigs...and at times, making them like there was no tomorrow. With all of your help making sigs, and the CC that followed, it helped me generate enough of them to pay for my two epics in EQ.

I want to thank each and every one of you all from my first day until now, for the fun, lots of laughs, the creativeness, the education, thought invoking conversation, and most of all your friendship. Without the friendship TAC wouldn't be what it is to me today. Thank you Roz (and supporters) for keeping TAC going, thank you Verileah for the great write up , thank you Roz and Vex for the awsome pic! (background music kicks in as my time is up) And thank you to everyone who visits TAC on a daily basis. Your presence really makes this place special.

Thanks again everyone!!

aka Rikr

edited in a thank you to Roz for the render!!!
Verileah 15 years ago
*grins* Gratz Rikr! May this month be filled with...exaltation!
SnowDragon 15 years ago
Congrats Rikr!!!!!
Sarah 15 years ago
Yay! Congrats!!!!!!
Mai 15 years ago
Congratulations Rikr! 2 We're glad you hang out with us, share your art, funny av finds, tutorials, and good humour.

Now play some more mafia!
Rikr 15 years ago
Now play some more mafia!
I will. I did play the first one, I'm such a horrible writer that I've shied (sp?) away.
Asha 15 years ago
Congratulations Rikr
Mai 15 years ago

All that's truly needed is clue finding/finger pointing skills. I believe someone got me lynched in Haunted Mansion with stick figure drawings

Congratz again, Rikr! 2
Den 15 years ago
yea...if you can point the finger well, you've got it made
Calimaryn 15 years ago
Many congratulations Rikr!!