September 2007 - TAC Presents Exalted Crayon -> ADIENE!

The Exalted Crayon of the Month for September goes to someone who is as sweet and generous as she is talented. She has created tutorials for spell effects, ear morphs to turn our Poser people into elves, and she puts the A in VAMP. Oh and did I mention she sees dead people? Well, something like that anyway! It is my pleasure to announce that the Exalted Crayon of the Month goes to Adiene!

Adi was one of those folks we met at SMMO, and drug her over kicking and screaming so she could say fuck with us. I kid, I kid! Actually, it was her art that grabbed my attention first and foremost, but it didn't take long before I grew to love the nut behind the art even more than the art itself. Not to say I don't still adore her art, because she's one of my favorite artists around, she just happens to be a very adorable gal. Not only can she morph the hell out of our Poser figures, make pretty textures, and pretty pictures with 3d, the girl can paint, too!

Your gift!

ROzbeans 16 years ago
Congratulations Adi! Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork on TAC and your generosity in sharing your VAMP products (along with Vex) with the Cool Club members as well. Adi's always been a goofy and breath of fresh air here on TAC and we're happy to have her as a member.

Sabby 16 years ago
YAYAYAY! Go Adiene! The above posted couldn't be more true, you are one of the bestest.

tamaelia 16 years ago
Yay for Adi! She is the bestest buddy I agree with what Eve said... who couldn't fall in love with this nutter? She is one of the sweetest and most funloving souls I have had the privilege to meet online. I am very glad to have met her and am grateful every time I get to chat with her on AIM *hugs the goofball*
Flaria 16 years ago

I agree with everyone else, even though I'm just new. Lol. Congratulation Adi! Much love from me.

Merreck 16 years ago
Woot! Congrats Adi!
SnowDragon 16 years ago
Woot! Congrats Adi! You deserve it.
Laschae 16 years ago
Yay grats Adiene.
Janthin 16 years ago
Hooray! You've been one of my fave artists since I first saw your work. You have a special flair, and a great talent.
Den 16 years ago
That's awesome Adiene!! Gratz hon!
Temprah 16 years ago
Yaaay Adi!!! A very well deserved congrats to you girl!
Lessa 16 years ago
: yay Adi!
Adiene 16 years ago
Fucking yay ! A thread all about ME!! ... :P *snickers*

Thanks for the wonderful goodies. My friend has already complimented me on my new desktop hehe.

Thank you for all the kind words, makes me fell all warm and fuzzy like o.O ( This stuff last long egads~!?! ) You guys are totally going to ruin my "mean girl" rep with all this mushy stuff!! *shakes fist*

Thanks most for the support!! You guys are great, without the support/encouragement from you all I doubt I would be where I am today. Probably still be fiddling around with nekkid girls found in folders trying to become contortionists on my desktop~! o.O Not that nekkid girl contortionists on my desktop is a bad thing and all ... Mmmmmmmm *shifty*

*huggels them all to pieces*
Onimi 16 years ago
thats awesomeness! congrats Adi! and dont worry we all know your fucking mean as hell!
Adiene 16 years ago
die , ya bastard! :X /bite
Darsa 16 years ago



Very well deserved; you da bomb
Verileah 16 years ago
Woot, grats! Quite deserved, I'm glad you made your way over here to raise some fucking hell!
Rikr 16 years ago
WOOT ADI ! Congratulations on this award!
Asha 16 years ago
Congrats Adi
Sarah 16 years ago
Yay! Congratulations!!!!

I'm so excited for you!
Tor 16 years ago
Good show!