What's on your christmas (or other gift giving holiday) list?

I have my birthday two weeks before christmas, so I am hoping I get what I want.. *crosses fingers*

This is first.. Im wanting a motherboard so I can start buying other upgrades for my poor old comp.. it hasnt had anything new to wear in a year and a half


After that Ill go about getting the rest of what it needs!

I would love to be able to mark some things off my ever growing wishlists at rendo and daz and other stores, but people tend to want to give things you can unwrap, so it isnt likely hehe.

Im moving somplace theres snow.. and ive never been in snow for more than an hour or two at a time.. so I prolly need like, cold weather clothes or shoes or something.. no clue Im gonna mourn my flip flops this winter..

Vex 16 years ago
snow is fucking COLD.

i like coldness, but wow. i forgot how cold the shit is. Its like so cold it burns. so yeah gloves are great. and scarves, and waterproof shoes for sure.

Speaking of coldness - I'm hoping for some nice long sleeve sweat shirts, thermal socks and whatnot. all i have are tank tops... doesn't do much to battle the freeze. and blankets aren't that appropriate in public.

otherwise, i'm pretty content with what i've gotten. My mom got me an iMac through a rewards program, which was an awesomely pleasant surprise.

I bought myself photoshop CS3 - and Leopard 10.5 for my macs.

I hope for not gaining 10 lbs when I go to my bf's parents. they make evil evil food.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
The bad thing about having a two income family is that I give into every 'oh i want that' whim so that when my birthday and Christmas roll around - there isn't anything I don't already have =x Mike freaks out when I say I want things that are pretty specific in taste. Like last year he bought me the kinetic watch I've been watching for 10 years...only to have me turn around and exchange it for a different style. That hurt his feelings and I don't blame him. I'm too hard to shop for =x
Lolanae 16 years ago
We've asked for gift cards to help with a camcorder purchase. Being military, that's one of the easiest ways to apease the parental units with the arrival of this baby.

I'd also like this kid out in time to be home by Christmas. lol
Vishanti 16 years ago
I got a lot of what I demanded when I was younger. Kinda grew out of it, and don't feel comfortable ever asking for stuff. Actually kinda overcompensate by splurging too frequently on other people.

Instead of hoping I get something, I just went out and bought myself a Wii, 6 games, a second set of controllers, and two Zapper enclosures. That all resides in a friend's house since he's got a better TV/sound system than I do (and I dislike guests since I don't live alone). Because I leave so much of my expensive stuff with him, he gave me a key to his house so I can come and go as I please to make use of it. His heater died, so he's been carrying around a small ceramic one everytime he moves around the house. I bought him another one that'll heat his entire room instead of just the person sitting in front of it. He should find it when he gets home tomorrow.

Also ordered a new phone. No, not an iPhone. Too many reasons for me not to get one of those. Instead, I got an overpriced non-smartphone. Calls, photos, text/pic messages, and music (in that order) are what I use my phone for, so I tend to go for the beefiest camera with a phone tacked on that I can find.
Darsa 16 years ago
Our family gift we rescued this weekend:


We really can't afford much for Christmas this year, so we're all going to have to be content with what we got yesterday.
Jetamio 16 years ago
*looks around her teeny weeny box sized bedroom at all the stuff she already has crammed into it*

I'm a spoiled brat. So I asked for dollars while the exchange rate is good Madison WI better watch out in February...
Sergon 16 years ago
Let's See

My Christmas is going to consist of me spending 2-3 grand on my car. Other than that I got a GPS from my stepfather and some other clothing nicknack's from mom.

Mileron 16 years ago
The only thing I want from my family is their blessing to move out.

Other than that, I want to get laid.

Mostly. Kinda. Yeah.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
You finally moving out, Mileron? Grats!
Mileron 16 years ago
You finally moving out, Mileron? Grats!


I just want their blessing. Cuz then when I say "okay I am" they don't hem and haw and try shit to keep me.

edit: besides, if I were moving out, I'd probably spam all contacts on my IM lists, and there'd be a big post with lots of blinking emotes and...
Den 16 years ago

I just want their blessing. Cuz then when I say "okay I am" they don't hem and haw and try shit to keep me.

edit: besides, if I were moving out, I'd probably spam all contacts on my IM lists, and there'd be a big post with lots of blinking emotes and...

...some day there will be all manner of blinking, and emoting, and such
Rikr 16 years ago
There are lots of things I want, but will never get. All the stuff I want costs too much for people to actually buy. This year, the only thing we want is Alexis to keep getting bigger, and staying healthy, so she can come home hopefully mid January. Steph and I will probably buy ourselves something with the income tax we get back, as our Christmas present to ourselves.
Onimi 16 years ago
a computer =( yeah that was easy. lol wait wait or a new CAR! yeah like i said easy stuff! lol
Sarah 16 years ago
A Day at the Spa. *drools just thinking about a big strong man rubbing her down and cucumber circles on her eyes.*
Sergon 16 years ago
I did however finally break down and get a laptop top because Im going back to school and we dont have the room for my desktop.

Compaq Dual Core/2GB DDR/120HD/DVD-r/Vista (Gasp) and it was a good deal. After all the rebates and coupons I spent $550 . I hate to say it but I am liking Vista so far.

Vex 16 years ago

i said that for like 3-4 months.

i just reformatted back to XP pro. i plan on using it til 2009 or whatever. when the next "windows" comes out - if i'm still using windows by then. i might just say fuck that and go all-mac.
Verileah 16 years ago
I'd really like a trip somewhere for Christmas. And...I wouldn't say no to jewelry :X. But I've told my husband I'd rather have other things and mocked those stupid diamond commercials too many times for him to think of getting me anything like that.
Den 16 years ago
Ya kno Billie...it is a woman's prerogative to change her mind

I never really liked diamonds till I got close to 30, and then I wanted them, as well as tanzanites, sapphires, rubies, and alexandrites. Never did get into emerald's much, yet I still would accept them lol.
The thing with jewelry...it looks pretty...stays pretty...and only appreciates in value.
Verileah 16 years ago
That makes me think of the thneeds from The Lorax.

*goes off to find a truffula tree to hug*