Pirate Mafia - Character Thread

Welcome to Pirate Mafia. Please post only your character bios in this thread.

There will be one Mod character, in addition to the first death, used or mentioned this game. He is known only as the Reaper. You can learn more about him in the scenario.

Your bios should contain the following information.

Captain's Name:
Ship's Name:
Ship Type:

Brief History:

Signups are from February 22 - February 28

Game begins Friday, February 29

Rae 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Bartholomew Westcott
Ship's Name: The Catfish
Ship Type: Schooner
Nationality: British
Flag: A black arching cat on a red field

Brief History:

" Mean Bart" really wasn't all that mean, but the time had proven that "Kinda Nice Bart" and "Only Somewhat Ornery Bart" didn't inspire the needed fear and intimidation into the crews of the merchant vessels that pirates preyed upon. As fate may have it, Bart was just that, a pirate. His father had hoped he'd be a doctor and his mother swore he held promise as a viola player but events conspired to lead his life down a more criminal path.

Normally Bart was fairly easy going and it was this well kept secret that made him one of the most beloved captains of all the pirate crews. Bart's men served him out of loyalty and a keen understanding of just how good they had it. In turn, they pretended to be terribly afraid of their "tyrant" captain whenever other eyes were upon them. The result was that both merchant fleets and other pirates feared coming face to face with the ginger haired seaman.
Den 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Mystique, or M
Ship's Name: Morte Bella
Ship Type: Single Masted Schooner
Nationality: Italy
Flag: A red heart, pierced through the upper right swell, and dripping blood to pool on the bottom of a black field

Brief History:
Mystique was kidnapped at the tender age of eighteen, bedded, and wed to the notorious pirate Panther Pete. She lived and learned the ways of her lord, only to turn a knife on him one night, after he had threatened to beat her for smiling at a kindly deck hand. Though she didn't kill Pete, she wounded him well enough to escape, and then plan her own 'death', before jumping overboard, and swimming to her freedom.

Once she arrived in the closest port, which Panther Pete's ship had just sailed from, she put in time, and learned even more about making a life on the sea. Odd jobs, and many lifted bags of gold fattened Mystique's coffers until she had enough to buy her own ship, and hire on a rag tag crew of misfits.

At first it was difficult to find men willing to work for a woman, but even more so, men Mystique could believe were worth even an ounce of trust. It took her three years of successful pirating to gather together a crew who honored, and respected her, as much as she valued them. Though a firm, and ambitious captain, M, as she was then known by, was also generous and fair to her crew, and all lived a life of luxury upon the Morte Bella. between sailing the seas and scuttling more ships for booty.
Four Winds 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Solomon Caine
Ship's Name: Forlorn Hope
Ship Type: Frigate
Nationality: British
Flag: A gauntleted white forearm and fist holding a broken sword on a red background. The legend "Fractus Pugnato" emblazoned in black letters underneath.

Brief History:
The Privateer Frigate known as the Forlorn Hope originally began life as the HMS Somerville, a fifth-rate Royal Navy Frigate mounting 32 to 44 guns with the main battery on a single deck.

Built for speed, maneuverability and firepower, the Somerville served primarily as a long range patrol and escort vessel in the East Indies. Assigned to the British East India Company the Somerville engaged Dutch, Portuguese and French Privateer Frigates that hunted the lucrative trade route between the Cape of Good Hope and Cape of Good Horn.

The Somerville also discouraged a variety of other pirate vessels from preying upon the British merchant ships that brought exotic spices, expensive silks, and precious metals from the British Colonies in India and Asia.

The Somerville was renamed the Forlorn Hope after narrowly repulsing a brazen attempt by three French Frigates to blockade the harbor entrance near Fort William in Bengal.

The Somerville was returning to Bengal to resupply and refit, and her Captain faced having to engage the French Frigates that were busy bombarding Fort William from offshore after destroying British ships caught by surprise in dock. Predictably the Captain ordered the Somerville to engage. The decision would prove costly, and almost fatal.

During the bitter and protracted engagement a young Second Lieutenant by the name of Solomon Caine made a name for himself when command was thrust upon him in the heat of battle. With the Captain and most of the senior officers dead or severely injured, Second Lieutenant Caine assumed command and eventually turned the tide of the battle, capturing one of the French Frigates, and crippling the other two badly enough that they were forced to withdraw.

HMS Somerville would spend almost a year in port being refitted and repaired. The Governor of Bengal would eventually promote Second Lieutenant Caine to Captain and grant him a Privateers Commission with instructions to hunt down the remaining French Frigates by any means necessary.

Renamed the Forlorn Hope, Captain Caine and crew quietly slipped out from the port of Bengal nearly a year to the day after the failed blockade by the French.

The story of the Solomon Caine, the grim faced, steely eyed Captain of the Forlorn Hope had just begun.

James Purefoy as "Solomon Kane" a Film by Michael Bassett (2008)

"I first saw the man they call Solomon Caine in Africa, many years ago.

The natives called him 'Pale Walker,' superstitious nonsense if you ask me.

Captain Caine is as much flesh and blood as you and I, even if his imposing frame and silent bearing make even the bravest tribesman uneasy in his presence.

I must admit though, it's the eyes that catch your attention. Or more accurately, when the gray-blue eyes peer out from beneath the large rimmed hat and the Captain fixes his gaze upon you.

An unpleasant sensation, and which I for one was glad soon fixated upon my own Captain who had come to entreat the aid of the enigmatic Captain Caine.

And though I did, and still do, find Captain Caine's methods distasteful, his results cannot be doubted.

A trail of looted Galleons from the Spanish Maine to burning hulks in the pirate infested seas of the Caribbean are testament to the efficiency of the Captain and his crew."
SnowDragon 16 years ago
Place Holder

Captain's Name: Caitri Ambrai-Greystone

Ship's Name: The Blind Ghost
Ship Type: Schooner
Nationality: Irish
Flag: Red Flag with an hourglass and heart pierced by a spear

Brief History:

Caitri was born in a fishing village on the coast of Ireland. She loved going out on the boat with her father as a child. When she was 12 she stole aboard a ship as a boy to avoid the marriage that was arranged for her. She worked her way up from a cabin boy to a sailor as she grew older.
She found herself on a British Navy Man-O-War when she was 16 and hating ever minute of helping the English. One night while working above deck a storm came and washed her off deck. She was eventually rescued by The Blind Ghost delusional after spending 3 days at sea with no water or food.
After 3 years of working on The Blind Ghost a mutiny was called upon the captain of the ship. She moved her way into the Captain's position after his throat was slit. She now leads a profitable life as the Captain splitting the loot agreeably between the crew and herself keeping all happy. She will not back away from a fight and does as much damage to English ships as she can.
She has long red hair and emerald cat eyes and dresses in black leather breeches, green silk shirt, black boots and a jacket with gold buttons. She always has her cutlass, flintlocks, several daggers hidden upon her and boarding ax on her. She has a wicked Irish temper and sharp tongue to match it. She is quick to end any argument with a quick tongue lashing or by slitting a throat.
Hiejinx 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Cesare (Cuirasse) Bontempe
Ship: Abiding Vengeance
Ship Type: Caravel
Nationality: West Indies
Flag: Black background, Skeleton in Vitruvian Man pose above a puddle of blood, wielding a dripping cutlass in each bony hand.

Brief History: Cesare began his sea days on a small sloop in the Caribbean after being pressganged by the Spanish. Even though he realized it was partially his fault for being blind running drunk in the wrong bar at the wrong time, his anger had festered into a running score to be settled with them in particular. After 10 years as a deck mate and by being a natural mediator when he believed in the cause he ended up as the quarter master under Captain Sandrigan. His reputation for being as fair as possible for bounty dispersal and for being protective of the men when he led boarding parties had earned him the nickname “Cuirasse”.

After they took the ship, Soldado, from Captain Dirk Chiren, Cesare took on the captaincy of that Caravel. He renamed this ship the “Abiding Vengeance” as he took particular delight in capturing Spanish ships as they sailed to and from Spain and Panama. One of his biggest regrets was losing the Atocha off the coast of Key West during a hurricane. Having been raised in St. Lucia he was intimately familiar with the sand bars, the coves and other hiding places throughout the Lesser and Greater Antilles and used those to his great advantage.

His verbal skills had also earned him several letters of marque which he used indiscriminately depending on which countries’ ships were the targeted prey. He and his crew plied the sea lanes throughout the Caribbean making runs between Port Royal and the islands with a preference for the Windward islands.
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Bunny's placeholder.

Captain's Name: The Dread Pirate Rabbit (aka. Nola Seung)
Ship's Name: Spite
Ship Type: Kobukson
Nationality: Mixed - Korean, English
Flag: Quarterly, Sable three orange mock flowers in pale Or, and Purpure two bleeding amaranth in Argent, with a border of Ermines.

Brief History:

The Dread Pirate Roberts took no survivors. Not usually anyway. But lately it seemed like the rules were meant to be broken. Oh well. They were more like a guideline, anyway. When Nola found herself captive on the pirate ship Revenge, the savvy lass of questionable heritage quickly figured out how to make herself valuable. The Dread Pirate Roberts valued canniness and cleverness. Nola had both in spades and she used her wits to figure out the mystery behind the so-called Dread Pirate.

Not the plundering. Obviously, not that. In fact, the Dread Pirate seemed to make his living relying solely on reputation alone. Ships had only to see the Revenge on the horizon and the crew damn near formed a bucket brigade to dump loot and swag ino teh hold of the Revenge. No, plundering was not the key to the success of the Revenge. It was secrecy.

Through careful searching, Nola eventually discovered that the current Dread Pirate Roberts was certainly not the first to own that name. In fact, he wasn't even a very good pirate when puch came to shove. What he was was clever, and he pulled off a passable impression of a Dread Pirate. Passable enough, anyway, that he was taken seriously.

When Nola confronted him with her suspicion he laughed heartily and thumped her on the back as he would any good lad or lass. Thus she earned her stay of execution, for the time being. It soon became readily apparent to Nola that she herself could have a future in calculated piracy. Why not? There was no place for her in so-called "society," not when she was the cast-off bastard granddaughter of a particularly well-loved monarch. Why should she suffer as a nobody and a common tavern wench when she could let her wits lead her to a far better end?

Her grandfather had no use for her, not mixed-breed as she was, and certainly not female. No reputable tavern would employ her and she had no desire to be a whore forever. Being captured while on a slave ship bound for the Americas was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Before long, Nola had hatched her plan and planted it in Roberts' (All right, we know his name isn't -really- Roberts but we'll keep using it for the sake of anonymity) head... what could be better than a Dread Pirate Roberts? TWO Dread Pirate Roberts!

It was little enough matter for Nola to obtain a ship afetr serving an appropriate apprenticeship with Roberts. She was perfectly willing to do all the backstabbing required of her. No matter the dirty work, Nola was determined to rely on piracy as a way to live the life she desired. What else for her?

The deal was simple: Half the world for Roberts, half the world for Nola. And with her dark skin, tip-tilted eyes, and obviously Asian features, Nola knew which half hers was to be.

So they mispronounced the name a little bit... it didn't matter. When reputation failed, the Dread Pirate Rabbit took the initiative Roberts never could, plundering and scourging the eastern seas to her hearts' content. The dark-haired little spitfire at the bow was soon to be feared and respected in her own right, and Nola knoew it wouldn't be long before she, too, was training her replacement and looking for an appropriate island to settle on.
Merreck 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Santiago Ortiz
Ship's Name: Huracán (Hurricane)
Ship Type: Sloop
Nationality: Spanish
Flag: Two crossing spears on a black background.

Brief History:
At 14 years old Santiago was living a life of reckless abandon. He didn’t know what the next hour held in store for him, let alone the next day. Having escaped from an orphanage two years before, he was enjoying his careless freedom. Santiago was, however, homeless and jobless, so his primary source of income was what he could steal from unsuspecting individuals.

One fateful day Santiago saw a man in town he has never seen before. This man eccentric to say the least, and very elaborately dressed with many gold pieces of jewelry. Santiago followed the man all day, waiting for an opportunity to steal a piece of jewelry or money from this man. Finally the man went into a tavern. Santiago followed, and to his delight the man had taken off his rings and placed them near his hat and pistol while he ate. Just as he was about to go in and take his prize, the man caught Santiago by the wrist.

The man, who happened to be Captain José Ortiz, realized that Santiago was just a boy and took pity on him. Instead of killing the poor boy, he just gave him a good beating. Santiago took this beating without any show of emotion, and this impressed José. It was here that Santiago was introduced to piracy, and worked as a common sailor aboard the Huracán for many years. José began to regard Santiago as a son and eventually gave him his last name.

It wasn’t until 20 years later that José was removed of his title as captain. In his old age he had gone soft, according to the other pirates, and the only thing they had been actively pursuing were brothels. Santiago’s thirst for riches hadn’t changed since his pick-pocketing days, and was the most vocal in his desire to more aggressively hunt for treasure. He was voted to the position of captain by the other sailors, and has made sure the Huracán lives up to its name as something that should be feared and respected on the high seas.
MEC 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Colonel James O'Connor
Ship's Name: No Leaf Clover
Ship Type: Large Frigate
Nationality: England
Flag: English flag w/ skull and crossbones laid over.

Brief History: The pirate James O'Connor has a strong allegiance to the English forces. to put it simply, they provide crew and turn a blind eye to his action, and he plunders enemy cities and turns control over to the English. This has brought him largely against the Spanish who dominate the sea. The animosity between the Spanish and O'Connor dwarfs that of any other nation. The best example of this is the absurd reward that the Spanish have on his head. It should also be noted that O'Connor typically doesn't usually involve himself in fighting other pirates, unless they get in his way. Other than looting cities and conquering in the name of England, O'Connor one day wishes to obtain a Ship of the line. Weather by Piracy or by Purchase makes no differance. O'Connor is young, and ambitious. He has a goatee, which is blondish in contrast to his brown hair and is just over 6 feet tall.


James sits at an open table with two chairs opposite each other, laid out on the table is a very large full English breakfast. The door into the elaborately decorated room opens, and a short man enters in.

"Jack, you've finally arrived. What happened, you were due in two nights ago?"

"Yes, we hit a storm on our way, it slowed us down considerably."

"Well, no worry. I don't usually wait around to meet the new Governor, especially when they fail at punctuality. But given our history, I made it a point to stay. How is Isabella?"

"Thank you kindly for staying, I find the opportunities we have to meet quite enjoyable. As for Isabella, she is quite well, apart from the seasickness. It was a miserable journey for her, she's quite glad it's over."

"Please, sit, eat."

"This is a very large meal, is the economy here that strong?"

It is a fairly wealthy settlement, I also made a note to take less than the normal amount when I found that you would be stationed here. Congratulations on becoming a Governor by the way. The men were at first upset, but then they realized that we would have an extended shore leave here and their spirits quickly rose."

"Don't mention it, In fact, please keep it quite. I wouldn't want potential Governors pestering me."

"Of course, of course.", Jack stated, and to change the subject quickly added, "I do bring some news from England."


"First, it has been heard that the Spanish have raised the bounty on your head to fifty thousand pieces of eight."

"Indeed? That's quite a large sum, it might be quite profitable to collect my own bounty."

After a short round of laughter Jack asks, "I am quite curious as to how you avoid anyone collecting the bounty."

"It's very simple, we destroy any pirate hunters that approach us."

"What if the crew mutinies for the reward?"

"We plunder too much gold for the crew to mutiny, and if a single individual were to attempt to do anything, he would be facing the entire crew. Besides, I am far too valuable of an asset to England, and anyone who would do such a thing would be labeled a traitor and hunted down."

"Interesting. Well, here is the other bit of news."

Jack waves his hand and a servant brings a sealed letter to James. The room remains silent for the few minutes that James studies the letter. When finished James turns to the crewman standing in the room.

"Inform the crew that it is time to divide the plunder, also assemble the elite crew onto the "No Leaf Clover", we will disembark shortly."

Darsa 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Darsa- noone has heard mention of a surname for her
Ship's Name: Riegue Caballo
Ship Type: A Barbary Corsair
Nationality: She prowls the waters of the Mediterranean Sea; no known homeland
Flag: Blood-red water-horse (hippocamp) on a black field

Brief History: Darsa was born belowdecks of the ship Bane of Atlantis, Captained by her father, Barack Longhands; her mother, a whore taken during a shore leave for the captain's pleasure, shortly after her birth, leapt overboard while in the middle of the Meditteranean. No concerted effort was placed in retrieving her, though Darsa became the fiercely-guarded pampered princess of the boat; the sailors believing her to be good fortune for them. Which it certainly seemed to be; the ship was extremely successful in their forays, plundering and pillaging and so forth. She barely set foot on solid dry ground in all of her years, spending no more than a week or two ashore before embarking again.

During one of her visits ashore, she witnessed a race among the wealthy, thoroughbred horses straining to outdo the others. She was enchanted; every trip to dry land, she made a point to seek out the horses and witness their grace, beauty and strength.

As she grew, she steadily amassed her own fortune, by means that were less than honest. She managed to pilfer a coin here and there when booty was brought aboard, and slowly, slowly her stash grew until it was too large to hide aboard safely. She noticed that they seemed to frequent a particular portside town, visiting the portside town once every couple of months or so. She searched the town until she found a reputable goldsmith who began an account for her which she kept track of diligently, threatening the life of the smith when her numbers did not *quite* match his, and assuring his honesty. Her pilfering grew more stealthy and more rewarding as she aged, and learned what would be more profitable to take.

Eventually she had enough of her own to be able to decide her fate as an adult, and she had many options given her hidden wealth. She suspected that more than one of the crew had an idea that she was lining her coffers, and she knew no other life than on the sea, which she loved like it was her mother. She planned her next steps carefully; she managed to sink the Atlantis while only a mile or so from shore, and just after leaving her particular port. She was the only survivor, strangely enough; there was only one dinghy aboard that was seaworthy, thanks to her diligent efforts, and she knew which one that was. The ship's cook managed to clamber in with her, who she dispatched with her 18th birthday present, a silver-hilted stiletto, and shoved overboard.

It was simple work for her to row to shore. She spent a little time at that dockside town; she learned to read which she felt would assist her in assuring the honesty of others, and assist her in her dishonesty. She then set about finding a ship and crew for her own.

Many years later Darsa is sailing among the pirates as a respected and somewhat feared Captain; her casual disregard for those not of her crew is legendary. She has long, dark red hair, now streaked with grey, which she usually kept pulled back in a sensible braid. She did like to let it down now and again, to flow in the wind like her own banner. Her eyes are keen and the deep greenblue of the water as they leave the shallows, lined at the corners with squinting into the wind and sun. Her skin is pale and freckled, and she keeps an apothecary hired to concoct mixtures that would save her fair skin from the sun. A single visible scar lines her face from her left earlobe to her chin; the surgeon who stitched it did an amazing job and she is proud of the thin line proclaiming that she is a fighter, and is more than willing to tell the tale of what she did to the sailor who gave her that mark. She keeps herself as fit as she could, as she knows her physical strength and agility will help keep her alive and a contender among so many men. She dresses well normally, unless they expect a fight; she loves fine fabrics and colors. No parrot sat atop her shoulder, nor a monkey or any other animal. The only animal she holds in high esteem was the majestic, proud horse, far too large to accompany her.

Her wealth is something noone knows the extent of, not even the closest members of her crew; she prefers it that way and keeps the information guarded closely. Her current assignation, obtained at a random port they had recently visited, intrigued her and promised to possibly be the most profitable venture yet. She looked forward to it; scanning the parchment she received while at port often.
nickenstien 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Captain Ginger Ears.
Ship's Name: The good ship Very Lea
Ship Type: Stolen Flagship Galleon of the Andorran National Navy
Nationality: English
Flag: A 'C' with a 'G' and an 'E' in it

Brief history

Cornelius Garibaldi Ermintrude is the orphan son of a master cheese-maker and a lowly serving wench. From infancy he was instilled with a passion for the intricacies of after-dinner dairy produce manufacturing, with a particular fondness for flamboyant wax rind sculpture.

At the tender age of 15 he was left hideously disfigured as a result of a drunken and misguided curding experiment in the backroom of the family cheese shop. Both of his parents were drowned/burnt to death in a torrent of hot fondue.

Fortunately Cornelius managed to survive the incident. However, amidst all of the thrashing he lost all four of his limbs, his sense of smell, his tongue, and less importantly both of his eyes.

As a blind torso, he was unfairly banished from the Old Bristolien cheesemakers guild, and duly sought work on the docks. After a brief stint as the doorstop at the Old-Gristle&Phlegm (a very fancy establishment) he eventually found a loftier post as the lookout aboard the Saucy-Sue, under the command of the fearsome Captain HornSwaggler. Being blind didn‘t come as much of a handicap in this capacity, as if he ever did shout “Land Ahoy!“ it would have been pointless anyway, as HornSwaggler was stone deaf.

On a jaunt around the Dominican Republic he served as lookout on several successful raids. Along the way he befriended a rather talkative parrot with an eye for the ladies. Cornelius is not very imaginative, and so he named his new chum ‘Dominic’.

As a reward for his many years of service, Captain HornSwaggler commissioned a coastal woodsmith to fashion Cornelius a new set of wooden limbs. (However the woodsmith was rubbish, and left Cornelius with two stump-arms, and two hooked feet). Now able to walk (sort of), Cornelius stumbled into town and got into a bit of a brawl that ended in the loss of his parrot’s leg. To cheer himself up he indulged in a little bit of harmless rape, and then forced a lowly seamstress to fashion him two eye patches and a miniature pirate hat for his squawky companion.

Now complete with duel-eye-patches and a horny parrot, Cornelius set about a new life of piracy and plundering.

Through his many Swashbuckling escapades he earned himself a fearsome and blood-curdling piratey name, based on the one feature that distinguished him from other piratey types - the slightly gingery hair that sprung from his ears.

Captain Ginger Ears was born!
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
Parrot's Name: Dominic the Parrot
Captain's Name: Captain Ginger Ears
Ship's Name: The Good Ship Very Lea
Ship Type: Stolen Flagship Galleon of the Andorran National Navy
Nationality: Dominican
Flag: A 'C' with a 'G' and an 'E' in it

Brief History

Dominic was born to two loving parrots, Martha and Barnstaple, in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Sporting lovely green plumage with an sexually attractive large red patch on his neck, Dominic rapidly became a hit with the ladies all over the island.

It was during his womanising adventures across the island that Dominic found the rotten corpse of the once fearsome pirate, Captain Dreadnought. There, amidst the remains of his tunic, was a parchment - scrawled upon it the location of Dreadnought's gold - rumoured to be the greatest bounty ever!

Dominic dreamed of a life piratical. If he could find the bounty, he'd be famous! He could have his own ship, his own shipmates of parrots and monkeys, and his own tasty first-mate with massive knockers! But how to get started, humble parrot that he was?

A chance encounter with Captain Ginger Ears, the famous fearsome pirate gave him the opportunity. Dominic needed a shoulder on which to perch, and Captain Ginger Ears needed a parrot to complete his pirattey image.

It was during their first battle together that Dominic lost his right leg. Fortunately Captain Ginger Ears was able to fashion a little peg leg for him out of a chicken bone that was left over from dinner. To complete Dominic's new pirattey image, Captain Ginger Ears forced a lovely young (possibly illegal) seamstress that he raped (her dad wasn't happy) on a routine pillage to sew Dominic a little pirattey hat. It was either that or have her killed.

His pirate image complete and a taste of real piracy, and Dominic's first steps to becoming Captain Dominic the Fearless had begun! Now to find that treasure!

Likes & Dislikes

Dominic likes crackers, large breasts, spotting distant land, preening, whistling, and repeating what people say around him but with a loud "BWAAAARK!" beforehand to signify that it is Dominic speaking (to avoid confusion).

Dominic hates cheese scones, any dessert involving raisins, and buxom ladies in unnecessarily unrevealing attire.
Vudu 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Captain Cristo AKA Monte
Ship's Name: Quillette
Ship Type: Brigantine
Nationality: French
Flag: a white Quillette bird on a blue blackground

Brief History: Captain Cristo start out as a young lad on a ship with his father. He knew the seas very well for his father was a trader. Monte being on this ship was a star gazer planning out the quickest routes by the stars and making maps for the trip back to port. Monte was also an attack artist. He was known for his fighting style. His father always trained Monte how to defend incase of an attack from pirates but now he is the pirate. His father died from Black beard himself. Monte swore on that day he will look for him and swear on his life he will draw blood on Black Beard or die trying to kill him. His ship is a unigue design making it seem thats its slow being a big ship and hiding its sails. The trick is that its fast depending on what sails are out. Cristo has made a unigue design thats hides his face from the men on the water by pulling strings and changing the sails. His ship can only be caught by hopes and dreams and who ever shall have the head of Captain Cristo shall have this fast flying ship the Quillette. Till this day though no one stands in the way of Cristo for his techniques are hardly seen for the fog seems to never dwell far from Captain Cristo's ship. His famous line as a warning to all pirates. When the fog draws in and the it smells like blood look toward the depths of the sea because thats where he'll put you.
Laire 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Trepidation Morose ('Tre')
Ship's Name: Salacious
Ship Type: Single-masted sloop
Nationality: Scot
Flag: A Burgundy Flag with a Black Skull and White Swords instead of the traditional crossing bones.

Brief History:
Tre was the only child of Robert Mores, a notoriously bad pirate with a yellow streak instead of a black heart. Tre hated life on his ship, as it was clearly deemed an unlikely place for a woman to be, but she swallowed her pride and worked in the Scully and kept the books for her father. In her 18th year her father passed away from Scurvy and left the Salacious in her care. She quickly ordered the boat to dock and publically "retired" the Sloop from the seas stating that the Open Seas were no place for a Lady. After waiting a year she cut her hair and adopted the movements of a young captain who recently aquired the Sloop from it's Mistress. Hiring a whole new crew she set out and to this day maintains the appearance of Tre Morose and has garnered a reputation for being only after one dream, turning the Seas bloody and black in her wake.

DigitalKisses 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Angela "Angel" Maria Tasman
Ship's Name: Emerald Princess
Ship Type: Schoener *grin*
Nationality: Caribbean with Dutch and African blood (mix)
Flag: Emerald Green with skull holding emerald gems in both eye sockets

Brief History:

Angel was born and raised on the island of Curacao, her father was a rich Dutch ship's captain working for the VOC while her mother was a former black slave who through the years made herself a good living selling clothes and other trinkets in her little shop in Willemstad.

The moment her parents met it was love and first sight, the wealthy ships captain knew right away that this was the woman of his dreams, he settled on Curacao and they had one daughter; "Angela".

Being born and raised on the island and being an only child gave Angel everything she wanted, but that wasn't enough for the strong willed, stubborn, spoiled girl, she wanted it all, adventure, a life of her own and like her daddy her own ship, to say her daddy wasn't happy when she turned to piracy would be an understatement.

Raising her own crew using her dad's good name to get the best men available she set out to make a name for herself, setting up illegal trade and having her unique own way in getting what she wanted using her beauty and charm, combined with her famous Dutch trading skills.

Angel never had any problems keeping and most important keeping her crew happy, they respected her for her intelligence and amazing insight in any situation, they will stand by their captain no matter what, even till death.

Angel is fluent in both Dutch and English being raised bi-language and also speaks the typical Caribbean tongue.

lemmy101 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Cpt. John 'Squirrel Lips' Jessop
Ship's Name: Moira Stuart's Mauve Envelope
Ship Type: Rowing Boat
Nationality: English
Flag: :’(

Brief History:

John Jessop was born to a pig farmer and a slop mopper in Cornwall. He had a pretty unremarkable childhood until the age of six, when his life was turned upside down after his father--who had been blinded years earlier by an unfortunate squinting related accident--sold John to a Parisian butcher after confusing him with one of his pigs.

John narrowly survived the crazy Frenchie’s meat clever, escaping with only one nose, half an eye, six toes, a knee, and six tenths of his spleen. Bloodied and deformed, the child staggered around the streets of Paris until he happened upon an drug addict surgeon named Monsieur Le Surgeon (though probably with some accented letters) who envisioned the entire medical field of cybernetics centuries ahead of its time during one of his opium induced stupors.

Of course, titanium alloys were not in abundance in his day, so Monsieur Le Surgeon had to improvise. He set to work, and John Jessop was changed forever. His ribcage had been replaced with an old oak rum barrel, his left arm was his own flesh and bone that had been grafted onto the barrel using some kind of gluey stuff, while the right was replaced entirely with a wooden socket allowing for all manner of useful attachments; such as a cutlass, musket, a cast iron pillaging rod and a harlot tickler.

John grew up in the service of Le Surgeon, who used his adopted son’s unique physical attributes to brew wine which he then sold on for profit. It was when John came of age that he decided to leave home, and so he jumped into the sea, leaving fate to decide where the tides would now take him.

He drifted in the open ocean for six years, surviving purely by drinking sea water (which due to his wooden kidneys was perfectly safe to do) and feasting on any curious fish that got trapped in his barrel chest looking for whatever it is fishes like to eat. He was eventually hauled aboard the Golden Sunset, a Man-o-War captained by the most fearsome pirate on the high seas, Bad Tempered Willie, who allowed him to stay aboard the ship as one of his crew.

And boy was Bad Tempered Willie bad tempered! Sometimes he would get all annoyed if people said anything about his beard, which grew a little patchily on his face, and he’d even swear and threaten to flick seawater in their eyes if they didn’t stop it! In short, he was a fearsome old sea dog!

The crew took an instant liking to Jessop, nicknaming him Squirrel Lips on account of the fact he didn’t have any lips (and neither do squirrels). But sadly, not a week after Squirrel Lips found his new home, the entire crew drowned after a game of hide and seek got a little too competitive.

Squirrel Lips was alone, but he was now captain of his very own ship! He docked at Tortuga to hire a new crew, where he met with a cheap brothel. Little did he realize that his keys had slipped out of his pockets at some stage of the evening, and he returned to find his ship had been stolen! Oh noes! Incensed, he stole a small rowing boat from the dock, and set about on his bloody quest for vengeance!
Tor 16 years ago
Captain's Name: William Cleene
Ship's Name: Innocence
Ship Type: Sloop Of War
Nationality: English
Flag: A skeletal arm wielding an ivory mop on a snowy white field

Brief History: William Cleene was always a good boy. He had never been in a lick of trouble in his relatively young life, and was well on his way to the obscurity that his family aspired to. Professional man and maidservants were best when invisible, leaving nothing but a wake of well-polished wood and metal. A quiet young man, he was coerced into service on his way to the Colonies. His master had been taken for ransom, and William followed him to his fate, for a time. The young lord was ransomed, but William was kept on board - Mr. Cleene had made himself useful on the crossing, and the captain fancied the shine on the cannons.

Sadly, the captain was lost in an unfortunate swimming accident a short while later - the ship went to his slovenly first mate. The man enjoyed goading young William about his willingness to serve, and the crisp cut of his clothes, the shine on the cannons. He would go out of the way to make messes, and began hiring the dirtiest of the dirty to crew.

Eventually, William realized his calling. The ship must be sanitized.

In the quietest mutiny ever, William poisoned the dirtiest of the crew through their rum, and strangled their new Captain in his sleep. By the next evening, the ship was crewed only by men willing to shave and cut their hair, keep their nails clean and who bussed their own dishes. They could see the star rising, and it was sparkling and shining.

Captain Cleene had his first command. In Havana, the ship was refit in the cleanest of colors - white and blue. The hands were given their own uniforms, and instructed in their care. The old standard was removed, the new one drafted.

The ship Innocence took far more cargo with the confusion her pirate colors caused in rival crews. Fights were best avoided - they were messy affairs, and got the cannons so dirty. Still, a crew must be paid, and cleaning the seas of filth seemed to be as good a calling as any.
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
Captain's Name: Leigh Williams
Ship's Name: Aurora
Ship Type: East Indiaman
Nationality: Ship – British, Leigh – British/Dutch
Flag: Bloody sunrise crossed with sabers

Brief History: Leigh is the only daughter of Lily, a British whore and a Dutch merchantman. Leigh did not know her father, and to be honest, never really cared. He had not been prepared to acknowledge his mistress's bastard and kicked Leigh’s mother to the curb upon learning of her condition. Lily found a position in a seaside tavern, working the crowds as a barmaid in the evenings and working the men after. Leigh was something of a pet and a mascot to the regulars and found herself well protected and somewhat spoiled. She grew up listening to the stories the old sailors told, of foreign ports, great storms and blood thirsty pirates. By ten, she knew that more than anything, she wanted to sail the seas herself. Every chance she got, she could be found wandering the docks talking to anyone who would pause for more than three seconds in their work.

Captain Reynolds recognized the growing sea-lust in Leigh and offered to take her on as cabin boy before she did something stupid, like disguise herself as a boy or stowaway. He claimed her as niece, and his crew accepted her presence with few comments. She made herself as indispensable as she could and if the crew had any complaints about her, they came down to her insatiable curiosity. She was ALWAYS asking questions. Leigh spent the next 12 years on the Pelican, learning everything she could. Captain Reynolds actually owned a small fleet of 4 ships and decided that Leigh was ready to move up in the ranks. He made her First Mate on the Aurora, a position she held for 5 years.

At the age of 27, Leigh faced the first real tragedy of her life. Captain Reynolds and the crew of the Pelican were attacked by pirates. No one survived the slaughter. The captain of the Aurora, a man called Timmons, vowed they would retrieve the Pelican and hold together the Captain’s fleet. Within a month, the Aurora had found the Pelican – still in the hands of the pirates who had taken her – and fought to retrieve her. If a storm hadn’t blown up, they would have lost the Aurora as well, as they were not adequately outfitted for the fight. Captain Timmons and half a dozen men were killed.

Leigh took command and limped her damaged ship into Port Royale. The crew convinced her that the only way to get their revenge and to protect others from those who had taken the Pelican and tried to take the Aurora was to turn pirate themselves. They took down the company colors and had a new flag made up – a bloody sunrise with sabers crossed over it. Six weeks later, after all repairs and improvements had been made, the Aurora left Port Royale, ready to hunt the Pelican and any other pirates that might get in their way.
Laha 15 years ago
Captain's Name: Lilith
Ship's Name: Innocence Lost
Ship Type: First rate ship of the line,
Nationality: Mercenary/Pirate for hire, originally from Ireland
Flag: Solid blood red with a black halo like circle, the far edge of the flag is lined with tassels to give it a withered and old look.

Brief History:

The woman known only as Lilith didn't start life wanted to be a pirate, but just a little girl with a little girl's dreams, but that all changed while enroute from england to see her father's sugarcane plantation in the new world. Assaulted by pirates, captured, and then ransomed several years later had taken it's toll on her worldly views as well as her body and mind.

From that point on, a fire burned inside a soulless mass, and an indomiable will was driven to extremes to reforge a broken self into a weapon to capable of saiting it's need for vengence on the kindred of those that had robbed her of her childhood and innocence.

More agile and as equally trained in blade then any man, superbly triained with the bullwhip, and possessing a wit and insight few possessed on the seas she slowly built a following. Her ship, the Innocence Lost, an english ship of the line, first rank, came into her possession through unknown means, though legends speak that the blackest of magic was used and that the prisoners she takes from the wreckage she leaves in her wake feed it's desire.

Pained black with crimson highlights and adorned by carvings of the virgin mary crying tears, the ship, with it's black rigging and equally black sails, sends men into squalling fits of fear with it's very sight!

The Innocence Lost is a pirate hunter and equally a ship for hire. It rarely pulls into port, it's size giving it all the storage it needs to stay out to sea for more then six months at a stretch, and it's victims the supplies it needs to live on. And while it may be slower then most vessels, it's extra thick reinforced hull and 100+ cannon make short work of anything that trys to close in on it.

Like death itself, you cannot escape it eternal grasp!

General characteristics:

Displacement: 3,500 tons (3,556 tonnes)
Tons burthen: 2142 tons (2176.4 tonnes)
Length: 186 ft (56.7 m) (gundeck),
227 ft 6 in (69.3 m) (overall)
Beam: 51 ft 10 in (15.8 m)
Draught: 28 ft 9 in (8.8 m)
Depth of hold: 21 ft 6 in (7 m)
Propulsion: Sails—6,510 sq yd (5440 m²)
Sail plan: Full rigged ship
Speed: 8 to 9 knots (15 to 17 km/h) maximum
Complement: Approximately 850

Gundeck: 30 × 2.75 ton long pattern Blomefield 32 pounders (15 kg)
Middle gundeck: 28 × 2.5 ton long 24 pounders (11 kg)
Upper gundeck: 30 × 1.7 ton short 12 pounders (5 kg)
Quarterdeck: 12 × 1.7 ton short 12 pounder (5 kg)
Forecastle: 2 × medium 12 pounder (5 kg), 2 × 68 pounder (31 kg) carronade

Marines armed with muskets aloft
Armour: None, although oak hull thickness at waterline 2 ft (0.6 m)
Notes: Height from waterline to top of mainmast: 205 ft (62.5 m)
Slipnish 15 years ago
Captain's Name: Mon Claire, the Rueful Pirate

Ship's Name: Tube Rider

Ship Type: Brigantine

Nationality: French, of course!

Flag: A pink background with a light teal border. Centered is a black lionne' rampante, his mighty pectoral muscles rippling in the breeze. Just above and to the right of the lion is a tiny light teal fleur di lis. (It sort of offsets the dark, but muscular, lion. Sort of a unifying theme with the background and the border, thank you so very much. It's chic, but what would you know about it? Besides, isn't it time you LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!?!?!?)

Brief History: William "The Brat" Dresseur was shanghaied into the Pirate life at the tender age of 18. He serves under the Rueful Pirate Mon Claire, a frustrated pastry chef who turned to a life of high seas adventure when it was pointed out to him by his sister that pirates were often at sea, surrounded totally by men, for up to 8 months at a time.

After a few rough nights, and more than a few tender mornings, William took to the sea like a clam. Despite many hardships, floggings, and the weekly "Guess what I have in my pants, Young William?" Wednesdays, he managed to develop quite a few skills.

William proved to be a dead shot with a pistol, finding a pleasing symmetry in the smooth round grip of the gun. He never fails to shoot who he aims at in the face. When confronted with a blade, William prefers something with a two handed grip, despite the limited space on board a pirating vessel. Many's the time the last word heard by a boarded opponent was, "Have I got a big one for you!" screamed in the dreaded falsetto that "The Brat" uses to unnerve all of his opponents, and more than one or two of his shipmates.

William dresses to the nines, having all of his garments hand stitched and gummed for softness by the elderly ladies of the hidden cove where the Tube Rider often lies during winter. His favorite outfit is a peach, open necked shirt, bisected with a flame red, woven-cotton belt, over supple black leather pants and knee high boots.

He never wears any headgear, preferring to stand on the bow of the ship and let the winds cascade through his golden locks as he searches endlessly for the next bit of booty.

MashPotato 15 years ago
Captain's Name: Rosa
Ship's Name: The Golden Sunset
Ship Type: Man-O-War
Nationality: Haitian
Flag: Red diagonal slash on a field of black

Brief History: A worker at a cheap brothel in Tortuga since her early teens, Rosa's only escape from the regular horrors and pain of her life was music. Gifted with a beautiful voice and exceptional skills with the guitar, in the few moments she had to herself she would sing and play, and dream her fantasies of being surrounded by gold and wealth.

Every few weeks she would gather the few coins she had managed to save from the hands of the brothel keeper, and visited a witch that, they said, had the power to grant one's most ardent wish. "Not enough, not enough, my dearie!" the crone would cackle time after time. Finally Rosa in desperation asked, "what would be enough?"
"A fair trade, a fair trade! You want something, you must give up something just as precious. Just as precious..."

Some say Rosa was never seen again in Tortuga. Others say she did appear one night, weeks later--the night of the massacre at the brothel. But soon all knew of the stories of the ruthless female captain of The Golden Sunset--the captain with a slashed throat and tremendous sharpened hook in place of a her right hand.

Rosa's voice, unable to rise above the level of a whisper, soon echoed through the Caribbean: "show no mercy"... for in her desire for riches, more than just her music had been taken from her.

Likes: gold, jewels, the open sea
Hates: music of any kind, going in to port