Round 4 - OOC

Talk about stuff.

Laha 16 years ago
Is it safe to assume since there was no SK hit or vote that the SK was Soloman Cain???

Den 16 years ago
SK probably wouldn't show up till tmo a.m....maybe?
SnowDragon 16 years ago
That would be nice if we got the SK out in the last lynching. But I am not counting my chickens before they lay. I noticed Mary put in her bio that she dressed as a boy but it doesn't say anything about whether she still does like another bio did. I know that yes Caitri did as a child to get away but now that she is her own Captain and doesn't give a flying ^&*^* what others think of her being a woman she displays it proudly. (Besides she isn't running from any arranged marriages anymore LOL)
lemmy101 16 years ago
Solomon Caine was Mafia, not SK.

Santiago Ortiz might have been the SK though?

Until I see another vote thread I'm going to assume an SK is still coming.
Den 16 years ago
Getting pretty late though...
SnowDragon 16 years ago
And then the SK hits. Poor Mystique they burned your ship. The worse possible way to lose it. Ok who likes to destroy ships or has a thing for fire *runs off to read bios yet again*
Verileah 16 years ago
Damn that's harsh :\.
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Bad SK... no biscuit.
Hiejinx 16 years ago
Anyone besides me notice that 'sugar' reference again? I also note the bit about the childhood dreams matches with a reference to being robbed of childhood and innocence. Might be a stretch but those are my thoughts.

I didn't get the whole "Che..." thing. It was like she either recognized something or the SK or started to say something but I could find nothing that really finished that piece of a phrase. And well, work may be clouding my game thinking idea lol but I would be most interested if someone else has any ideas about the piece of a statement.
Darsa 16 years ago
I was assuming, myself, that it was something said in a different language, like "what?" in some other language...

And yep, "sugar" caught my eye as well Can't figure out the reason for it yet, but I'm still diggin!

Here's a HUGE stretch of an assumption!

After they took the ship, Soldado, from Captain Dirk Chiren

Maybe she saw the ship and started to say "Chiren"?

... told you it was a stretch!!
Darsa 16 years ago
Actually, the "sugar" reference and the mirthfulness, etc, really leads me to look askance at Nola, "the Dread Pirate Rabbit"... from what I remember the Dread Pirate Roberts was quite sarcastic and jokey... yep, that sounds plausible

Still thinking!!
Hiejinx 16 years ago
Wow, interesting leap. I sort of took one myself but didn't put it in print. My leap was the Che was a nickname for Caitri Ambrai-Greystone but I then discounted it. I mean Heck maybe the "Che..." was about to say "Che... ap Shot" or something similar or maybe just plain "Cheat?" or "Cheater" but that did not really seem strong enough to be piratey language to me. Cheap bastard, cheap whore, maybe! Or, how about "Cheating bastard or cheating whore"? Sorry, just letting the wheels spin.
Darsa 16 years ago
See, I'm at work, and my boss has the MOST ANNOYING typing sound ever. EVER. Sooo, I have to find things to do to distract me from the sound. Today I've been going over all of the character bios, and trying to come up with something clue-like. I liked that one Yeah, Fridays are slow here and my mind tends to wander off in odd directions...

Still stuck on our lovely Nola though!
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Che is Italian for "that."

I am assuming, however, that considering the elipses at the end, it was meant to be "che cosa," which is "what."

Either way the "che" thing is not surprising given that M was.... wait for it... Italian.

My God.

... I must be mafia. Here I am thumping on barrels in an SK hit AND making sarcasic jokey references that must be related to the words "sugar" (wait run that logic by me again) in a Mafia hit... huh?

If you want to make something out of the 'sugar' reference, why go straight for the abstract "Bunny hasn't died yet so she must be Mafia?" Can't we take a detour into "Hey look, Lilith's father owned a sugarcane plantation" land first and THEN continue on to "Lynch Bunny" Avenue?

I understand avoiding annoying bosses is uber high priority but perhaps you could amuse yourself finding real clues rather than slinging crap around making townies look like badguys.

Or is that your aim?
SnowDragon 16 years ago
Hiejinx Just so you know Caitri's nickname is Cai
Darsa 16 years ago
Whoo!! Methinks thou dost protest too much! I find that interesting... and perhaps... incriminating???

/dons flameproof suit... neener neener!! :P

And I'm not Mafia any more than you claim to be! (....... or AM I???) Mwaaahahahahaaa
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
Protest? Hell no, what I want is some of what you're smoking. Because your logic is pretty uh... unique.
Hiejinx 16 years ago
LOL, agree Snow that it was a total leap on my part. I just didn't find anything anywhere that was even close-- That's why I just discounted it and went on. However.... I have been doing some digging and Che seems to be the expletive Italian version of WHAT! so maybe there is something to that? In Gaelic it is part of the word for Tiger or Bear. Will keep digging.
Tor 16 years ago
I think we should kill Nova because she's a pirate! Yar!

Ok. Sorry. I had to jump in on the fun, too. :P
Hiejinx 16 years ago
Smacks self on forehead....must have left brains at the office on autopilot...ran aground on a sand bar...The Che makes sense since Doh! Mystique was Italian. Ok, let's blame Atlanta traffic in the rain for my idiot factor of 10