Mafia Roles

Four Winds
Tor - Godfather

Serial Killer:

CaptainBinky - Sheriff
Lemmy101 - Doctor

Mafia Board: Link

Den 16 years ago
Tor =

Same goes for Billie...just different reason! lol

FyreGarnett 16 years ago
Tor was the godfather???? dang....

i love it - i got taken out first becuase i was a warning that big ships are vulnerable too (that and i voted for Vudu!!!) LOL
Verileah 16 years ago
*laughing* Wow, I thought I got at least a -couple- mafia! Good job townies .

That's funny that the mafia thought Slip might be the doctor - I skidded him, and then I was sitting there thinking about how sad it was because really, he'd done nothing but help my cause. And then I thought 'nothing but help...omg he's the doc!' and then the next day Lemmy got the save and I was like woot!

Very good game. Also funny how my biggest regret this game was voting Tor, caving to the need to make nice and create some sort of good will. Man, I felt -so- bad. I felt a little bad about lynching Vudu in round one but not so much anymore considering he basically continued playing anyway :P.

I've never been the SK before. It was a good experience to have as a mod, because I don't think I fully appreciated all the challenges that role faces. It takes a very good mafia player to pull off an SK win, which I am not, I freely admit, but I feel like I got to fully experience the role in all its ups and downs.

And -man-, Laire was a surprise to me. I was totally boggled by that vote but hey, you guys were right!
Blackrabbit 16 years ago
I knew Tor was the GF.

Dirty mafia. I still wanted to keep him around though, to pick his little brain. *innocent smiles* I don't regret not voting for him... it was all strategy baby!
lemmy101 16 years ago
Tor WAS GF! w00t!!!

*feels better*

Well that's one less townie I helped lynch, anyway! I got a particularly suspicious feel from you and kinda got a few votes sent your way. Then felt guilty the rest of the game when I figured I'd made a nasty mistake and betrayed you... since you'd been IDed as Not Mafia before we lynched you!

Well makes me feel better considering I got Lillanya and Jinheim pretty much killed. Amongst others.

Feel kinda bad for the mafia think they got a bit of a raw deal there :S. And sorry to mash for the awfully mean way I tricked a confession out of you.

Good game all! Told you I was the doc!
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
omg - i had completely forgotten that Vudu contacted me after i died wanting to know what my role was!!! sneaky little bugger!

I am so glad that i am an honest upstanding pirate - who kept their mouth shut!! (though it would have been fun to mess with him and say i was the sherrif.....)
Slipnish 16 years ago

I'm still dead. Nasty little Veri.

Next time maybe I'll get my revenge! Mwaaaa-haaa-Mwaaaa-haaaaaa!


It was a fun game as always. Grats to the mods for doing a great job.

HATING on Veri 4 life!

Stupid SK.

So, when's the next one? *hint, hint.

For the record, I was CONVINCED Lemmy was Mafia... *&))*)^)*^$#$%%#%ing mafia.
Vudu 16 years ago
Well atleast now ya'll know i wasn't the sk
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
Thank CHRIST Tor was GodFather. Having ID'ed him the previous round and got "not mafia" - for the get-along gang to basically gang up on the poor guy and lynch him on a 1 in 24 chance was a bit of a leap

Felt guilty for ages about that

Also, I can't believe I was consulting the serial killer pretty much from the start - Billie was my first ID

I was convinced by Lemmy's guilt too - it was only when he saved himself that him and I were able to team up.
Tor 16 years ago
Good show, folks - you had us on the ropes from round 1. When I saw the vote list and ALL of the Mafia names were on it, I knew we were in for a rough ride. Generally round 1 is pretty much free time for the baddies...this game the townies were really spot on. Cheers!

And Veri - don't feel TOO bad. While you were trying to make good, I was busy selling you in my place for anyone who would listen.

My only regret was not eating the parrot when I had the chance. :P
CaptainBinky 16 years ago

My one regret is not getting an opportunity when all these "big ship" clues were being mentioned to point out that the Flagship Galleon of the Andorran National Navy is unlikely to be a particularly impressive vessel, given that Andorra is a) completely tiny, b) in the mountains, c) land-locked, and d) without its own army.

Darsa 16 years ago
I admit I had **no** idea that Cleene was the Godfather. When he was voted off I was like "huhwha???" and just figured I wasn't paying close enough attention.

Oh, and
My one regret is not getting an opportunity when all these "big ship" clues were being mentioned to point out that the Flagship Galleon of the Andorran National Navy is unlikely to be a particularly impressive vessel, given that Andorra is a) completely tiny, b) in the mountains, c) land-locked, and d) without its own army.

Merreck 16 years ago
That was fun, I'm ready for another mafia game!

I freakin knew Lemmy was the doc as soon as I saw that he/she (sorry I don't know!) got saved!

I totally thought that Laire was either the SK or a townie, but not mafia, and Veri was mafia for sure. When the SK hit still came after Laire was lynched I felt so bad. Not so much now that I know the truth!

I love this game, but I admit I have absolutely no strategy and, unless I'm mafia, end up not really talking to anyone outside of the ooc thread lol.
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
you aren't the only one Merreck - the last few games I didn;t chat much outside the game until the end and I was pretty sure who I dould/couldn't trust. Had a different game in mind this time - but was offed too early to try it. *sigh*

Although - I was really torn there at the end between Veri and BR as SK. Veri played that off so well, I wasn't trusting my own judgement at all!!!
nickenstien 16 years ago
A quote from Vudu's hit list:

"nickenstein-with binky gone it would just be a fun kill"

HAH!! You swine!

I'm glad I got you lynched!! TEEHEEHEEEE! Weeooooop Wooop Wooooop!!! ;p
Laire 16 years ago
You will never know how grateful I was you all lynched me that early either. I was a bit bummed cause here it was my first game and I'm mafia (and omg was it hard to figure out how to keep that a secret). I got my new job and the next day I got the PM stating my role and i'm like OMG i completely forgot *cry*

This was so much fun though and getting to read everyone's logic though man you guys are brutal!!!!! Spreadsheets and research and *boggle*

I had suspicions about you Veri but I never got to vote on em.. you all killed me too quick!

My only regret is my job didn't let me do much but really skim and not get as into it as I wanted to. Maybe the next mafia I'll get the opportunity to do that

roflmao @ me being the SK merrek. I still was completely clueless how you all figured out why to lynch me at that point and time even
Mike 16 years ago
LOL! it was a good game. Confusing as all hell but very statisfying.
Four Winds 16 years ago
I really enjoyed this Mafia game. A big hats off and mug of rum up to the Moderators and folks who made this a lot of fun!
Lillaanya 16 years ago
Awesome game!! I only got convinced of lemmy at the end because of what he was calling "clues" hehe. /makes mental note to ALWAYS write her bio in bold now lol
nickenstien 16 years ago
Is it possible to get a list of the actual clues (and red herrings) from the mafia and SK hits? I wanna see how badly we all barked up the wrong tree every round.