"Something Offensive" Promotional Art turn in thread!

For all those graciously donating/submitting promotional artwork for our 'Something Offensive' art trade - please post here!

Rotating Header size - 468px × 60px

Standard Promo size - 800px x 600px

Signature Promo size - (max) 600px x 300px

Lessa 15 years ago

550x180 -http://lessa.eccentricallymine.com/witchsigTAC.jpg
400x175 - http://lessa.eccentricallymine.com/witchbanner.jpg
wicked witch/queen person
now someone else do one so mine doesnt get picked

Rayne - Sabby
Gaia - Adi and RM
Vex - Vex and Adi
Filosofy hair
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Lessa 15 years ago
haha! Thanks hun
Eve 15 years ago
Can't seem to think of an idea for this one, but I did get a poster and banner done for it at least

Lessa 15 years ago
very cool!

I had to read about a dozen fairy tales til I found one I liked enough to use, just had to sit down and start writing cause thinking about it wasnt doing me any good hehe, I was drawing a blank.
ROzbeans 15 years ago